The REAL *ooof*

I’ve done it. Corrected R___’s spelling. He missed the asterisks, though.

shopped ooof

That’s it, Richard!
Pic by

What shall I use it for? Change my avatar?



38 thoughts on “The REAL *ooof*

    • πŸ˜€ – yeah, it’s a bummer that the writing does not stand out more. But I am such a sucker for “no intervention” so that I can’t bring myself to meddle with that… Well, at this point everybody is familiar with the pic, anyway.


  1. I saw woof and my little mind when right to *ooof*. I am happy to see there where a bunch of us all on the same page. Your new avatar suits you very well, with that oh so sexy picture of Richard.


  2. I am late but YEAH good avatar, love it guylty! There was no choice, it is YOUR avatar indeed. Now your weekly *ooof* has been appointed by His Majesty Richard himself! πŸ˜›


  3. I love it, I love it I love it (the pic and the avatar, of course)… My suggestion: Present it to RAΒ΄s agent pointing out that you write a weekly *ooof*-blog from the viewpoint of a professional photographer. πŸ™‚


  4. Am I the only spoilsport here????? Of course I like your new avatar. I mean the whole “thing” with this (w)ooofs-papers and him finally admitting that he is a fan of your “oooofs”, is just hilarious!!! But your former striking, lilac avatar was more easy to recognise and I could always identify you right away! Not that this would be sooooo vital!!! LOL


    • Hahaha, no, he has NOT admitted any such thing. I am merely appropriating the image to imply that. (Plus, it would scare me to death if he *was* aware…)
      You know what, I had the same thought about the recognisability of my avatar. I’ve used it for a year here on this platform and I stuck with it for its recognition value. But I am pretty sure that you will get used to my new “face”, soon. Maybe I have to write more often, make my avatar pop up all over the place – and you’ll be sick of it in no time *ggg*


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