And this is why I love this fandom…

Thorin stampsTuesdays *ooof*days are my favourite days, anyway, but never more so than today. I have just received a letter from overseas, and I nearly died an instant death by smoulder when I picked up my mail in the hall. Thorin on the envelope – I had trouble getting my breathing under control again. Seriously, NZ post – you’ll have some litigation on your hands, as soon as thousands of *unsuspecting* females may come across these stamps and the outbreak of the Ladykiller bug will be spread all over the globe!!!

But jokes aside, it comes as a timely reminder for me that this fandom has exquisite, generous and wonderful people participating. Because the envelope didn’t just send itself alone. It came from fellow RA fan M___ who reacted to my public plea for an NZ resident to pleasepleaseplease send me a postcard with the Thorin stamp on it. M___ and I do not know each other. We had never communicated, save from that chance meeting on Crystalchandlyre‘s blog. (Wouldn’t you know it: It was a Tuesday, too…) And yet M___ immediately offered. And more than that – she refused any remuneration, she did not just buy *one* Thorin stamp but five, *and* she enclosed a beautiful wall calendar of her native New Zealand for me to enjoy. Much more than that, she also hand-wrote a personal letter to me, recounting how she had practically begged the NZ post to sell her the stamps *the day they were issued* and ended up the first person to actually buy them in her local post-office.

M___ – if you read this: Thank you a thousand times! What you did was beyond my expectations, and I think you have proven once again what R___ and his British co-stars have expressed many times: Kiwis are an extrordinary bunch of people. Your openness, generosity and helpfulness speaks for itself. Plus, you have given me hope and love for my fandom at a time when I badly need it. You are an absolute star, and I am sure the universe will reward you. If not, wait for the mail…

And now for our communal thudding enjoyment I give you the Thorin stamp again.

photo 2PS: Today’s *ooof* and ficlet are out on me+r, too – and I belatedly dedicate both to M___.

23 thoughts on “And this is why I love this fandom…

  1. Another glorious reason for me to love my fandom – this right here. M, whoever you are, I too want to acknowledge how generous and lovely your gift was to Guylty. Guylty, thank you for openly sharing your appreciation to M in this post. It was just so good to see something like this today. Blessings to you both.


  2. This is wonderful. I’m so glad for you guylty, and grateful to M__ because she exists. Somehow we are surprised by generosity because we are not used to it anymore. Like when I stop my car to let an elderly cross the street. They smile and wave and look so amazed by a very simple gesture of kindness simply because we are surrounded by rudeness and indifference. I remember what RA said once, about opening the door for people, letting them pass, or seeing him move over the chair for MF during Wellington Press Conference (I think). These are very little actions that testify you care for others. Caring is a very precious thing and it should always be praised. So thanks M__, you made our day brighter.


    • You know, Micra – it is incredibly easy to make people happy. Like M___ did me, or with actions like yours. It doesn’t have to cost much. It’s about going out of your way (sometimes literally) to show someone else that you know they exist and that you care. I think I am going to take M___’s letter as my personal inspiration for the month of December and start a little letter-bombing scheme 😀


  3. Thank you so much for sharing with us and thanks to the unknown M_ as well, what a generous gesture.

    That´s what my understanding of a real community is: Even we all have our own minds and thoughts, let´s share the good ones and bond together in cameraderie like the dwarves.


  4. Thank You for sharing and Thank You M for making Guylty’s *ooof* day Tuesday even brighter. Also thanks for the smile to my face I really need it today.


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