Fandom Love, Part 2

Forgive me if I am getting soppy in my old age – or maybe the season that’s in it has me turn into a sentimental old fool. But let’s focus on the essentials here.

Armitage Admiring

Or so it sometimes seems in our little fandom. Actually, the RArmy is more than a fandom, it is a community. A group of people who have something in common. There are many pros in this community who bring their unique views to it, delighting us with funny pics, challenging essays, fluffy fiction, thoughtful commentary, silly banter and latest news. There’s someone for everybody there – someone or two or three to connect with and enjoy a deeper bond. I have noticed on many occasions how open and welcoming the community is, and how quickly people jump in to help and support each other. And how generous individual fandom members are with each other.

photo 1The spirit of generosity and joy came to me again last week. Not only when I encountered many RA fans at the Berlin premiere and was astounded by the warmth and friendliness of all – but when I returned home. I was feeling a bit down – no wonder, after reaching the climax… eh, no, possibly the wrong choice of words in this context apex of fangirling by observing RA on the red carpet. What else was there to aspire to, now that that point on the agenda had been crossed off? The abyss was looming. And what brought me back up? Lots of fandom love in the shape of many encouraging and happy comments – and a very special letter that reached me from Poland.

What a lovely surprise. Our dear Agzy, Craftress Extraordinaire, had sent me a card. That would’ve been quite enough, because I love the Mousitage graphic and I had to laugh out loud at the slogan on the card. Typical Agzy, don’t you think?

But Miss Agzytage added some goodies to her missive that are just too good to keep them to myself. A Thornton brooch that I had admired when she posted her crafty exploits and which was auctioned off for her fabulous RA Silent Auction. And a Thorin bookmark that will keep watch over my little notebook. Christmas has come early, it seems!

The brooch has been gracing my not so little black dresses ever since, and it reminds me – subtly – not only of the owner of the noble profile, or the character whom he so smoulderingly impressively portrayed, but of the kindness and generosity of the people whom he has inspired. It’s a good feeling, wearing this special gift. It lifts me up and makes me grin smile.

This is better than chocolate icecream. Definitely. Thanks Agzy – for making me happy. Thanks fandom – for being there.

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38 thoughts on “Fandom Love, Part 2

  1. Lovely – sometimes there is nothing better than a well timed missive from a pal…and a missive that contains swag? Even bettah! The generosity of spirit and the friendships I have found here are such a wonderful addition to my life – I don’t know what I did before I met you all! (or “youse guys” as they say around here πŸ™‚ )

    (PS…my little package left Chicago on 12/15 – keep your eyes peeled)


    • Aren’t they just? I can tell you, my heart jumped and I think I gave an involuntary squeal when I opened the letter… Pity there is no RArmy phone book, otherwise I could surprise others like that, too…


  2. It would be an understatement to say how much I agree with your words, in regards to the Fandom and community. Then their is that malaise that has been discussed – that postpartum effect that is difficult to convey.

    Those are incredibly sweet gifts from Agzy. I covet that Brooch, but they are all beautiful. Very glad you shared this with us. πŸ™‚


  3. Awww, that’s so sweet! πŸ™‚ And I agree, making friends is probably the most rewarding part of this.
    /btw Agzy really IS crafty – the brooch is beautiful, as is everything else. I’m slightly envious! XD/


    • I’ve been saying this to Agzy behind the scenes: She could make a bomb with those Thornton brooches. There is a massive market out there.
      And yep – since the whole RA thing is rather one-way, the most rewarding thing is the fandom connections.


  4. Aww, how sweet. Love it. I’ve never been immersed in a fanship before, but if I could conjure one up, it’d be like this – with touches of real friendship throughout.


    • :-). Caveat: I have no idea what other fandoms are like. Maybe they are the same? Maybe this isn’t special at all? Who was it that said “Treat others as you would want to be treated”? It’s all down to that, isn’t it? And lots of chocolate ice cream.


      • No other fandom I’ve been involved in is like this… truly. But I will say I’ve never been as involved in a fandom. I did spend more pure hours on Snape because oh my god the fanfiction… I loved it so. But talk to people there? Not very much. Only a couple, and certainly not as frequently or with the same unguarded affection. So… I dunno. In my experience, this is a first.


  5. That’s so lovely of you to post! What Ms G neglected to mention was that this was my measly attempt to thank her for hooking me up with the Thorin Empire mag AND 2 Hobbit: DOS tickets. This fandom is wonderful because you always seem to get back what you put in and that’s a beautiful thing πŸ™‚


  6. So guylty you know that AA is trying to come up with some form of “brand” to wear to identify the Army at events. I thought of that because of the brooch. It is a perfect example isn’t it? I know it is special for you but I’m wondering about something like that perhaps but with the ability to perhaps change pictures? I was wondering about your thoughts on this matter. Definitely Armitage admiring is a full time job and even Richard agrees that we are a community.


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