Happy Christmas To All

Time to wish you all a very happy Christmas before I go – or whatever else end-of-year celebration you may be celebrating. Tomorrow I am heading off on my Christmas holidays.  May you have a lovely time – in whichever way you like to spend it. And may you receive for Christmas what you have been wishing for. I’ll be tucking into my customary sauerkraut and sausages and I’ll raise a glass of bubbly to you while I stuff myself with home-baked Christmas biscuits. And as someone famously once said “Sod the diet” – or feast yourself on some sweetness that is calorie-free and full of wholesome goodness. Have a good one!

Yule do


33 thoughts on “Happy Christmas To All

  1. Thank you, you earthly goddess of fabulousness! I hope your Christmas break is everything you wish for and then some. I’ve told Santa that you’ve been very nice. Besides, didn’t he already bring you your present. 😉

    Love you, ‘S’! ¡Feliz Navidad!

    P.S: Build a snowman, will you…and take a picture, please? I’ve never been able to build one! 😉


    • Hehe, no, the present was not quite right *ggg*. Next year Santa will get it perfect.
      Happy Christmas to you, too. Not sure if we’ll get snow, it’s usually not a white Christmas near the sea! But if we do, I’ll be shooting!


  2. Merry Christmas Guylty! Have a fantastic Holiday Season and thanks for all the *ooof*! Big hugs and may 2014 be merry for each one of us! Buon Natale! 😀


  3. Have a Very Merry Christmas! Enjoy the sauerkraut and sausages and biscuits too. Hope you get to have some snowy weather, and if I could mail you some I would. I would love a brown Christmas ( sun and warm would be great), but we will have a very white one for sure.

    Look forward to *ooofs* 2014 to brighten my Tuesday. I have a few things of yours to read and hopefully will get to after Christmas while still on break. Have had so much going on the end of this year.


  4. Liebe S., ich wünsche Dir ein paar geruhsame Weihnachtstage, angefüllt mit wunderbaren Leckereien und so manch gemütliche Stunde, verbracht mit der Familie und Freunden und auf dass der Sturm, den sie gerade im Radio angekündigt haben, nicht sooo heftig bläst (da bei Euch, hoch oben im Norden)!! Bin nach Berlin noch nicht wieder so im “Armitage-Tritt” (kann frau das so sagen??) Bin auch sehr froh, dass ein paar Tag Pause ist. Eine dicke Umarmung von mir. G.


    • G – alles Gute zurück an dich. Vielleicht bleibt der Computer einfach mal ein bisschen aus – und aus der Entfernung wird der RA-Overload dann doch wieder etwas relativiert? Bei mir war’s ganz sicher so, und ich bin wieder im alten Tritt 🙂
      Der Sturm tost hier bereits um die Ecken des Elternhauses. Wir sitzen warm und trocken drinnen, freuen uns auf die traditionellen schlesischen Bratwürste und das selbst gemachte Sauerkraut, was heute mittag die Weihnachtsfeierlichkeiten in unserer Familie einleiten wird. Feier schön – Bussi von deinem ollen Nordlicht, S. xxx


  5. I´m a bit late… but I wish you a happy Christmas too.
    Stormy weather, even in the middle of Germany, don´t let you blow away in the North.
    Enjoy your holidays with your family and friends.


    • Thank you, Ute. We have just gone into town for the last time, picking up the Italian Antipasti platters for this evening. The storm is howling around the house, but I am sitting warm and dry, putting in a couple of last touches on my work.
      Have a lovely Christmas, too, with your family! xx


    • Thank you Perry – and best Xmas wishes and thanks back to you. Hope you’ll have a wonderful NY Xmas (I hear you had 21°C yesterday, and people were walking outside with no sleeves… Mad!)


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