Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition – #2

guylty round-up tumblr week2

Hello there and welcome to the second edition of the Armitage Weekly Round-up. Thank you for all your comments and support last week. I hope that this week’s instalment will find your interest and approval.

Inspired by Agzy’s “golden oldie” blog post suggestion, I have decided to include a blast from the past from tumblr as well. In tumblr’s case such a feature is particularly fitting: The microblog has the annoyingly delightful and delightfully annoying habit of regurgitating repeating old posts. Some posts are good old friends, at this stage, regularly turning up again – like Sir Guy lugging his luscious leather-clad ass through gif-sets. The tumblr community usually responds with a formulaic “never not reblog” to such gifs and posts. I have chosen an eternal favourite for this week.

Let me know what you think of the links – and my “blast from the past”-feature. And don’t forget to check Agzy’s post and Arkenstone’s fanfic round-up, too.

Armitage 2

  1. Ten for the price of one: Sahraobsessed compiles her most-reblogged posts of 2013. There are some gems in there.
  2. Riepu continues the Armitage set of cards with the Ace of Diamonds. I saw only white…
  3. A new set of graphics of RA characters by killeczek- here’s Mr Standring in all his vulnerable glory and sneer-master Philip Turner
  4. Sir Guy gifs by ourlasttime – nicely coloured and with text
  5. Brainstorming Thorin Oakenshield? What words come  into your mind?
  6. The key to Erebor graphic by Armitaaaaaage
  7. Something for making your blog prettier – and making you laugh. A barrel of laughs, so to speak
  8. Blast from the Past: Never not reblog the Russian Oligarch. Ice cold eyes behind arrogant specs. (Is that the Berlin Premiere suit? Almost looks like it…)
  9. This new action shot is pure gold. Or mithril? I am thinking dirty, sweaty, delicious…
  10. Big egos? Yeah – 150 feet big. See pictures of a wall mural of THDOS. Links on to an interesting article on how a mural of that scale is painted. a different note: Anybody remember FanstRAvaganza? That week of Armitage fanblogging? It was great fun last year (my first time… never forgotten… just like first times never are…). Is it happening again this year?

[Edit: Just read that RAFrenzy has suggested an impromptu FanstRA starting next Monday. Great Idea! Chime in there! Click graphic up left to go to FanstRAvaganza FB-page. And let’s do it!!!]


26 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition – #2

  1. #9 is my favourite. Do I need to elaborate? *cough*

    One suggestion – can you make tumblr links to open in a new tab so we don’t leave the page?


        • Done. You are right, of course. I hand’t even noticed the little check box in the link window on WP… I always right-click on links in blog posts to open in a new tab. Old internet user habit of mine. :D. But this shall be the new rule. New window for external links.


  2. LOL! King of the Barrel??? Would it be crass of me to mention that I wouldn’t mind him being king of my barrel?
    Lovely round-up! I actually missed all but one of the posts, so I’m delighted 🙂


  3. So much fin Guylty. I don’t know how you do it. And what a treat to see the pic in number ix again. If Riepu could market that deck of cards I think we’d all leave behind the computer solitaire.


    • Oh Perry, I have no idea how I did it myself… I really have been far too much on tumblr this week. The feeeeeelz 😉 But yeah, someone’s got to do it. *coughs*
      That deck of cards is really cool. I have actually seen online printers that make decks of cards. Not sure if I could concentrate on playing if I had a deck like that. Probably would lose every time because I’d be reluctant to let all my picture cards go *lol*.


  4. Gorgeous round up. I”m happy to say a lot of this showed up on my dash, despite the fact I was ignoring/avoiding the tag! But then I follow some pretty awesome people… who follow and reblog from pretty awesome people…


    • I’m afraid that my tumblr round-ups are going to be slightly boring for those of you who follow me on tumblr. The stuff I feature here are most likely also reblogged on Guylty’s tumblr.
      And yes, the gorgeousness is entirely reciprocal 😀
      Thanks for hopping over here to comment, Zee! x


    • Of course you can plug any time :-). And stupid me for forgetting.
      Does it count as an act of kindness to plug “SpReAd the Love”? In that case I will plug the plug away…


      • LOL…yes, we decided that spreading the word about SpReAd the Love was in fact, spreading the loving, so plugs, reblogs, etc. count as an act of kindness and community spirit 🙂


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  6. Thank you thank you for doing this! I’ve never been able to figure out Tumblr. So much good stuff I’ve been missing! Now I can keep up.


    • Glad to be of service, Besotted 😉 Tumblr is difficult if you do not have an account there. All tumblr blogs can be publicly accessed without an account, but you would have to know which tumblrs to look up. It is easier when you have an account – then you get access to the so-called “dashboard” which is like a blogroll – all posts from the tumblrs you are following turn up in there. Anyway, it can get a bit overwhelming, so a round-up is possibly a less time-consuming alternative 🙂


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