Flashers of the World Unite!

Happy Henrietta here. I have permanently taken over the running of Guylty’s blog. 😀 Because the good news keep coming and coming. Lazy old Guylty never wanted to get into regular blogging on her own site (that’s why she’s parasitically latched onto me+r) but Happy Henrietta just can’t be subdued any longer. There’s news to be spread.

A fan event is under way. And this is a fan event from fans for fans. No sooner had I asked about a FanstRAvaganza 2014 that RAFrenzy was already busy organising the thing. Actually, she was busy thinking something up before I mentioned it, to make things clear. So the great news is: We’re going to have an impromptu fan event – or a flash fan event, as she calls it in her post.

fan event badge

The low-down: A week of fan blogging from the 13th to the 19th of January under the heading of “I saw something fine”. Anything goes, however much time and effort you can and want to put into it. In Frenzy’s words “The point of this exercise is to exhibit our enthusiasm as fans by refocusing our attention on what is fine.” Happy Henrietta approves and cheerful Chantelle is in raptures. Badges will be provided – or you can get creative yourself, including the recognisable event tag line “I saw something fine”. Remember to use the hashtag “RAflash”  for more visibility. For more detailed info on the event please hop over to RAFrenzy’s post.

Can’t wait til Monday!


3 thoughts on “Flashers of the World Unite!

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  2. Hi Henrietta (your second name or whatsoever), I finally did understood what the flash event is about, and as it´s not required to be written in perfect, eloquently English, maybe I could participate in it..
    Can I post it here or somewhere else? Cause you know I´m just a commenter, not a blogger on myself


    • Hey Ute – would you like to post something on my blog? I’ll follow Perry’s example and I’ll post your submission as a guestpost here on Guylty. Just send me your post via e-mail (guylty at photographer dot net).


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