RAflash Fan Event: The Descent to Hell

Ok, I can’t stay away. Now that I have an excuse to write about *myself* – oh hell, here goes the avalanche… So, on the subject of “I saw something fine” – I hope that you have all bookmarked RAFrenzy’s temporary RAflash site for this week at RAflash.com. Even if you have read all the posts via your reader already, hop on over – the site’s design makes for a lovely sight…


I could’ve should’ve left it at checking out the TV oeuvre of A___. I could have just enjoyed Sir Guy lusting after Lady Marian, being tormented by Vaisey and engaged in a rather fruitless mutual chase with Robin. I could’ve made my way through the rest of Spooks, my gateway. And I could’ve popped in the N&S DVD again to re-consider my previous dismissal of the man.

But as with most of you sisters-in-RA out there, I could not resist finding out more about the man. googlingCue Google. No, I actually did not check whether he was single – at least not straight away *ahem* – I just wanted to know his background, career details, credentials as an actor. Yeah, right. Which of course led me to RAOnline and the collected messages from Richard to his fans as they were known then.

I saw something fine. I saw an actor who was engaging with his fans. Admittedly, most of the messages were all fairly old, going back right to N&S when his career really took off, and they had become much more infrequent over time. But there was *tangible* evidence then that the man was not only real, but he was actually funny, witty, self-depricating, good-humoured, modest, self-aware, eloquent. I think it was the friendly tone of his messages that made the biggest impression. Here was someone who was breaking the fourth wall in an attempt to give back the attention that he received. Of course I was aware that there can be strategy behind that. But so what? He simply came across as a fun guy, the type of person that you have within your circle of friends. Remarkably normal *despite* his exposure on (inter)national TV and his successful career and his dashing looks.

He seemed like a “nice guy”. All of that made me more curious about the guy. And *that* is when the serious web search started. It coincided with my inception into the world of fanfiction through a friend who was writing fantasy fanfic. Up until then I had never even *heard* of fanfic. And lo and behold – there was Sir Guy fanfic. Plenty. Hell fire beckoned.Β I delved in. Web search also brought up the wonderful world of RAblogging. I read. And lurked. And wondered about the people who were openly writing. And wished I was part of it.

Little did I know…

fan event badge

[Harry Kennedy mode] There you go. [/Harry Kennedy mode] Still not quite at the end of the saga. I am drawing it out – over the celebration of fine-ness that is RAflash 13th to 18th January. Keep reading all the posts on participating blogs and comment your heart away if it hasn’t already been given away to Mr A!



34 thoughts on “RAflash Fan Event: The Descent to Hell

  1. Our path was so similar… each of us “discovered” RA watching a particular character of his, being moved, hit, stunned by it. Each of us then surfed the net to find the man… and here we are. “Doomed” for eternity. But is a sweet damnation… πŸ˜‰


      • I agree. We found more than a star and his fans. We loved the reasons why we gathered in his “Army”. As I’ll never get tired to say: I love him for his attitude, nature, mind, determination, general behavior. I consider him a model to aspire. Oh, he’s also handsome beyond any standard but this is only the icing on the cake πŸ˜‰


        • That’s usually my sledgehammer argument when I get into conversations about my fangirling over RA with an outsider. “He is just a nice man!” Basta! Is there a bigger compliment anyone could make?


  2. Harry may have bowled me over, but it was the information and blogs I found online that made it hard for me to ever really regain my equilibrium where RA was concerned. How was this man even real?! I confess to sometimes feeling quite smug at my excellent taste in choosing him for my crush, but then maybe I never really had a chance once the “universe” decided it was my turn. πŸ˜‰


    • Hahaha, love that little confession in there, Mezz. Yes, absolutely agree with you. I feel smug most of the time. Hell, what do the others know? Nothing! But if they can’t see the light, I will revel with you and the rest of the fandom in the knowledge that we have excellent taste in actors (and men).


  3. Absolutely…and the collateral interests I’ve found since diving into this circle of amazing people orbiting around another pretty special person just keeps expanding! I can’t wait to see what comes next πŸ™‚


          • Well to sum up…Sunne in Splendor …just could not get going on it…Master – requires more concentration than I have at the moment. Stiff…love it, will eventually review on AncArm before miving on to “Bonk” another Roach title πŸ™‚


            • Sunne in Splendor sounds as if it is right up my street – I am just skimping on the money, tbh. Master and Margarita is in the house (Mr Guylty a fan). Stiff? I mean, really? IDK… But well, if I ever have time I might…


              • I usually love his. fic. I read all of Colleen McCollough’s Rome megaliths in a snap, so I’m not sure what the issue is..probably just timing

                Stiff? I was premed once…then organic chem happened, but I’ve always had an interest in things medical. It is a really interesting book…I had no idea the wide array of impact cadaver research has enabled, and it’s written in a humorous style that is very engaging
                ..for me anyway πŸ™‚


  4. I hear ya, Guylty! I have always danced to a different drummer. Usually on a different street. Mainly in a different city. Traveling through space on a different planet. Weird? Look it up in the dictionary. My picture is next to the definition.


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  6. Well, then – let’s all be weird together. πŸ™‚

    Hm…I thought I didn’t have anything to contribute to the RAflash Fan Event, but maybe I do. My comment here just got so lengthy that I deleted it. It was basically my story – and I didn’t want to clutter up your blog with my weirdness. So, now I am a (non-)blogger in search of a blog. *winks*


  7. Oops…I never saw this yesterday. πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for the kind offer. Once I’d decided to send the story of “my road to hell”, as you so fittingly put it, out into the world, I simply asked Arkie. Didn’t see her offer here, either. I am still blushing at the lovely intro she wrote for me there.
    So, thanks again to the both of you, and, yes, Guylty, you can plead guilty of it all. πŸ˜‰ *starts looking for the soap to wash her hands*


    • πŸ˜€ Oh, I accept the guilt. Guylty is my name *ggg*. And no worries – I stupidly did not reply to *your* comment but to Arkie’s, so the notifications didn’t reach you. Doesn’t matter where the story appears!


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