RAflash Fan Event: The Devil’s Den

Congrats to all! We have already filled up the RAflash site nicely, and it is great to see that we are are going cross-platform – check out RAflash.com as you may find some contributions there that will not pop up in your WP reader since they originate on tumblr like Jollytr or Mezzmerizedbyrichard. Plus, it’s great to see RAflash posts from regular readers like Micra or Brynichildis who do not maintain a blog of their own but have been given the opportunity to guest-blog on one of the established bloggers’ bases.


To continue my own testimonial fan story, I’d like to say in my defense that I discovered the devil’s den world of RAblogging at a time when I was vulnerable to the temptation of distraction: I was in the last throes of my college degree, – shooting for my final project, writing essays, compiling my visual diaries and studying for exams, in short: a time when, as everybody knows, nothing is more important than cleaning the bathroom twice daily, ironing underwear and looking up every last bit of information about a handsome actor. Turned out, the internet was full of him. Entire blogs dedicated to his oeuvre, appealing personality and attractive looks. I was busy for days! He crept into my college submissions, became the subject of semiotic example analyses of photographic portraits (and yes, I *did* not shy away from submitting those).

visiary screenshot

I saw something fine. I discovered an attentive audience to the actor, a community of intelligent readers who expressed their appreciation of the art and personality of the man whom they followed. Like RA himself, they seemed to be knowledgable on the subject of their interest, they eloquently argued their points, displayed warmth and consideration, brought their own expertise and experience to the discussion, and they were frequently irresistably naughty funny. While I had already taken from his messages to his fans that he was a [insert compliment of your choice] man, I now saw that he was a muse, an inspiration, a catalyst for many “real” women. I realised that there was a correlation between the conduct of the man and the atmosphere in the fandom. And between his creative output and that of his “Army”. That drew me even more to him, because he seemed – here comes the dreaded word – worthy of admiring, of discussing, of deconstructing. Well, and let’s throw a bit of objectifying in there, too, for honesty’s sake. Delurking was only a matter of time because I felt that anyone who could have a positive influence like that, was worth openly discussing. And boy, did I have a need for that…

The devil’s den had a new tenant. I regret nothing.

fan event badge

The RAflash fan event will run a few more days. I look forward to more “confessions”. And if anyone needs a confession box – get in touch, you can guest blog here!


16 thoughts on “RAflash Fan Event: The Devil’s Den

  1. You hit on a lot of common themes I think. The community element of it all was hugely important. If I had been left to admire all alone, I would have withered away by now…thank goodness that’s not the case!!


            • Just got up and am already ready to lie down again. OMG… I am very, very happy for everyone who got to go. (And strangely, I am very very happy I was *not* there. I think it would have been too much.)


              • Yeah! I really need to go back to sleep…nocturnal visit from girl child woke me up, so I took a “quick peek” at what was going on…that was almost two hours ago :). It’s great to see him looking so relaxed and interacting so freely… (Evidently totally of his own volition) not so much like the zoo animal behind the barrier atmosphere if the premieres. Crush validation completed!! Off to bed :). Let me know if there are any must sees that transpire in the next 5.5 hours..


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  3. I really like your different take on the theme, Guylty. I hadn’t thought of applying it that way, but it’s so true. Thanks for your enthusiasm in encouraging people in the community who may not normally write, to come forward.


    • I do think that the fandom is a reflection of the man (by and large), so for me it was a major reason or motivation to come out and declare myself a fan. Someone who can inspire such a diverse yet united group of people is worth admiring.
      I love fan events like this – I know from FantsRA last year that it really helped me become more active within the community and also get in touch with more people. Maybe others feel the same.


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