Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition – #3

Oh my – RL Armitage is overshadowing everything at the end of week 3, 2013. Looks like the staged reading was a great evening for all – performers and attendees. I am not linking to any of the tumblr-based accounts because they have already been spotted and passed on I think. Instead let me distract you with the  best of the rest, tumblr edition 😉

After last night’s performance and the classy, considerate fan interaction of our favourite man I feel more vindicated than ever:

Not apologizing.

BTW, it never ends. No sooner do I post a Weekly Round-Up, goodies for the next instalment of the tumblr best-of appear. This week it was a mere three hours after posting Round-up #2 that I saved my first link for Round-up #3. I am not sure whether my soul will escape this new compiling venture unscathed… The things I see, people, the things I see… I might need therapy. Is there a RArmy therapy fund somewhere? It could get expensive… For the newest of the new in Armitage fanfiction check out The Arkenstone’s round-up. Agzy’s overview over the week in RA blogs is here. Go forth and spread the blog love. And in good blogging manner, don’t forget to leave a comment 🙂

As you have noticed by now, the tumblr round-up is nothing but subjective. How else could it be. I may have to put out a bit of a policy statement here, I suppose, before people wonder why I choose some stuff over other. I am a bit of a edit-fiend. I do not reblog or recommend manips, but I do like pastiche and collage because they add something entirely original and new to a previous version of a photograph. Plus, I strive to show you something that you have not seen *like that* before, rather than recommend a previously seen old chestnut image with a new colour cast . The creativity of the users amazes me all the time, though, and I really love the combination of graphic design, words and images. That is what tumblr does best – plus the often hilarious captions and comments that accumulate underneath a post. They make the “old chestnuts” worth seeing again if that is not blasphemy… RA in any old image is never a “chestnut”.

Round up header 3

So here is this week’s round-up – tumblr edition #3:

  1. MrPuddingston combines a quote in the caption with a word cloud that makes you think. The picture of RA is not too bad, either…
  2. Thorin’s long tresses just lend themselves to this kind of fun by theuntitledpiece
  3. I still haven’t read those books, but when I see the fan art that is already being generated by Armitage4Clairmont, I feel very tempted…
  4. Has Richard got memory problems?
  5. BTW, it’s not just carnal, you know…
  6. This was just so unexpected and unlikely, I nearly burst out laughing loud. Future musical plans of Richard’s?
  7. What a range!!!
  8. Have I already mentioned hair? Hair Here is more. Gifs by richardrmitage, put into a set by zwergenfee
  9. Richard’s recollections of New Zealand, compiled by mezzmerizedbyrichard. I am soooo jealous! I wanna go!
  10. A Hobbit AU by ohsofili that made me laugh (my bad, I shouldn’t have), especially at the appearance of the “celebrity lawyer from London”. Inspired. I’d like to see this as a Downton-esque mini-series
  11. I loved the tragic truthfulness of this gif set by theheirsofdurin
  12. It’s still time to print a 2014 calendar with all things RA (part1) and (part 2)
  13. A gif set by richardarmitage-poland that takes you right back to the start of his career
  14. And for this week’s “blast from the past” I bring you the “Armitage Twins” with a special dedication to Angie (hint, hint x), courtesy of richardrmitage aka gaporter

[Edit: Repaired link xiv. Thanks Richardiana!]


38 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition – #3

  1. You NEED to read the books!!!!! I”m not into paranormal at all! Really. (I mean, c’mon – vamps don’t have blood, therefore they cannot achieve a hardon!) But they are really good and I”m waiting with baited breath for the last one. I’m scheduling a grand re-read in June in time for the July release!!!

    Read them!

    As for the pictures… *dies* A most beautiful man inside and out!


      • You could get into Michael. Throw away any misconceptions — Sookie Stackhouse vamps, Vampire Diaries, or gawd forbid Twilight. Think Richard licking your neck. As for the *cough* erection *cough* They’re a bit cold and stiff in the flesh arena so I don’t think you’d have a problem there…who’d care anyway if you were in bed with RA.


  2. Pingback: Richard Armitage weekly roundup #3! | Me + Richard Armitage

  3. Yes yes yes I’m talking about A discovery of witches. I’m not into vampires at all. The whole paranormal genre just leaves me…. cold. So yeah, like Arkenstone says… think Richard. Yeah. Think Richard….Matthew IS Richard.

    Who is Michael???


  4. Forgot to add re Little Orphan Annie that I actually had that hairstyle once, just separated into 2. I had horrible orange hair after a dye job went terribly wrong and I was once convinced to get a dodgy perm and ended up looking like a lamb (to slaughter…). I don’t recommend either…


  5. Thanks for these Guylty. I just relaxed through them with my coffee at side. I cracked up when I saw the Little Orphan Annie Edit and loved the Puddington one from the time I saw it.I seem to find at lease one new blog to follow each week.


    • [Damn, another comment got lost here when I commented via phone] – I am acquiring more and more subscriptions, too. I love the humour you can find on tumblr. Glad you liked these.


  6. I miss all the Mr Puddingston vocation inspired collages she used to do, and by request – lots of “what if Richard was” characters. I think I have to say 13 & 14 are my favorites here. Nice collection here, Guylty, thank you!


  7. I must have missed the Armitage twins on my dash, love them! Thanks for this collection Guylty, and for including the link to my post. 🙂


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