RAflash Fan Event: Thoroughly Axxxxxxxd

[Edit: Late addition of bonus picture. Scroll to bottom]

Today the RAflash fan event “I saw something fine” comes to a close. With Europe a few hours ahead of the US I may be a bit early with my personal conclusion to our little in-fandom event. Apologies! There will probably be more posts during the day, so keep your eyes out for #RAflash.


In the last day or two a fine “seeing” occasion has been much discussed and shown within the fandom. The staged reading of Pinter/Proust in New York was certainly a true “I saw something fine” moment, from what I can gather. There was “seeing” an exciting dramatization of a novel, as reinterpreted by Pinter and then staged by director Di Trevis. But then of course there was “seeing” an amazing actor getting on stage again – and not only cutting a hot nice figure up there, but apparently acting convincingly and stirringly. As well as that, we saw some very nice fan-RA-interaction after the event, with Mr A kindly engaging with his fans and insisting on seeing all who wished to see him, despite security intervention. All of which certainly has reinforced the “fineness” I originally perceived when I initially became interested in following Mr A’s career more closely.

I’d like to bring my contribution to RAflash to a close with a last post that is inspired by the interaction at the fringe of the Pinter/Proust performance – my observation of RA’s interaction at the Hobbit Premiere in Berlin. I’ll make it short because I have written about my own remote encounter at the red carpet in Berlin before (here and here) and at this point it looks like I am flogging a dead horse. In truth, I just came across a couple of pictures that I have been meaning to show on my blog, but never got ’round to. So I am appropriating them for a post in this series with however tenuous a connection.

I saw something fine. I saw an attentive, patient actor who made an effort to fulfil his fans’ well-wishers’ demands hopes for attention and autographs, for selfies and smiles. And all that in a fine drizzle *shudders* and with the knowledge that 70 metres of red carpet were still ahead of him, plus an interview looming. While possibly wanting nothing more than to be with his family who were attending, too.

Alina 2

The moment a certain sign catches RA’s attention
Picture by A___ aka richards-smile on tumblr
[Click pic to get to her blog’s archive for Dec 2013 and more Berlin pics]

And to illustrate the point of “seeing” – here is a pic of Guylty in action not even seeing properly but blindly shooting with her camera held high.

Alina 1

Goodness, Guylty has quite a pointy proboscis, too, just about visible on the right.
Picture by A___ aka richards-smile on tumblr
[Click pic to get to her blog’s archive for Dec 2013 and more Berlin pics]

Right. That’s it for moi and flashing. It’s been a hoot – and I can only say it’s been great to see people responding to the impromptu fan event. I’ve learned a lot about my fellow fan’s own descent into hell, which characters enthralled them and when the obsession hit, why they have a soft spot for the man behind the characters and what made them turn their quiet sobbing admiring into public drooling fangirling. Personally, I have loved finding out that it was such a similar story for a lot of us. And I have found a few new blogs to subscribe to. Bonus: I have seen more examples of fine-ness to sustain the lasting fascination.  Worthy? Deffo!


All the RAflash goodness has been kindly collated by the creator of the event, RAFrenzy, on the RAflash.com site. A massive big thanks to Frenz for suggesting it and for taking on the organisation of it. I think it has been worth it!

BONUS: The hoped-for “seeing” of the sign – image by the lovely L___, the Cumberbabe with whom I bonded on my bench and whom I nearly converted to the Army 😉


“So, what does that mean?”
R___ A___ looks at “The Infamous Sign” 🙂
Image by L___ who was standing immediately to the right of me


33 thoughts on “RAflash Fan Event: Thoroughly Axxxxxxxd

  1. It’s been a fun week in many ways- thanks for your contributions, Guylty. Good to get a glimpse of you there- the hands that wield the camera!


  2. Thanks you so much Guylty and EVERYONE for your participation in RAFlash Fan. I want to say a special Thank You to my Guest Blogger Bri! You were so gracious to full my blog with your story! I hope will brighten our day with another soon! Again THREE CHEERS FOR THE PRODUCERS of RAFLASH~ rah. rAH. RAH!!! XOXOXOXO


    • Indeed I can only agree with that – it’s been great. And I have just read on RAFrenzy’s blog that she is keeping the RAflash site open for any late stories along the lines of “I saw something fine”. Great!


    • 😀 Infamous sign *haha*. Well, it was well-travelled, from Ireland to Berlin, where it was assembled, languished in a plastic bag all day, was held up by UtePirat, seen by RA, photographed by people. And then I was about to kick it in the bin – but UtePirat saved it from its ignominous fate :-D.


  3. It has been a great week! I too have found new blogs to follow and will be spending even more time on the computer. Thanks for sharing the pictures – it seems a “genuine” smile in the first one. He must have been delighted to see your sign.


      • I guess it gives me context for understanding the closeup expression in your earlier photo (which I agree is more focused, and more interesting).


          • right, this one gives me more context for the picture you posted on my blog. (Yes, I know you told us about it, but this adds to my spatial understanding of what was going on.)


            • Agreed – this one shows you the set-up: RA at the edge of the red carpet, fenced-off, the fans on the other side, behind them on a bench above them myself and L___. RA having to look up to read the sign. Me looking down upon the scene. I was standing behind the sign – in my pic I must have leaned to the right around the sign to catch him. I think that L___ probably alerted me to the fact he was seeing the sign…


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