Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #4

Phew – have you calmed down after NY? Space for some more relaxation with the latest and greatest from tumblr? Well, here comes Guylty’s subjective selection.

Round up header 4

  1. A little visual exploration on objectifying by wewillburntogether
  2. Kind of old – but then again, does the Arsitage *ever* get old???
  3. Some more RAPPNY goodness courtesy of sweetpotato39
  4. A frequently recurring theme on tumblr: Surrogate dad Thorin. Which woman could resist, anyway?
  5. Remember kids: Learning a foreign language is sexy!
  6. Imagine this, indeed – glorious, I’d say
  7. It’s never boring to see a high-profile photoset like this one… UNF
  8. Primary colours Lucas by sarah-pete-designs
  9. A re-reading (or AU) of the Pinter/Proust footage. In-te-res-ting…
  10. I somehow can identify although I really don’t ship them…
  11. A picture crossover AU which would place Richard in a top show – who wouldn’t like that?
Secret Valentine 2013

Oh Guy, my heart…
Guylty’s Secret Valentine loot from 2013

Finally, the tumblr RArmy is organising a Secret Valentine’s again. It was much success last year (I took part, too) and lots of people gift-bombed each other. If you have a tumblr account, hop over to Sketchlavie’s tumblr for more info and take part.

Or we could organise another SecRAt Valentine amongst ourselves here, for those who are not on tumblr?  Let me know in the comments or drop me a line via mail.

For the latest posts in Armitage fanfiction, please check out Arkenstone’s weekly round-up. Agzy has put together a weekly round-up for the world of Ra fan-blogging here.

For previous instalments of the Armitage Weekly Round-up click on the category link below.


16 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #4

  1. I love the idea of a blogging Armitage Valentine’s Day! I know many peeps find tumblr confusing and we do have a little community of our own, although of course there are blog/tumblr/twiiter/FB crossovers 😉
    How would we go about organising that?
    Anyway, let me get back to checking our the links 😉


    • Thanks, Crystal – it is nice to know that I am helping you keep abreast with some of the tumblr stuff. There is so much more than what I include on my list. I do find it quite hard to decide – sometimes I do not necessarily know whether something is new or only new to *me*. I don’t want to regurgitate old stuff too much – which is all to easily done on tumblr. The platform basically lives on reblogging stuff over and over again… So anyway, I limit myself to “new” things. If anyone feels entertained by that, then I have hit my target 🙂
      Thanks for reading and commenting! x


      • Well it was almost all new to me, with maybe only one or two posts that I had seen. And there are blogs and blog circles that we are not all a part of (Follow). So technically, this is can help to connect those circles. 🙂


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