Signalboosting RAworld Secret Valentine

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The e-mails have been coming in and the RAworld Secret Valentine is looming in a week’s time. I know that those who have already committed to taking part are impatiently waiting to receive an e-mail with the name of their Valentine partner. Nonetheless I have decided to extend the deadline for “application” for another day.

Valentine we want youSo, bloggers and commentators out there – wherever you blog or comment: As long as you comment and blog about Richard, please take part in our fun little community initiative. Please send an e-mail to guylty (at) photographer (dot) net, subject “Valentine”, if you’d like to take part. In case I don’t know you already, please enclose a link to your blog or mention your nick and let me know where you have commented so your prospective Secret Valentine can stalk read up on you!

If you’d like to know more about the RAworld Secret Valentine visit where the prospective proceedings have been described :-). As the organiser of the Secret Valentine I will not be taking part in the actual exchange of luuuuuv, cos that would be weird :-D. But I cannot wait to see what you are going to come up with.

Lotsa love,





13 thoughts on “Signalboosting RAworld Secret Valentine

  1. Can’t wait! BTW, does it have to be secret or are we just gifting a Valentine to an assigned person? I’m fuzzy on that issue, but then I seem to be generally fuzzy as of late (including my eyebrows! desperately need a brow wax… shall have to start pinning those babies back…).
    Anyway, could me the heck in!!!


    • Well, my approach so far has been that the individual posts are anonymous in that I will be the one who uploads them on the blog. But if you would like to disclose yourself as the writer, you are welcome to do so. I leave that up to the individual writers themselves. And some will be identifiable, anyway, by their style of writing or the shape and form their little love post will take. Glad to have you on board, Agzy!


      • LOL! I felt signed up and then it dawned on me that I hadn’t actually done it officially 🙂 I asked my assistant to call up the lawyers so the draw up the appropriate documents and, well, here I am 😉
        Ps. How was Munich>


        • 😀 it’s all good, you are in.
          Munich was wonderful. I love travelling on my own and being myself, and not my “function”. It occasionally scares me how happy I am when I am away from my family… 😀


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