Warmed by Love

It is bitterly, bitterly cold where I am. While it may seem a mild 5°C (41F) outside, there is another storm blowing with gale force strengths across Ireland, and the rain is battering against my windows. Inside, I am shivering in 12°C (53F), despite five layers of clothing on me, including two fleece hoodies. My house has no central heating, only open fireplaces. (Yes, dear American readers – some Europeans obviously *do* still live in the middle ages 😉 ) What is keeping me warm today is all the Valentine’s love that has been coming forth. I trust you have visited the RAworld Secret Valentine blog where some lovely lovely ladies from our community have been spreading the love within the fandom. I have been spoilt with wonderful gifts of messages myself. Thank you to my kind and creative Valentines! Kisses to you xxx And a big thank you for taking part in the Love Fest!

Off-site I have been sent a deliciously naughty edit, too – blacked out for my private enjoyment and your suspense *ggg*. My anonymous Valentine has listened closely – this is one of my favourite shots. How nice of her to weave a little fantasy around that.


But not only that, RL also showered me with gifts. As part of the tumblr Secret Valentine I received a letter from Finland yesterday. Yes, I left it unopened until this morning. It’s all about delayed gratification. (If you don’t know what that is, Tom Hiddleston explains it to you here.) And what a wonderful surprise I got. This is the whole goodness that was contained in my gift from Riepu10.


Isn’t that picture and frame simply amazing? It took me a second to cop on – but she actually designed the frame to be specifically customized for Sir Guy. The leather tubing on his jerkin. Ingenious. And it is so neatly made, it looks absolutely perfect. If she made it herself, she is a master craftess! The keyrings are great, too. Sir Guy will be guarding my keys from now on – that way he shall always be by my side. The chocolate is already half eaten, ooops, the lollipops assigned.

So yeah, no matter how far the temperature will drop outside today – inside, in my heart, I am boiling hot.

Thanks fandom – I love ya, too 🙂

18 thoughts on “Warmed by Love

    • That’s a brilliant idea – people should definitely include their gifts in their own blogs. I am going to do something about the other lovely gifts I received on this, my private blog, too. Because I want them in *my* blog *greedy*.


    • And back to you, even if it is now a day after… Yesterday I had so much click-work to go through 😀 My inbox kept flowing over with all the notifications from the Valentine’s blog… Now I am catching up.


  1. It is -2°C here today but we could not live without central heat. We have had many days -20°C and even lower. Even though it is 18°C indoors there are many days I just can’t seem to get warm.

    Today I am warmed by all the RA love and I am so thankful that you made it happen. I’m sure you put in a lot of time and effort and I just want to say I appreciate it more than you know. I loved my valentine and I loved reading all of the other valentine messages. I know what I’ll be doing today – checking out your site all day long and re-reading/watching the awesome valentines.


    • It’s just wonderful how warmth can come from happiness, isn’t it. Oh, yes, alright, call me an old sop. I am not particularly fond of Valentine’s Day – but I am fond of declaring appreciation, and that is what I love about this day. The time was nothing. I was really lucky – the warmth that everybody shared arrived in trickles in my inbox, and so I have had a whole WEEK of love. Nothing better than that 🙂
      Thanks for taking part RT – it’s all about the fandom!


    • I think it is that attention to detail that characterises this fandom. Details about RA as much as details about our fellow sisters. And thanks for the reminder. It’s always mutual!!!


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