Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #7

I have to admit – a large part of my week in RAworld was taken up by organising yesterday’s Secret Valentine. Not complaining! Just sayin’… Therefore I did not lurk on tumblr *quite* as much as I usually do. I was a tad worried that I might not get enough goodness together for issue 7 of the Armitage Weekly tumblr Round-up. What was I thinking? Has Guylty not known tumblr for two years???  Within half a day you can easily find enough interesting posts to fill a whole month of round-ups… So here the fun continues.

Round up header 7

  1. I always suspected that Thorin was quite vain… those beads were a dead give-away…
  2. Ouch – that kind of hurts.
  3. Honestly now, tell me you knew immediately where to look (NSFW and SFW at the same time, depending on what you see…)
  4. Really, Thorin, I expected more of such a manly majestic King
  5. I love a man who loves children. Well, does he?
  6. Here’s one for you, Arkie: What was that with dwarves and moonshine?
  7. Capt. Ian Macalwain at your service, Ma’m
  8. Ever heard of “Wetnesday”? Well, this is the sort of stuff that happens on Wetnesday on tumblr…
  9. How many of these gifs are your favourites, too?
  10. And a handy collection of profile porn
  11. Food for thought for a Puritan Purist?
  12. A blast from the past that makes me laugh every time
  13. The moody King…
  14. I immediately knew who *that* was…
  15. Too good not to mention. Maybe keep them for next year?
  16. Thorin doing the fatherly uncle-ly thing… I am getting into it!

Don’t forget to check out what went on in the world of blogging and in fanfiction. Arkenstone features her best of fanfic here, while Agzy picks through the offerings of the blog world here.


16 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #7

    • 😀 Well, I spoilt you this week – it was longer than ever 😉
      Catching up with the blog world today… have to read your and Arkie’s round-up and all the goodness that is promised within.


    • Oh, and I bet *I* miss loads of stuff, too. I am trying to include new stuff only, with the exception of the occasional blast from the past. It’s pretty amazing how much new stuff can be manufactured from limited source material every week!


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