We have a Winner… and Thanks

photo 4

Did that get your attention? Yes, I thought so.
Now back off that screen and stop nuzzling those lips, girls!

It’s Friday, it’s Guy Day, and it’s Winner’s Day! As stipulated in the previous post where the Pocket Shrine was introduced, I have now closed the contest and subsequently drawn a winner from the comments on the post. There were 34 entrants to the draw, and out of them Lady Luck aka RandomPicker has drawn one lucky participant who will receive another custom-made, unique and entirely unnecessary Pocket Shrine. The winner is… *drumroll*


Congrats, Maria – you said you wanted a Lucas North-themed Pocket Shrine. Challenge accepted – I’ll see what I can come up with. Please drop me a line to guylty (at) photographer (dot) net and let me know your address so I can send the Pocket Shrine to you once it is finished in the as yet unknown future. If I don’t hear from you until Sunday, 23 February 2014, 23 pm GMT, I’ll draw again for the winner.

For transparency’s sake: The winner was drawn with the help of RandomPicker. For the full drawing protocol please click on the Verified Seal of Approval below.

And now  on to the less official but equally pleasant second point on my agenda today. I didn’t paste that picture of a stubbled chin just for fun.  Down, girls! Thanks are due. Because I was blown away a few of days ago in the midst of the storm when a parcel from the sunny shores of the Cote d’Azur tumbled into my house and spread love and sunshine on a dark day. Fellow sister-in-RA Katia completely surprised me with a package full of goodies from her beautiful town Monaco – supposedly for my efforts for the RAworld Secret Valentine.

photo 1

Katia – I really neither expected nor deserve that. It was a pleasure to organise this little project to help while away the RAless time and to spread a little bit of love. (Note to the  organisers of STL, Jazzbaby and Obscura – I think this generous and kind gesture from Katia deserves an entry or two in your collection of kindness!) But I love every single bit of your present – a hat to keep me warm in the absence of RA, a lovely keyring, coasters, a book and postcards of your town, a mousepad that has gone straight into use, and some gorgeous pictures of Grace Kelly that absolutely delight a photonut like myself.

photo 2The best part of the present, however, is not even visible in the above picture. And oh, I might have easily missed it, had Katia not helpfully left a post-it sticker on the cover of the  enclosed magazine.

“Just look at page 11 – it took my breath away”, she writes.


I have a sneaking suspicion already.

And *wham bam* I get hit right in the feels:


RA speaking French? C’est si bon, oui oui!

*ooof*, right? Katia merci beaucoup encore – you made my day even though you forgot to add a health warning and I think that your gesture proves that the fandom is a place full of wonderful, generous women with their hearts in the right place. I think your gesture will not only warm up my heart, but bring a smile to our fellow well-wishers’ faces. And yes,  I think you have also just enhanced Mr A’s karma a little bit, again – after all, he’s the  one who’s brought us *all* together! Thank you for de-lurking on the occasion of RAworld Secret Valentine! I hope you will continue to make yourself heard in our little community!

39 thoughts on “We have a Winner… and Thanks

  1. Ooof indeed! Is that a new photo? Not sure I’ve seen it before.

    And congrats to Maria. I’m not jealous, not one bit. Nope, not me. She snarled. 😉


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