Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #8

It’s the weekend, darlings, and what does that mean? Round-up time!!! Hooray.

Round up header 8

Eight weeks into our round-up project, it looks as if Agzy’s idea has really proved to be of substance. Judging from the steady stream of comments on the round-up posts this is a feature that the community finds useful?! Or are you just humouring me? Have those of you who usually do not tumble much started to find your way through it? I’ve been thinking that it might be useful to give the occasional hint and tip or explanation about tumblr peculiarities when I have nothing else to say. As if…  Here’s one such thing:

On tumblr, users quite frequently change their avatars. Much more than in blog-land, on tumblr people’s fandom is usually identifiable by the avatar – a picture of our man. (Mine is actually not the familiar Armitage *wooof* by clickonline – but it is Armitage-related; it is a picture of a Georgian doorway with the words “Armitage House” written on the frame.) Avatars change often – whenever a new shoot takes users’ fancy or when the seasons change.

IMG_4900And so it was actually with much delight that I spotted a familiar picture of RA as an avatar the other day. I am unfamiliar and unconnected with the user but it made me feel strangely happy to think she liked the picture so much that she uses it to identify herself with it. It comes a close second after the community member on twitter who has had one of my pics printed on her smartphone case. As I said elsewhere: I have made it as a photographer! iPhone cases and avatars are only the start. I expect tote bags, coasters and t-shirts next. But let’s be honest, I am only telling you that story because I needed an excuse to post a picture of Mr A…

Ok, now that we have got the drool sorted, let’s jump straight in… This week’s tumblr delicacies:

  1. Objects in the rear view mirror may appear closer than they are
  2. Madonna fans hark up
  3. Big beautiful gif
  4. I really like these gif sets with a common theme *sighs*
  5. Thranduil gives useful advice
  6. May I just say I really, really needed to see something like that scene…
  7. A collection of kinda cute moments
  8. Fan art works fast
  9. A moment in my your? life???
  10. An oldie but goldie – certainly one of my favourite interviews
  11. If farm hands could fly…
  12. Odd face? Really?
  13. Just play this on endless loop and imagine it was said to YOU!
  14. Ok, I know – the occasion is yeeeeears ago. But the gif set is new to me
  15. I am beginning to suspect that either RA or PJ  had a contract with Pantene…
  16. In your face, Vaisey!!!
  17. And lastly, a well-known Guy gif with new text – four different options, actually. Which one is your favourite?

Hope you have found some new, funny, astounding, infuriating bits in there. For another smorgasbord of RA-related Social Media goodness, check out Agzy’s round-up for the blog-side of things.

19 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #8

  1. Isn’t it strange when something familiar to you pops up in a different context. I remember someone using a silly Lolita Kili manip I had made as their avatar and it made me giggle every time it popped up 😉
    Now it’s time for you to branch out! I shall expect nothing less than a tattoo right across someone’s back! OK, let me get tumblring!


  2. I usually don´t “tumble”, but I love your weekly round-up for obvious reasons 🙂
    Missed a lot stuff during the last weeks, seems I have to make preparations for some sleepless nights…


  3. These were great — a reminder that during weeks when I don’t get to tumbl I’m missing a lot … time to dive back in. Thanks for this collection!


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