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Have you seen Servetus’ most recent post “Top ten: Richard Armitage against the winter blues?” Right up the street of a photo-nut like myself. I love seeing what other people get their kicks from like looking at. I have never thought much about the prophylactic propensities of A___ imagery in relation to SAD (although I can see how there is a correlation there…) and thus I cannot share a personal top ten of *my* favourite blues-killing RA images. But it occurred to me that I have a number of go-to images more or less *always* on hand, wherever I go, wherever I am, should the need arise for a quick mood booster: in the absence of a pocket shrine (I haven’t made one for myself, can you believe it?), I have a mobile drool pool. It does exactly what it says on the tin – images of RA on my mobile phone. So here’s what I have, in chronological order, as it appears in my iPhone’s photo roll:



Guy of Gisborne
screencap (?) from Robin Hood

The character I lost my heart to. This was my first lock screen image from the A___ oeuvre – I find it strategically wiser to have a character image of RA on that publicly visible phone screen, keeping the potential for husbandly jealousy at an explainable minimum. “It’s not A___, it’s Gisborne, silly!!!” I think I saved this onto my phone sometime in the summer of 2012…



Photographer David Venni for Daily Mail, 2009

The first *ever* image of RA that I saved on my PC’s hard drive. The smoulder hit me right in the solarplexus. It’s also the first image I ever *ooof*ed on me+r.



Guy of Gisborne
Screencap from Robin Hood, Edit by Gisborne’s Boy


Smiling Guy!!! In a wonderful edit by Gisborne’s Boy that has fantastic contrast between the black leather and the pale skin, and looks crystal sharp. This is only deceptively a smile – it comes from the scene where Guy effectively steals the necklace from the young bride. I think it is actually a malicious sneer – but taken out of context and capped right there where it is, it looks like a smile. And as much as I like the darkness of the dark knight, it warms my heart when he smiles.


RARA armchair

Β by Robert Ascroft

Not sure why I have this image saved on my phone??? It’s not a particular favourite of mine. Chances are that I was going to give this the *ooof* treatment while travelling, so I saved it. Mind you, nice peek of chest hair…



Robert Ascroft

Now we are talking. This definitely was a favourite when it came out. So much so that I *ooof*ed it here and coined it the “Richard Alphatage” – that bicep just asjkdhaskjasddkjba



Robert Ascroft

And straight after the full length, a closer-up of the same scene. Not just biceps but also thigh. You can’t have enough of a good thing, right?



Guy of Gisborne
Screencap from Robin Hood edited by Mabelalexa

Back to Guy – in an edit by talented tumblr RArmy member Mabelalexa. The light, the soft focus, the look up towards the light – I find this heartbreaking and uplifting at the same time. I think this is Guy on his knees in front of Marian, asking her to marry him. Kind of gives you the feels not just from the visuals but also from remembering the context it is taken from. Awwww, so romantic, Guylty…



And now it becomes self-referential. Or should it be -reverential? One of my own pics from Berlin. Less said the better *blushes deep purple*.



Sorry, it gets worse – another of my own… At least, by having this on my phone, I can always claim that I am merely carrying my own work around with me, should I have reason to show examples of my proficiency to anyone. Yeah, right!



And the pinnacle of self-reference – my own shot, of the subject gazing at me my lens. Well, at least here Serv and I overlap in terms of photographic mood enhancers…

And that’s it. Exactly ten images – funny, that. And funny that I actually only rarely bring them up on my iPhone screen. I really do not know *why* I carry them around with me. Maybe it is a case of “it’s good to know they are there”. You never know.

Have you got a smartphone? Do you have A___ images saved on it? Why/not? And which ones? Care to show me? I’d love to see.

36 thoughts on “Mobile Drool Pool

  1. No Smartphone but I have saved two or three RA images saved on my old phone but I never look at them.
    But I have some RA pics as screensaver on my Mp3-player and smile whenever I see them like a mad woman πŸ˜‰


  2. I have many images on my smartphone, downloaded from tumblr. I have a N&S profile as cell background and RA+Kermit as screensaver. Of course, I have your #9 too. One of my all time fave πŸ˜‰


  3. That’s a very nice selection, and isn’t it the best that you have your own photos there?! I’m hopelessly practical and my iphone simply stores pics that I download while browsing on the go… So anything that hits me so strong I can’t wait to get to my laptop. There is just one special picture, and it’s my wallpaper – BTS Thorin/Richard taking photo of NZ landscape with his phone. I can attach an indefinite number of meanings to that image… And whenever I need a fix I just have to press the button. πŸ™‚


    • [Another comment that slipped under the radar – apologies] That picture of RA in NZ is actually really nice – the pony tail! But the fact that he has whipped out his iPhone to record the scenery really touches me.


  4. I love all of your choices. It’s so hard to choose ten. I DO love your Berlin photos. They look so fresh and pure. I appreciate all you do.


  5. 194 Richard smiles are stored on my Android. This does not include those stored on PC or in my drop box. I’m always switching out my background. Currently one from the Leslie Hassler New York Moves photo shoot. I’ve recently used a few from the 92y meet and greet where I know the fan pictured too.


    • Impressive numbers, Sara! πŸ˜€ Yeah, I have plenty of images stored on my laptop and on my PC, for discrete drooling purposes…
      It’s nice to have those photos where you have a connection (apart from Mr RA)


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  7. I have more than 1000 pictures of Richard on my mobile phone – crazy I now !!
    My favourites are yours in Berlin n0. 9 and the one he made for the Korean Magazine.
    But it’s difficult to choose as Richard is not a star. He is a galaxy !!


    • That is a magnificent way of putting it, Katia – Richard is the galaxy. And hey, you can never have enough of a good thing. My phone wouldn’t store that many images (because I have too much music on it instead), but priorities are priorities πŸ˜€


  8. Love this post — as you know your #2 is also the first picture i ever saved to my harddrive. No smartphone here, but when I get one … Armitage pictures, just you wait!!


    • I think you have kicked off an avalanche, Serv. I have also seen a photo post on tumblr :-D. And I have been sent an e-mail with lots of photos from a friend. Great idea. And make sure you buy a smartphone with extra large storage πŸ˜€


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  10. Nice, Guylty! Definitely all great mood enhancers!!!

    The lockscreen image on both my phone and my iPad … RA and me at 92Y. πŸ˜‰
    I keep other pics on my phone, too, because, well, reasons …


  11. What a lovely collection of photos! The ones you took are among my favourites now, they’re just gorgeous.
    If I noted the first ten in my phone’s photo roll they would be as follows: white t-shirt/folded arms Ascroft torso shot (released during the 2012 Aussie meetup to much excitement), RA arriving at Auckland airport (denim and leather, unlaced boots…you know the one!) a picture of Richard at the Wellington premiere taken and sent to me by one of the Team Thorin ladies (very precious) and then seven of the handful of poor quality pictures I took at the Popcorn Taxi event in Sydney before I gave up.


    • There’s nothing better than photographs that have a personal connection, i.e. your images of the Popcorn Taxi event. Even if it appears self-referential, but my Berlin b/w will probably be my favourite image – just because I took it. There are thousands of images better than that one – but I have *memories* attached to it, just like you do to your photos of Popcorn Taxi.
      The Ascroft rebel pic is quite tasty, btw…


  12. Lovely collection,Guylty ! No photos ( my hubby looks like a beaten cocker spaniel when he sees Richard ) …but one mp3 full of his voice πŸ™‚


  13. Yes, IΒ΄ve got a smartphone, a very limited one, and for obvious reasons I saved some of the Berlin-event pics on it, IΒ΄m still jealous of Mr. A.looking straight through your lense πŸ™‚


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