Armitage Weekly Round-up tumblr edition #11

Hello there! Another week has passed – are you ready for yet another round-up? No major news, interviews or sightings that would have made the rounds on tumblr, but that doesn’t mean there is nothing new to look at. Creativity Central *always* delivers.

new round up header

  1. Nice Gif-borne *ggg*
  2. Riepu’s birthday collage – hey, I wish it was my birthday, soon…
  3. [just click. Guylty has temporarily lost her speech, thanks to r-armitage-characters-home’s video]
  4. Who said the bunssss were going to haunt him? Got1arrow4that has a nice one
  5. Ok, not for the faint-hearted, but the body language and lip-reading series by Jollytr really is laugh-out-loud funny…
  6. Lucas North, broken. Literally. By richardarmitage-poland
  7. Typical tumblr: None of these images are new, but the collection by the hilariously-and-topically-named did-you-make-these-bunssss makes this a noteworthy post
  8. Dancingelephantsanonymous explains why every woman loves a villain
  9. The following artwork by dwalinroxx is subtitled “Prepare for Battle”. I’d rather say “Prepare for Battle of Ovaries vs Risible Muscle” – Lee Preston is calling *sniggers*
  10. Upon request, Crystalchandlyre reposted her “Bondage” video of some chaRActers. To be taken as irony. And read the disclaimer at the start and act accordingly!
  11. Whatsisname from Staged is finally getting his dues as well – a photo set by Jollytr
  12. I love it when I learn something from drooling… thanks to avelinas
  13. Fascinating – a photoset by mrpuddingston that jumbles up a well-known picture of RA.  And suddenly you concentrate on the details much more. Love it
  14. ROFLMAO – I can’t believe that hasn’t been done before. mrpuddingston strikes again
  15. Have you seen the Armitage person?, asks richardarmitageforever
  16. A new series of apocryphal RA quotes has been started by pollyspersonal. Funny
  17. Guy’s texts from last night are making regular appearances in the round-up, it seems… They are so relatable
  18. And finally, a new variation on an old meme (by armitageogormanturner)

I am sure I have missed lots of stuff. One thing I never miss to reblog is the beauty of the Gisborne booty, so I leave you with this blast from the past: Worldofarmitage’s Gisborne lower body appreciation.

I leave you with the lovely Gisborne mullet. I feel a Mulletage blog coming on…
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34 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up tumblr edition #11

  1. My “Missing Person” is included! Thank you. However, you forgot the most important event this past week: my birthday. hahaha .. Nah, many in our ranks had birthdays this week – lots of wonderful people. The Pisces is strong in Richard’s Army. 😉


  2. This is an outstanding selection. I laughed, I panted, (Wow- CC) I marveled. But what do you mean No Major News? I think you’ve been given away. :).


    • Hehe. Well, I need to sleep, occasionally, too, and so I had finalised my post last night at about 8pm GMT and then settled down for a LotR rewatch with my kids. I heard the exciting news at midnight but had no time to update the post. Slept in this morning… So there, that’s how 😉


      • Well, I thought it was something like that. I actually awakened a friend to report the news. Good thing I don’t have your number. Speaking of awakenings, I don’t like manips that much and I’m not into too much squee, but that “300′ Spartan” and CC’s video -whew.


        • I am trying to maintain a healthy RL-RA balance here *ggg* and so my guiding principle has been not to change my sleep patterns for Mr A. (Ok, that’s up for review in special cases…)
          Manips – not a fan of mere filter applications or re-croppings, but when fans use existing footage to compile or create something new, I am always interested.


          • I think some of the talent on Tumblr is amazing – both the artistic and the commentary. I hope you’re enjoying this job. I meant to ask whether anyone or more should think of filling in for Agzy. What do you think? I can do do some for a short time. I might be able to obtain some help from my KatharineD and others. And with so many blogs closing it’s a little easier. Sob.


            • I was reluctant at first because I did not really want to get into regular blogging or into having to fulfil expectations. But I am actually really enjoying it!
              As for the blogging round-up: afaik know Agzy is only on temporary absence. So I’d leave it for the moment.


  3. Thanks, Guylty – a splendid compilation. I missed the bondage video first time round so special thanks for that ;-). And Guy’s texts are always a treat. 😀


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