Pocket Shrine 4/? – Harry Kennedy

Creativity flash. I promised you the John Standring shrine, but apparently he has not reached his destination yet. Eager to share another shrine with you, I have decided to give you Harry Kennedy today. However, before I do that, there is something else I want to show you.

I received a parcel from commentator Helen who had offered to send me some coveted tins for the Pocket Shrine project in return for a shrine. It made me shriek and squeal with joy when I opened it…

Helens Beads

Look at that neatly packed parcel!!! And then at the gorgeous jewellery. (Disregard the messy-haired witch – I was just back from the gym.)

It turns out that Helen is a creative artist in her own right. She is a “lampworker”, a glass artist who makes these beautiful glass beads and turns them into jewellery. Those dangly earrings are gorgeous! Have a look at Helen’s FB page Seahorse Studio which contains lots of pictures of beautiful jewellery she is making and selling in her own gallery. Thank you so much, Helen – that is more than I ever asked for or deserve! I love the tinkle of the earrings when I move – and the colours remind me of the ocean. And the glass pendant will definitely be worn, too. This present will last me so much longer than the vegetable crisps that our exchange started out with…

On to the Harry Shrine. Improvisation always brings out the best in me, creatively, and after I had run out of the tiny mint tins, I had to work with a tin that was slightly larger, about 7.5 x 8 cm, but much thinner than the tins I had used up until then. (I incidentally found the cigarillo tin in the street… don’t worry, it was put through the dishwasher).

Shrines (21 of 37)

Remember Harry’s fondness of woolly jumpers, particularly of the stripy order? The Pocket Shrine starts off with a cover that pays homage to the grey and black number Harry was so attractively wearing when he opened the door to Geraldine and Alice on that first fateful night of their meeting. The Shrine looks a little bit less rustic than Harry’s jumper – but then again, this is made for a lady, not an accountant, so a few sparkly rhinestones are in order, don’t you think?

Shrines (24 of 37)

Open it up and here we have… Sleepy Cottage. Nice example of short depth of field, btw. I wonder whether Harry is at home?

Shrines (26 of 37)

He is. And welcoming you with his Harry smile, but just ready to go out. (The trademark disco ball is there, too, now properly dangling!!)

Shrines (30 of 37)

What’s better to imagine than Harry Kennedy as your groom? His grin sparkles! Because the tin is thinner than the smaller ones, I decided to make the Harry Kennedy shrine a bit more interactive. The poetry magnets can be moved to your own specifications. From “sweet dream” via “love me, honey” to “he is the man”…

Shrines (36 of 37)

Have you got a candle burning for Harry? In that case you may get lucky. Well, in the sense that I intend to give this Pocket Shrine away in a raffle. Since I neglected tumblr for the last give-away for the Lucas North Pocket Shrine, I will hold the raffle on my tumblr. Watch out for my post later today. If you reblog, you are in with a chance. 

UPDATE: Here is the link to my post on tumblr. Rules and regulations there :-).

Previous Pocket Shrines:

27 thoughts on “Pocket Shrine 4/? – Harry Kennedy

  1. Thanks for your lovely comments, Guylty! I’m blushing.

    Wow, is there no end to your imagination? The shrines just get better and better 😀
    This one is unbelievable! And are my eyes deceiving me or is that a sparkly rhinestone tooth flash? 😉


    • Praise is deserved – credit where credit is due! x
      This shrine was a bit of a departure from the previous ones – different size, much thinner tin, so I had to think out of the box (or out of the tin, for that matter). Less pictures, but more interaction 🙂
      And very well spotted – Harry’s grin sparkes with a rhinestone. Couldn’t resist that…


  2. Harry is cute,like him but still waiting to see my first love John Standring.I hope it is not lost by the post office.Love every one of the shrines.your so talented.


    • Oh thanks 🙂 I have a soft spot for this design, too, even though Harry is not my favourite. But it suits him quite well. Because the tin had different dimensions it was slightly easier to experiment…


  3. Harry & Katia – that’s perfect ! Don’t you think so ??? I’m joking. It’s just that all your creations are so lovely. Same for Helen and it’s jewellery.


  4. I’d worship this one – the ultimate hjk-memorial! I love your pocket shrines and this one , promising softness beneath ;), tends to be my favourite. Thank you for shsring!


    • Oh, “promising softness beneath” – there is a catch phrase. Yeah, I have a soft spot for this shrine, too. I guess the slightly bigger size meant I had more scope for creativity… Thank *you* for commenting!!


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