RA Pocket Shrine 6/? – John Standring

It took a while. He was overtaken not only by Harry Kennedy, but also by Mr Thornton. But finally word has reached the hallowed halls of RAPS Inc. that the Pocket Shrine – Pastoral Edition has reached its destination in a far-away overseas desert. There he shall rest, to spread love, and joy, and the evergreen calm of the rolling Yorkshire hills. We present the wholesome goodness that is

The John Standring Pocket Shrine – Pastoral Edition

JS shrine (10 of 13)

A garland of flowers with John’s catchphrase may remind you every day that “trouble shared is trouble halved”. With a heart as big as John Standring’s, the beefcakey farmer is the rock, the fortress, the sword of any woman he gifts his love. Awwww… *sighs*

JS shrine (5 of 13)

There he is – splendidly curled in a fancy suit, offering himself – or sharply cropped in his rustic Barbour jacket. Cutting a nice figure in any garment – from boiler suit to welly boots – John Standring is a man of the soil. The hills of Yorkshire are his home…

JS shrine (4 of 13)

… oh blesséd are the lambs who enjoy his care…

JS shrine (7 of 13)

This saint of a man – laurel-adorned, simple, loving, caring, shy but hot as two candles in a Pocket Shrine – deserves worship at the portable pocket altar of humility.

JS shrine (8 of 13)

I hope Berta aka richardarmitageforever/mysortofbloke enjoys this little birthday gift – my Standring shrine *had* to go to her.

photo 1In other news, I have finally resumed shrine work again :-D. With my visitor gone, I could not resist getting my hands on the tins again. That may possibly also have been caused by a surprise package I received yesterday. I made the major mistake of sampling the Italian Chicche biscuits. That’s my Lenten resolution (no chocolate!) gone… not to mention the biscuits are “gone”, too .

But then there was also a lovely hand-made gift in it, a Thorin-inspired tin which is just the right size and depth to store my sparkly bits and bobs that I use to embellish my RA Pocket Shrines with. Thank you, Katia, and mille baci!



29 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 6/? – John Standring

  1. Aaaah, isn’t he a sweetie 😀 and I looooove the sheep 😉 Trying to make out what she’s made of… It looks almost like a glass bead with additions!?

    Need a better shot of the base of the shrine though please! Not that I’m picky or anything! 🙂


    • The lampworker has spotted the essentials 😉 – yes, you are right, it is a glass bead. I have a friend back home in Germany who is a lampworker, too, and she gave me this sheep a while ago. It’s made from white and clear glass, and there is some sort of effect in it – when you look at the sheep from above, the clear glass magnifies the white body below and adds a 3D effect. (Unfortunately the shrine is out of my hands – no better shots available 😦 )


  2. The sheep is so cute. Hmm, might have to try making some (I’m doing everything but the commission I’m supposed to be working on!) 😉 do you have other Standring shrines planned?


    • Oh, I know the problem… I do everything but what I need to do. At the moment I am procrastinating over my trip to the gym 😀
      If there is a demand for Standring, I’ll make more 🙂


  3. When you run out of characters, you can hone in on locations, like a New York RA Pocket Shrine. Ahem. And guess what – ala Obscura, your blog has disappeared from my notifications. Good thing i saw the tweet


    • You have no idea how relieved I was when B. confirmed he had arrived. It took him 2 weeks to travel the distance. I had been really worried that he had gotten lost. Mind you – that’s what I would expect from Thorin. Twice!


      • HAHAHAHAHA!!! I was concerned because I realized last night that if it doesn’t fit in the mailbox, it needs to be taken to the door – she has no way of picking it up at the post office.


  4. Yes, I am the spoiled one who received this treasure. It’s gorgeous and I have it right here by my side on my computer hutch, where my husband watches over me. One thing though, I don’t live in the desert, you goof! ;D Love you!!!


    • *hehe* I know you don’t live in the desert. Mind you, a look at the climate chart tells me that your place of residence has subtropical climate! Hot summers and moderate winters. To Irish residents that is desert climate 😉
      So glad you like my interpretation of your RP hubs, and that it survived the long trip “from bog to desert”…


      • It did. Now I have to find a friend with a hot glue gun to place the candle holders in their place and secure the sheep. We need to make sure Richard finds out about your little gems! mwahahahahaha 😉


        • Nonono, the candle holders are meant to be replaceable so that you can store the candles and holders in the tin and carry it in your pocket! Place the shrine on a box of matches leaning against the wall, and you can stick the candle holders through the little holes and light the candles 🙂
          (I’m not sure Richard – or any man – would appreciate these little shrines. They tend to find this kind of stuff fiddly and twee, don’t you think?)


    • I think John can only ever be represented as a lovely man… So much sweetness under those curls. (And let’s not talk about the farmwork-steeled body…)


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