Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #13

Oooops, it appears that I forgot the Weekly Round-up… It published this morning at its customary time of 9 am GMT – without me finalising it. So those of you who looked at it early only got  the list without much else. You see, I compile the round-up all through the week by opening a post and having it scheduled for the Saturday morning release. Then I add the note-worthy tumblr links as I discover them during the week. Usually I finalise the post on Friday evening, writing a little introductory note etc. And updating the header with the number of the week we are on. All that fell by the wayside yesterday because I got stuck in a TV series that I started watching. (Ashes to Ashes (BBC 2008), for anyone who cares to know – the follow-on from Life on Mars (BBC 2006).)

So not only had I missed finalising my Round-up, I also had messed up my header when I saved it for week 12. So I had to create a new one this morning. I’ve decided to be up-to-date and make this about Richard’s upcoming film. With a little nod to a typical tumblr meme – the superimposing of the tumblr logo onto a character to symbolise how the community feels about something… Here it is:

round-up header 13

Ooooh, week 13. That’s a lucky number in my book. So let’s start off with something where you need a bit of luck…

  1. Everyone’s a winner with this raffle. Triple-R-porn is raffling reader-insert stories. If a RA fan wins, we will all get to read a hot story. That’s if you like that kind of stuff, of course 😉 (NSFW)
  2. afaik Sketchlavie made her wonderful chaRActer-inspired pictures already last year. Look at her three diorama pictures, now grouped as a RA-altar
  3. Modern-AU-Thorin in a suit by spader7. Yum
  4. Well, everything is possible when it comes to unlikely brothers… Maybe Pollyspersonal is on to something with her apocryphal RA quote
  5. Playazindaback’s ArmitageMania continues. Now overseas, in Ireland and England
  6. New context for an old RARA – by 3intheam. LOL
  7. Guy-loving Guylty is very happy about Norloth’s latest LEGO creation
  8. Silver fox Armitage? OMG, this manip by Richardandlee does something to my insides…
  9. armitagesangel has posted a set of name gifs of chaRActers. Here’s Standring, and this is Guy of Gisborne. Check her blog for more.
  10. I do not really have a black soul, but I love this giffed manip by gizthegunslinger

A short list this week. I probably have missed a lot of stuff, but then there was also a lot of stuff relating to ITS and Cinemacon which were well-documented on blogs, so I didn’t see any point in including them here. Let’s see what the creative community will come up with next week, now that we have plenty of new material available from the Cinemacon event.

Have a great weekend, everybody, and sorry for the snafu.

21 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #13

  1. Thanks, Guylty. I loved modern Thorin as soon as I caught sight of it a few days ago, so I’m happy to see it included here. Hoping for more Lego RA characters- Porter would make an excellent addition to the collection, I feel.


  2. Oh dear oh dear – I had forgotten to finalise the weekly round-up. Oooooops. Got carried away watching Ashes to Ashes on Netflix last night, and my duties slipped my mind… Better tidy that up now….


  3. Thanks for the list! Modern Thorin – wouldn’t mind walking into him in the street…. Silver fox – the future looks great..! And triple’s giveaway is definitely worth checking out, if that’s your kind of thing.


  4. so many of these links got a gasp from me, and that’s an accomplishment b/c I don’t gasp very often! modern Thorin, black angel Guy, the RA dioramas, salt and pepper Richard… the perfect way to start my morning 😀


    • Hehe, has the weekly round-up become a part of your Saturday morning routine? That would be great, actually 😉 I am glad if I can make anyone gasp – sort of second-hand, of course, the credit goes to the creative people behind the links.


  5. Silver fox Richard makes my insides melt. so does modern day Thorin… and Guy… and Lego Guy and windmachine Richard in a wet shirt and Big Brother Guy and… and… and…



  6. Modern Thorin. Please give me a boss like this and I stay in the office 24 hours a day without even asking to be paid more !!!!!!


  7. Random Richard Armitage trivia re: Ashes to Ashes — he said something once about Keeley Hawes in Ashes to Ashes looking the way girls looked when he was just discovering them. Off to read the roundup now!


    • *LOL* That might be because Ashes to Ashes is set in 1981… Mind you – that’s a bit early for young Master Armitage to casting his eye over girls… *tuttuttut*


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