doRiAn gRAy

And while I am at it – here are six pictures of Dorian Gray. Seriously. How?

doRiAn gRAyITV This Morning 27 October 2008 (x) vs ITV This Morning 31 March 2014 (x)

[Sorry, couldn’t resist. I’ll be quiet now.]


43 thoughts on “doRiAn gRAy

    • Me too – one of the first English-language novels I read in the Original when 16. Unforgettable. I kind of like how it has cropped up again in my life in this context *ggg*


  1. Great post, Guylty- that was some speedy work there. I’ll take door number two please- he looks even better now than before!


  2. I was just watching Cosmos last night and Neil deGrasse Tyson was explaining how time is distorted – slowing down – as one approaches the speed of light (or something like that…an astrophysicist I am not)…the key to human space travel. Then I see Mr. Hasn’t Aged More than a Day in Eight Years and I have who wonder…….? 😉


    • Yeah, there are little changes, I admit. But for the six years that are in it, it is remarkable. I suppose a lot has to do with the fact that he happened to wear black again and that his hair is tied back.
      (And now the challenge for the day – everybody make a photoset of pictures of yourself 2008 and 2014. *eeeek*)


      • Not likely. There are times when he really looks just the same- but you were the one who reminded me that you thought he aged during The Hobbit- one of our first exchanges, 🙂


        • Did I? I suppose that my impression was really based on his beardy, short-haired look and the bigger bulk he had trained on during the filming. When he turned up at the Hobbit fan event last year, he looked years younger again… I also think that casual clothes make him appear younger – maybe one of the reasons I am not a fan of the suits.


    • *kheehee* well, the presenters have changed a bit… But Mr A has some explaining to do 😉 The secret of eternal youth and peachy skin, or something like that…


  3. I was thinking the same when I saw the screencaps. Wow. Amazing RA! Does he realize how crazy we all go seeing him recycling his clothes and shoes and figuring out where he wore it last?? LOL. Great job Guytly.


  4. O_o – let’s not go there…..
    Imagening what Mr. A. might keep hidden in his closet for the price of staying eternally young and beautiful? Dear me, the price must be high. Probably not for the faint of heart, and/or not for the ones under 18.


  5. It´s a bit late in the day, but I was very busy cause it´s my birthday. Couldn´t get a lovelier birthday present, thanks guylty 🙂
    How does he do it? I remember very well the interview in 2008, and now he looks even better. And me? Better to cast a veil of silence about it…


      • You´re right in a certain way, I´ve got more wrinkles, fortunately grey hair is no problem, thanks to L’Oréal and consorts, though I feel younger now, didn`t “know” Mr A. in 2008 (only since 2010). Being a fangirl (no, a well-wisher 🙂 ) is just like a fountain of youth, exploding ovaries – to say it in your own words – most of the time


  6. I think he must be a vampire. Some of this day we will know that he is not 42 but 142 years old. He doesn’t need blood to survive. Just love from all of us and we are ready to give it to him for a long time ! Right ???


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  8. I love it ,Guylty ! 🙂
    ( There is nothing in the attic or in the closet…everything is lying on the floor of his apartment 😉 )


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