This Morning…

… I had nothing better to do than to go on a capping spree. Total lie. I have a pile of work and I need to go and get my cardio in. Ph. I never do this. And I never post it, either, but well, now that I have become a capper, I might as well share. Here’s the loot from just now. (RA on ITV This Morning)

this morning1 this morning2 this morning3 this morning4 this morning5 this morning6 this morning7

Love the last one. Smiley RA – hey, you’ve made my day!

22 thoughts on “This Morning…

  1. He was perfect. An all black leather jacketed RA is perfection. And boots. And the ponytail. Have I already said he was perfect? 😛


  2. He must have had a flashback from last year! The only new ground was that covered by the sheepskin rug. XD But the adoRAbleness blinded me. I have difficulty processing the visuals…


  3. I agree with micra, loved the outfit and the ponytail. These was just what I needed to get rid of this damn flu, thank you. *saves pictures to the laptop* It was too bad there wasn’t any new questions but oh well, can’t always get everything..


    • Not a fan of the ponytail *at all* *ugh*. I think he was totally spot-on with the “90s footballer” comment. But that doesn’t really deter me *ggg*. Especially as he still looks yummy straight-on 😉


      • : D I have a thing for men with a long hair so that’s why I’m rather fond of his ponytail, can’t help it. Although I have to admit when I yesterday saw the fist photograph from the Empire Awards it brought my mind a picture of David Beckham when he was wearing a ponytail. I’m not quite sure if it was in the 90s, too young to remember.


  4. Thanks so much for these — wonderful to wake up to them! This interview would have been such a pleasure to cap — I mean, he’s always a pleasure to cap, but he looked great. (ps: Glad you’ve joined the cappers!)


    • De rien. But this was a once-off, I think. I had pencilled in the interview but I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to catch it (ITV is a different region than Ireland). When I got a link that worked, it occurred to me that some of you were probably not yet up and might appreciate a few caps.
      What is the copyright situation on caps, I wonder?


          • I feel like this is not the thing to feel (pardon the pun) guilty about. This spring, someone had been tweeting, about every 20 min, a frame from Top Gun — and whoever the owner was (Paramount?) had them sent a DMCA notice and got them shut down. I mean, really? With someone like this, ITV gets free publicity.


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