Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #14

Hello to another instalment of the Weekly Armitage Round-up. Kind of sounds as if I am rounding up all Richard Armitage lookalikes…Eh, are there any? Noooo, noone could ever be even *close* to looking like Richard 😉 But on that note – I am amazed at the way the man can have so many different looks. Last weekend was just mind-boggling – from mullet to man-bun in a day. Guy-girl Guylty of course prefers the mullet look from Vegas, but well, he also rocks the ponytail.

Anyway, we have been quite spoilt this week, haven’t we? Interviews from the DOS DVD promo are trickling through one-by-one, images by togs and fans are popping up. It’s good to be a fan 🙂

round-up header 14


  1. thooooorrriiinnnnn has an easy checklist for men she is interested in. She must have read my mind
  2. After all the Jameson and interview madness, the evidence is clocking up that Armitage is living, breathing Dorian Gray. Jollytr finds another indication
  3. Ok, I admit, I was involved in this gif set by oninha. But I think this is really quite funny – for all sword-lovers, at least
  4. wise-emperor makes Richard look positively delighted with this kind of attention…
  5. RPF is not for everyone, so approach with caution, but this One Shot (no sex) by Jollytr was really well-written and somehow heart-warmingly/-breakingly nice
  6. Two screencaps, two looks. Mrsjohnstandring asks a question that gets my juices flowing and my blood boiling
  7. If this isn’t charming, then what is? A post by thisshipatsea – wouldn’t you want to have every single one of them???
  8. One of those typical tumblr memes – I agree with Yungarnet
  9. Jollytr’s Lip-reading is getting better and better
  10. Plus, Jollytr has unearthed a lot of Armitage related goodies to buy… for instance, if you want to wear your heart on your sleeve boobs. Or if you want to rest your weary head on a pillow.
  11. triple-r-porn has written another Harry Kennedy drabble. Careful – NC-17! Don’t like sexy stuff, don’t read!!
  12. This picture from Comicon 2012 was new to me. No-more-silent-tears unearthed it
  13. How do you prefer your Englishmen? (Personally, I like mine wrapped in a bed sheet and/or taken in the afternoon…) A richardarmitageconfession
  14. Another richardarmitageconfession that most of us can probably confirm from own experience
  15. I’m currently researching some Lucas North moments, and this one by radiogaga80 was quite inspiring

Right – I have left out all the interview references and pics. Those you will also find on the respective RA news blogs. Hope you have some fun with the links.


11 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #14

  1. Thank you muchly, Ms Guylty. I particularly like seeing all the sword references grouped together- it’s become quite the double entendre of choice!


  2. #6. Like it.
    The first RA helps you to go to sleep. The second RA prevents you from going to sleep !!!
    Difficult to make a choice as usual with this gorgeous man.


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