And the Winner is…

We have the results of the Night Flight Thorin Giveaway!! Yes, I am bright and early. I want this out of the way before my day starts.

Thorin winner

Dear Tree – congratulations and I am delighted Thorin will go to you ๐Ÿ™‚

RA shrine (8 of 34)

E-mail me your address and Thorin will go on his next quest asap.

Everyone else – Thank you so much for taking part and for showing me your appreciation. As there are plenty more shrines lying around unclaimedย  on my shelf there will be more opportunity for obtaining one. Or if you are a creative* person and want to swap something – I am all ears. Helen, for instance, made some beautiful jewellery for me, I’ve got a deal cooking behind the scene with Ladysableth for a shrine in exchange for a Guy of Gisborne mini-cushion, and hot-elf is having her Thorin fic printed and bound for me in return for a shrine.

*M&Ms count as creative work, too :-D. Or Erdnussflips from Germany, Hagelslag from the Netherlands, vegetable crisps, whatever *ggg* – I like my bad food as you can see)


The small print: For the draw I used Click the box for the protocol.


14 thoughts on “And the Winner is…

    • LOL. Damn. A hint as subtle as a sledgehammer, I suppose. Well, I guess I *could* keep all the shrines to myself… *dragon sickness slowly building in Guylty*
      Has the post not arrived yet, btw? Damn An Post!!!


  1. Back resting my tired self in the hotel room (we have decided not to go out for dinner) to rest, read and relax. We, my WonderCon assistant and I, do not have to return to the real world until Tuesday. It is so nice to see the positive responses for Guylty’s beautiful work and for Richardtreehouse’s own personal RAPS.


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