RA Pocket Shrine 9/? – Power Porter

Resourceful, tenacious, possibly obsessive-compulsive. Ahem. May I point out that that is not *my* psychological profile but that of John Porter, as voiced over the end titles of Strike Back although I will concede that my shrine making has recently assumed obsessive-compulsive dimensions… I am a massive action fan (more so than crime, spy or fantasy, actually) and John Porter is as good as an action man gets. Because he is also courageous, can think laterally, shows compassion and is not afraid to break rules if his conscience tells him to. Effing hell. No!  Make that “hot as hell” *ouch*

IMG_6851Those two candles ignited spontaneously! Honestly. I mean, who *wouldn*t be on fire in close proximity to proboscitage and chestitage?

With Porter already chained to the cross in Obscura’s discrete RAPS, the not-so-discrete version had to be something else. But I figured that Sky had deliberately included all those half-naked shots of RA… eh… Porter in the final edit, so I felt compelled to show off Porter’s power.


Do you recognise the background image? Hairy forearms. I get goosepimples – in a good way – just thinking about them.  Funny, how someone who is fully clothed can still look so irresistibly hot. I didn’t need much embellishment for this part of the shrine – the play of the thighs of thunder, the broad back and the beguiling biceps is enough to keep my attention for a few seconds. Or make that minutes. And let’s be honest here. It’s not about the biceps. It’s about the…

IMG_6849I hope you spot the difference…

Note to owner: Words can be adjusted to your own specifications. “See the power.” “See the power butt.” “See the butt.” “Power the butt.” “Butt the power.” Actually, just “butt” will do.


Oh, and I totally couldn’t resist a little sparkly diamond in a particularly intriguing place on Porter’s delectable torso. Ahem.


So there. Powerful Porter in full sweaty, shiny glory. If you are unaffected by that… well…

Today’s shrine went to UtePirat – she who is responsible for kicking off the “shrining” with her parcel of snacks and tins. It has been weeks since I received her package, and while I had finished other shrines in between, I hadn’t yet made one for her. I think I heard a faint scream today around lunchtime, coming from South-Eastern direction… Hope you’ll like and enjoy 🙂

What shall I present next up? Do you want to see fresh meat material as in Ricky Deeming or John Mulligan, or an old favourite like Mr Thornton #3?


54 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 9/? – Power Porter

  1. You’ve outdone yourself yet again! I agree the photo of RA clothed is very, very hot! One of my favorite pictures. I love the diamond belly accent! I really like the way you’ve used the leaves in the top part too. It’s just incredible the detail that goes into these and when you think about how small they are I’m amazed 🙂


  2. Really love this one! That pic of his back/butt is one of my favorites, even though, as you said, he’s fully clothed (and we don’t see much of his beautiful face). Of course, Topless Porter is nice too–especially with the sparkly accessory!


    • That particular look and scene is just hot against better judgment. I mean, he is washing his hands after just having extracted his penknife from his… (I leave the details to your memory). But the pose – man, if that was coincidence, I thank whoever was directing the shot for the foresight.


        • 😀 I didn’t even catch the implications of that scene when I first saw it. Nor did I cop on to what Porter said when he got back in the car (“This road better be flat”). I always wonder whether that was a line written in the screenplay or whether it was a quip by RA that they left in the final cut.


  3. *wipes the keyboard* Wow, this is great! I love the pictures you chose for this one and all the small details. So skillful work! (:


  4. I am so late to the shrine party. I had no idea you were doing this until today. I can send you peanut m and ms no problem. Or just put my name in a hat for a drawing. Or whatever you are doing to distribute your works of RA art. I am partial to Porter, but love everything he does, just not as much. Is there anything you need from the golden state (California)? I can’t get into Wondercon this Sat. would you like me to stake out flights to London from LAX?


    • Oh, I’d love for you to stake out flights, Kathy – and you would sure deserve a shrine for that *ggg*. But if it is easier, I’ll also take a supply of contraband M&Ms :-D. If you want to do a barter, e-mail me and we’ll suss it out!
      Anyway, glad you’ve found my little time-wasting venture, and that you like it!


  5. Oh…totally….all at sea here…Only one thought struck… Want so lick that delicious belly button.. diamond……imploringly…nah.. all Porter….Let’s face it!


  6. Love all your shrines, but THIS one is to die for! Lucky Utepirat! Probably a good thing I don’t have one because I’d carry it around and stare at it all day! You’ve got this down, girl! 😀


    • It’s great fun for me, finding ways to display a chaRActer with the bits and bobs I have collected to embellish him with. It’s a bit like one of those cookery shows where the contestants are given a random list of ingredients to fashion a dish from. I always think that improvisation brings out the best creative solution…


    • Porter really is, isn’t he? Come to think of it, I find that SB was made in quite a sexy way. Strange, considering that it is an action series predominantly aimed at men…


  7. Excuse me but I’m having difficulty finding words. You know it’s bad when I can’t find words. Damn. Where did I put them…. I’ll bet Guy is sitting on them…

    He’s making me come and look. I’ll be back…


  8. Ahem, it´s me, the owner of the shrine, Deutsche Post laid it yesterday in my letter box (guylty I think it´s not that long, three days from Ireland to Germany). I´m finally in my senses again (at least I hope so). There´s nothing I could add to guylty´s descriptions, as you all can see it´s hot, hotter, the hottest.
    The shrine is a real masterpiece of art (I could never do that, I´m just the boring accountant who hopes to meet Harry Jasper Kennedy one day 🙂 ). I can´t track how many hours of work it took to create it in all these fine details.
    And behind that all is the lovely gesture of friendship here in the fandom, I can´t say enough “Thank you, Guylty”!


    • Three days is indeed pretty good. An Post surpassed itself. It probably knew that it had to be quick…
      I work on the shrines intermittently, i.e. they always have to rest a while to let the spray or the glue dry. I think they probably take about three hours to make.
      And on the friendship: it’s a mutual thing! Don’t forget your own contribution! So, you are welcome!!


  9. Fabulous as always, Guylty! 😀 Love the diamond! Love that shot of Porter in shades, too (and all the rest, obviously…) 😀


  10. Is that bling in his belly button? My, can nipple rings be far behind? This is a great shrine. An inspired work of art. love the jungle vibe and everything else about this. I am partial to Porter, but even if I wasn’t, this shrine would tempt me. Seriously, the navel jewel is too much. An inspired touch.


    • Well spotted, Kathy. Yes, that is a (fake) diamond in the (fake) diamond dealer’s belly button. I couldn’t resist. And it’s fun to gently rib the otherwise impeccably heroic Porter.


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