Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #16

I confess – I was not vigilant last weekend. I was too taken up with enjoying a weekend on my own – and with “shrining”. But I have caught up with the goings-on on tumblr. A lot of funny, creative, drool-worthy stuff. Have a look and don’t forget to comment or like on the originators’ posts, if you can.

round-up header 16

  1. Even if the pictures are old, the graphic by kingunder2221b is new
  2. I can’t NOT include richardbirdswitharmsitage in my round-up. They *always* make me laugh
  3. What a beautiful silhouette of you-know-who by norloth. I bet that would look beautiful framed…
  4. LOL. Jollytr has the appropriate comment to a lip-bitingly delicious cap
  5. I adore this (digital?) drawing of Thorin by deblacoavioleta
  6. What’s your take on the double chin (or the “soft bulge” as I called it once in an richardarmitageconfession I put in)?
  7. How TH did I miss this beautiful Lucas edit by mezzmerizedbyrichard???
  8. I have to admit I think that Thorin looks a bit too much like Jesus in this, but the giffed artwork by fangirlsketchbook is still inspired
  9. I am *totally* lolzing with passacaria on this one. Oh, and damn you, girl, that bloody song is stuck in my head now >(
  10. I love richardarmitage-poland’s combinations of text and gif. Here’s N&S
  11. This is like a gif for your ears. I had goosepimples all over. Gosh, the man can enunciate! By applefia2036
  12. And here are the visuals, posted by wherethedreamgoes, to accompany the previous soundbite. Go on, listen and look, you know you want to
  13. The fluidity of motion in this gif by circusgifs… trained dancer, all the way
  14. I’ll only say “Glove Love”, like passacaria
  15. Blast from the distant past (2 years!!!) – this post by natcrawlers taught me what a meme is
  16. I am sure you could add to this list by intheshadowofhismajesty
  17. Talking of comic books – this set by mangocianamarch is just LOL funny. And there’s more where this came from

I hope this will while away the time while we wait for the next news to filter through. I am speaking of WonderCon, of course. What will we get to see? Another RA/SWC snuggle? New footage from ITS? A new hairstyle? The latter only if he has wrapped – something there seems to be confusion about right now. But if so – off with the extensions and the anachronistic pony tail, I suppose, and back to pre-Chop mop? I hope we’ll get some pictures. Can’t wait for a new *ooof*.

Happy spring celebration, everyone!

14 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #16

  1. That silhouette is beautiful. I may have studied it for a few… Minutes! #6 – both are cute. 😉 I actually missed #9 – thanks for the laugh! And of course I can’t get the song out of my head. Lol I think we’ll have to wait for post-Chop hair a bit more – wonder what it’ll be…


    • I totally loved that silhouette. I want that on a tea mug. And a mousepad. Any my shopping tote. And and and…
      As for post-Chop-mop – yeah, evidence shows it’s still there. No wrap then.


  2. #7 – that Lucas edit is just goooooorgeous 🙂

    Thanks for a great collection, especially useful as I can’t browse tumblr at the moment! 🙂


  3. So glad to see this collection! Getting here late to love you (and thank for the link) b/c of shul and the WonderCon (I keep wanting to type WunderCon).

    –birdwitharmsitage is hilarious. LOVE that.
    –WANT TO TOUCH the neckitage. Bulge or chin, whatever it is.
    –and I love those mangiocianamarch comics — did you see the “HELLA” one recently?


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