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No further comment necessary…


32 thoughts on “Getty Gifts us

          • Youยดre not alone, I lost the most of my reputation on Saturday presenting proudly my easter gifts (the JP shrine etc) to my girls and sil, and the last bit yesterday revealing my planned trip to London. For it couldnยดt get worse anymore, thereยดs also a great relief in it. Now I can enjoy the freedom to do as I please ๐Ÿ™‚
            Thanks for posting this gorgeous pics, no more resisting…


  1. What’s so masterful about this “Auftritt” is that he fits into so many possible interpretive schemes. Good boy (white shirt w/tie), bad boy (leather jacket). Bad boy cleaning up a bit. I can even imagine him as an airplane pilot on his off hours … such great energy in all these pics.


    • Masterful.This is the perfect word that I would have chosen (had it come to my mind) to describe his performance yesterday. He is a skilful actor (therefore so many possible appearances), which probably helps him glossing over the one or other up and down, still he always seems completely within himself. This incredible energy he emanates and this spot-on concentration he is able to even communicate via this photos really impresses me the most. Somehow they are almost unsettling.


    • BTW, if you watched the video of the whole 20 minutes of the panel, what struck me right at the end was that RA got up with everyone and immediately went to the moderator of the panel to shake hands with him and presumably thank him. Good manners. Always impresses me.


  2. I agree with “linda60”. Just sitting and looking in silent admiration… and I liked so much these pics that I forgot all the chocolates around me. This man has ruined my life – sure – but in such a beautiful way !!!


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