RA Pocket Shrine 10/? – A R-Deeming Easter

The public has spoken. Ricky Deeming came out tops in my little poll re. next shrine to show. 50 percent of all voters wanted to see the unconventional biker.

raps poll resultsI am happy to oblige and give you an until-now un-shrined chaRActer to look at before you get to see Mr Thornton #3 and Thorin #2. So here we go, this is the Easter egg-compatible Ricky Deeming shrine, all nicely rounded just like his cReAtor’s peaches…

RA shrine (27 of 34)

A streamlined tin – very dynamic, you can almost see Ricky sitting on that tin, leaning into the wind, his trademark scarf blowing behind him.

RA shrine (17 of 34)

There he is, his scarf loosened, ready to put on the helmet and whizz off again, the raw, gorgeous and cool biker God. (I couldn’t resist using one of my own images for the background. It is a view of the Wicklow Mountains in Ireland, the area where George Gently was filmed in 2006 and which you can see Ricky and the Durham Defenders driving through.ย  Little did I know… I wasn’t a fan back then… else… Here is a handy map that someone compiled of all the locations used for the filming, and some information provided by Wicklow County Tourism.

RA shrine (19 of 34)

Raw, gorgeous, cool – but I wanted a gorgeous and not a raw smile from him for the other image. Just about managed to cap him there, bangs blowing in the breeze and lumberjack shirt flapping in the wind.

RA shrine (22 of 34)

And here he is illuminated with candles.

An altogether slightly simpler shrine. After having made ten shrines I can now say that the slightly bigger tins are easier to work with. Not because they are less fiddly but because they provide more space for drool-worthy pictures to be included and to create bigger 3D effects. Having said that, I still think this little shrine has its redeeming qualities. Ahem, couldn’t resist getting that pun in. It’s certainly unique in its shape, just like Ricky himself is quite a unique character. I love the leather rebel. And I love the leather as seen last night at WonderCon.

So happy Egg Day, everyone! Don’t overdo it on the chocolate!

PS: Any Ricky-Fans out there? He has to find a home, the poor lad…


39 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 10/? – A R-Deeming Easter

  1. Ricky would have a safe and peaceful home here in Canada … no torture or nuffin! Well, other than my singing but that hasn’t quite been outlawed in the Geneva Convention as of yet and it’s only slightly worse than the blow torch.


  2. Love it! Ricky’s one of my faves ๐Ÿ˜‰ (are there any Ricky fans out there… What a question, Guylty!) ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€


  3. He would be safe here in Italy, we have so many nice roads to be explored with his bike! Perfect choiche of pics. Happy Egg Day to you and every RA fan!


  4. Ricky Deeming is the role that made me fall for Richard. I could not have made a more perfect pocket shrine myself. (Admittedly, I am craft-challenged.) The jewel embellishments are in my favorite colors. Ricky can travel the world with me, based out of Chicagoland! If I had this pocket shrine, he’d never leave my pocket, except for nightly devotionals. I have absolutely fallen in love all over again. The fact you used one of your photos in the background makes this RAPS my all-time favorite.


    • I haven’t heard of many fans whose gateway was Ricky. Nice one, Sahra. Oh, and thanks for the extra Guylty-love *ggg*. I am keeping that in mind ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. Woohoo Guylty!! You industrious Lady! What a sharp-edged, shiny panorama shrine for edgy Ricky!! This woman (on the wrong side of forty !!!) may be allowed to dream of dancing with this delicious young man, unbridled…..
    Frohe Ostern to all you out there….


    • Sharp-edged, yes. Like Ricky… And yes, there is nothing wrong with being the wrong side of forty and having an appreciation for good-looking bikers (or talented actors, for that matter).
      Frohe Ostern back! โค


      • Sharp-edged and a bit tiny (I remember that for the next time ๐Ÿ™‚ ), though you made the very best of it. The white scarf looks so innocent, but imagining what you can do with this scarf looped around this gorgeous neck or…
        It seems to me Iยดve to rewatch George Gently asap.
        Einen schรถnen Ostermontag!


  6. Another great RAPS! I love that you used your own picture for the background. Just lovely and very special. Someone did a GIF with the picture on the bottom of Ricky moving his hand/thumb on the handle. It is all I can envision whenever I see that photo now.

    Since I just won I am only commenting. I’m waiting impatiently for Thorin ๐Ÿ˜‰


  7. I have in mind something to do to Ricky with his white scarf !!!! But better I don’t say it or people will think that I am a very naughty “old lady”. Anyway Happy Easter to all of you (including people born before the second world war) LOL.


  8. responding..no we are not twins,but I did ride on the back of motorcycles in the 60’s.Those were the days my friend!!black leather and boots…ohhh sexy..


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