RA Pocket Shrine 13/? – Thorin #3 – Discrete Edition

*phew* I am beginning to have to be inventive with my distinctive titles of the shrines. Another Thorin. Number 3. And lest you should complain that I am blasting you with posts today  – sorry, but I want Thorin to get a bit of glory before he gets given away in my tumblr blogiversary raffle.

Thorin is – Tolkien- and Thorin-ites or should that be Thorini-tettes/tits? please forgive me – not my favourite although he displays many of the characteristics that draw me to my darling black knight: A very definite, in-your-face masculinity, stubbornness, loyalty, tenderness and protectiveness towards those he has taken in his heart, courage, fighting spirit, palpable sensuality… the list goes on. After Thorin #1 and the SO-compatible Thorin, I made a smaller version. Not quite the travel size of John Standring, but almost too small for a larger than life dwarf.

RA shrine (1 of 34)

Like the original Guy, Obscura’s Porter shrine and the Lucas North for Mezz, this one is the “discrete” size. The sparkly bits may not be that discrete, but well…

RA shrine (2 of 34)

Here comes the King under the Mountain again. That picture is just too good to ignore, isn’t it? Truth is, I had printed that picture out too small for the first Thorin shrine, and in the spirit of recycling it had to be used.

RA shrine (4 of 34)

Talking of reusing – the Thorin medaillon is also a reused bit. It came from the packaging of my Thorin action figure, as did the background behind the top Thorin cut-out.

RA shrine (5 of 34)

The trouble with location shoots: I couldn’t light the candle. Because I was in the garden, setting up the shrine with some bits of rusty railing. Well, you get the picture.


So there – three Thorins, all quite different. I put them all next to each other, so you can see the different dimensions and the different interpretations.


Which one is your favourite?


Finally I am also remembering that I wanted to point you to blogger Linnetmoss‘s three-part post on Pocket Shrines. No, not mine, but *real* ones – devotional, portable shrines from all over the world and reflecting different folk art traditions and religions. She has a whole collection of them and presents them and lots of interesting background to them on her blog. I guess I am part of a folk tradition now?



44 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 13/? – Thorin #3 – Discrete Edition

  1. oh! I forgot about the artistic Thorin w/the map. geeze, my top 3 are constantly changing! as of this moment, map Thorin is my favorite-then mini Standring-then….Thornton (sorry Harry!) They’re all so fun though, Guylty, they bring a smile to my face each time you unveil a new one 😀


    • Great – that is exactly what they are meant to do. they are meant as a bit of fun, something to feast your eyes on and make you smile, give you an uplift, on the go 🙂 If they manage that, my work here is done…


  2. MINI THORIN…..I had a DUH,smack yourself in the side of you head moment.I have a shrine and didn’t realize it till now.10 years of walking in and out of this room.I have a section of a bookshelf with all RA only DVD’s.,my Thorin mousepad 2 if them,never used and my calendar with Thorin and my 6 inch Thorin.I HAVE A SHRINE!!!!


    • That is brilliant, Tree. Thanks for letting me know it has arrived. I always worry that the shrines could get lost in the post. And I am very glad if the shrine has made you happy!!! Have fun with it!


  3. Just went on Tumblr.I am following you.Your first on my list.HAPPY BLOG A VERSARY!!!Yes, I need to add my fav John Standring to my shrine!!!


    • Yay – so the evil plan is working :-D. Yesssss. Watch out for my post tomorrow then. The tumblr raffles do not require much – only a like and a reblog 🙂


  4. Hate to say “I told you so.” but I told you – you are a folk artist. So there. I love them all. I prefer the biggest one, only because the smaller versions require me to put on glasses to bask in the glory of Thorin. I don’t want to be inhibited by aging eyesight. But Thorin is a treat for the eyes in an size, in any pose or outfit.


    • LOL – that’s a good reason for personal preference. And I am glad you are mentioning that. Means I will keep that in mind when designing the one you have put your order in for.


  5. You’re asking me to choose one of all these goodies,Guylty?…imposible task! They all are beautiful and I admire your artistic creativity and…the middle one! ( I’m so predictable )


    • I think for me it is the folded map background and the heap of jewels that make that original shrine a favourite. Alas, I find it difficult to express a preference. It’s like saying which of your children you love most…


  6. Hhmmhh, delicious one… I like the first one best: His Majesty speaks for himself, and the folded map… I love maps since I was a child, and when I read books I always try to get a map to look at the location. The second one: I´m not that fan of graphics though I´ve to admit that all graphics created about RA and his characters are real masterpieces of art.
    But from an economic point of view the third one is the best to carry around with oneself. I always carry a big messenger bag with me, containing half of my household and I can imagine carrying every lovely RAcharacter shrine with me, to be prepared for every situation in real life. Need more courage? Choose Thorin. Need more patience and endurance? John Standring. You´re struggling? John Porter, don´t give up. And so on and on.
    BTW, the magnificient JP-RAPS is now wrapped in a small silver translucent pouch and only a few worthy persons without oily fingers are allowed to touch it. I suppose I´m going mad, but beeing in the the best company I could ever get, it couldn´t be that bad 🙂


    • Have you been sitting in on the RAPS Inc. Marketing meetings, Ute? That is straight from their brochure “Need more courage? Choose Thorin. Need more patience and endurance? John Standring. You´re struggling? John Porter, don´t give up…” Or maybe I have just worn you down?? 😉
      How nice to think that JP is treated with kid gloves by you. And yes, I shrine is only for worthy admirers 😉 No grandchildren, please (lest they should be scarred for life, not really child-appropriate material *ahem*).
      Keep enjoying him ❤


  7. Uuhh, bad mistake in grammar and orthography: “being in the best company I could ever get, it can´t be that bad”, is that correct? EGAL, you know what I mean 🙂


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    • They all have their charms. The one on the left is quite intricate. the middle one has a particularly hot picture, and the small one is particularly discreet. Thanks, April ❤


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