Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #17

WonderCon dominated tumblr this week. Well, and then HobbitCon took over. And then some images from the set of UATSC (Has that abbreviation yet been coined?). You’ve seen those in blogworld already, so I will omit them from my list. And those of you who follow me on tumblr may already have seen most of today’s links as I had to deviate from my usual routine and reblogged a lot of stuff simply in order to have them in my archive for later inclusion in this list. Here goes the usual smorgasbord of all that’s hot and funny in the tumblr RArmy.

round-up header 17

  1. First up, something rather hot by beyonderebor that I missed at the beginning of April. Looks like Thorin could have a career in pin-up modelling, too…
  2. I think many of us felt the same as this richardarmitageconfession. Poor baby…
  3. In case any of you missed this on Twitter, Sahraobsessed posted this hilarious Hobbit poster. Love it
  4. *That* CinemaCon images is still causing ripples (found on richard-armitage-characters)
  5. I know, I know, Easter is over, but some of the graphics were really quite funny. Jollytr’s bunny Thornton made me laugh
  6. Jollytr has also again put together a master post with all video links to WonderCon clips. Since it is a link to a tag, the post is automatically updated and remains a go-to link for WonderCon clips. Extra handy. Thanks, Jolly!
  7. Very creative suggestions on thorinoakenshieldconfessions how TH should have ended. My imagination was piqued
  8. Talking of AUs – doomslock has cast RA as the character of “Sebastian Moran” in Sherlock. The gifsets are really convincingly assembled and the dialogue is intriguing. Check the detail of it. By the way, there is more where that came from if you search under the Seb Moran tag.I’d love to see this made
  9. And for the fun of it, here’s another one by Armitaaaaaaage
  10. And wouldn’t you know it, there is even a fake movie poster for it (by larygo)
  11. Oooooh, a MEPS! For the uninitiated: A Middle earth pocket shrine. Hot hot hot. Gif by you-comfort-me, art by flukeoffate
  12. Here’s a new take on a photo shoot from the stone ages that I have been deliberately ignoring. But when concentrating on the essentials, like Jollytr does, I can suddenly see its merits. I am quite taken with the puppy…
  13. This is absolutely fabulous: ewebean’s interpretation of all the hints that we have so far of the infamous Naked Dwarf Calendar. Great work
  14. closetshipping refers to the same thing. In his/her own words: “honouring the leak of juicy sexy dwarf calendar information”. LOL
  15. Zeesmuse’s Thorin fic “Losing Gin” goes to chapter 3 on rasexualfrustration. Must read!
  16. Talking of RA themed fanfic – rasexualfrustration also posted a Guy fic. This is part 2 of “You are not alone” (which does remind me a bit of Zee’s “Manna from Heaven”…)
  17. Now listen up girls, here’s advice from Uncle Richard. Thank Goodness we have wewillburntogether to gif that for us
  18. THIS. On my phone. For the gym. Thanks richardbirdswitharmsitage
  19. Slightly OT – A personal look by plumemecanique at Hobbitcon 2 and specifically the issue of bringing fanfiction to the attention of the actors/characters portrayed in it. Well written and articulate. Recommended read!
  20. Many of us have already done the 30 Day RA Challenge. did-you-make-these-bunssss is currently doing it, and her Day 10 will delight you all (hint: It’s the body part question)

Whoa – I think 20 links is a new record! I’ll leave it at that.

By the by – I went to see Captain America – The Winter Soldier with my kids last night. And felt decidedly disloyal. Something was missing. Hmph.

Have a great weekend and don’t forget to give some love (or a comment or a ❤ ) to the creative makers of all the funny, happy, hot goodies on tumblr.

15 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #17

  1. Thank you for the shout out!!!

    As a fanfic author who has HAD her work handed over to the actor in question – yeah, scary, but… when I met him, he told me he liked it and said enough about it so I know he read through some of it. Still… but thank you for the blogspot talkinga bout it. 🙂


  2. I am addicted to Tumblr and yet with every Weekly Roundup I find an absolute gem that slipped through my ‘net’. THANK YOU for doing this every week – it is such a pleasure and I look forward to them every Saturday morning when I wake. Thanks for the shout out – it’s quite reassuring to think that there might be someone else with a twisted mind/sense of humour 😉


    • You know, it is great that I can even provide something new and unseen for tumblr stalwarts such as yourself and others. It’s almost become like a bit of a competition for me “Let’s see if Jolly, Sahra, Richardiana, Micra etc etc etc find something new in this…” 😀
      If it is helpful, I will continue with it, gladly. As soon as I start boring anyone, I will stop.


  3. #ii I don’t really agree with this confession. I am 99 % sure he has a “trully” home somewhere but as we love so much to protect him we prefer to think that he is a poor little baby all alone with only some well-wishers to take care of him.LOL. The fact is that he will never tell us where this “trully” home is and who is waiting for him. And I am perfectly OK with it.


    • Well, I am sure he has a home with family and friends and maybe a special someone. But the travelling makes for a nomadic lifestyle that must be hard on someone who appears so down-to-earth. Whatever – I hope he is happy.


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