RA Pocket Shrine 14/? – John Mulligan Swings

Yes, it’s me again. But before you roll your eyes because you are sick and tired of me, here’s the important bit: LINK to my tumblr blogiversary post which, if reblogged and liked, could win you a RAPS. So hear me out and see what is on offer today:  There is a new boy on the block. And a bad boy, too, but soooo irresistable.

Shrines (14 of 17)

Ok, he comes across a bit harmless on the outside, I admit, but… Mulligan is a tricky chaRActer. It’s up for discussion whether he *really* loves Ellie or whether he just plays the Lothario in order to misuse her as a drugs mule. Guylty has the rose-tinted glasses firmly on her nose, and therefore opts to make Mulligan an honest lover if dishonest drug dealer.

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I guess I’d be easy prey to his smooth tongue *snorts*. And yes, you can take that whichever way you want… Little pup dangling on the swing, and those puppy eyes. *bam* I was done.

Shrines (13 of 17)

Mulligan likes his food and drink. Well, *yumMIE*, I say…

The shrine comes customizable – We know he doesn’t like Tracys [applies only to Tracys without an E!!] (sorry to all Tracys out there…), he’d rather have a [insert your own name]. I’ll print the name of whoever wins the shrine onto that speech bubble – and the RAPS will be really hers.

Shrines (17 of 17)

The drool-mode-shot. I am only seeing now that his left hand slipped off the chain. It actually goes on the chain!

So, these three shrines are in the give-away:

Shrines (4 of 17)

Details on Thorin here and John Standring here.

And lastly: Off to a good start into my shrining weekend. Two RAPS already in the bag, a Porter and something entirely new (and very, very challenging). I want to get at least two more done today, and then some tomorrow. Wish me luck. And don’t forget to reblog and like on tumblr to get into the draw. The small print is there, too.


29 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 14/? – John Mulligan Swings

  1. He’d have to do a lot of smooth talking (and puppy eyes) but I expect I would succumb eventually 😉

    I’m intrigued to hear about something completely new and challenging! Have we had a Dr Track yet? (But why would that be particularly challenging? Not that many pics around, that could be an issue…?)


  2. You give him a shimmering (breakable) red heart…….
    With his charms, he had me bewitched in no time, this John Mulligan. Oh dear.. 😳


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