Massively Overdue ROFL*

*ROFL does not stand for tear-inducing hilarity but for “return of fandom love“. And boy, is this overdue. I apologize to the lovely friends who have been humouring me with their attention and gifts. You are much appreciated – with or without material expression of your friendship, btw. Your support has been vital for my recent creative explosion. I am currently in a very happy place, buoyed by your feedback and all the communication that is currently flying between my little island and the rest of the world.

The RAPS truly have gone global, a fact that really delights me. While I sit on my little island on the fringes of Europe, the pocket shrines are travelling all over. Fifteen of them have left the RAPS Inc. HQ so far, 18 have come off the production line in total. The marketing dept is pushing for world-wide market introduction, though. It appears that there are still white spots on the map when it comes to the reach of the RAPS:

RAPS world mapSouth America, Africa, Asia – all virginal.

photo (2)I take the opportunity to shout-out to my lovely supporters who are keeping me in good mood, presents and material for the shrining operation. Before Easter I received a massive parcel from Katia in Monaco who has surprised me again with undeserved gifts. Everything a girl could wish for – from scented sachets and cosmetics via cuddly toys and sweets to cute jewellery. A Guy RAPS is en route for Katia… a rather modest expression of thanks for all the kindness and generosity she has shown me.

Hot-elf, the woman who is responsible for my descent into madness the Armitage fandom, has completely blown me away with the beautiful book of her original Thorin/Dragon Age Crossover fic she had printed for me. If you haven’t read it yet, I can only recommend it. Don’t be put off by the Dragon Age content. I know nothing about it either, but she weaves the tales of Thorin and the adventures of the game universe together and throws in a dwarf lover for Thorin that makes it a sizzlingly hot read. Here it is on AO3. Do show her some love <3.

Shrines (52 of 52)Guylty is pleased – I collect dedications, you know… size of image reflects inflated ego-size of owner post-receiving

As for an update on the general shrining business: The storage facilities of RAPS Inc. still contain a Thorin RAPS (Travel Edition), a Standring mini-RAPS and a bad boy, Mulligan, because two of the lucky winners of my blogiversary give-away have not yet contacted me. I will have to redraw that to re-assign first and third prize. (Come on people – if you take part in a raffle, please check for the results, too :-)) The last weekend had been designated as RAPS production time, as the ball and chain… ooops family were camping again and Guylty was undisturbed at her desk. In the end I had less time than I anticipated. But I managed to create two Guys, a Porter, a Thorin and a RL RA. *eeek* They are all on their way now. And as soon as one of them reaches their destination, I will unveil them here. The photos are all in the bag, and as usual I was really pleased to have the task of styling and photographing them. (I should really go into product photography – much easier to order inanimate objects around rather than people…)

Two Lucas RAPS are waiting to be made (and finally I think I have some ideas), plus I am burning to put another Ricky Deeming into the box. I have a Guy RAPS to do, too. He’s pretty easy *ggg* – plenty of visual drool available for *him*. The requested Dr Track will be new territory for me, and maybe I’ll also tackle one of the less popular chaRActers – is it possible to make William Chatford shrine-worthy? I am running out of the bigger tins again, so the future looks discreet.ย 

So, HAPPY MAY DAY to you all, with an extra big portion of fandom love thrown your way!

35 thoughts on “Massively Overdue ROFL*

  1. All fandom love is well deserved! I also noticed you had increased your showcasing of the RAPS. I think the pictures just keep getting better and better. It’s the next best thing to owning it ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Yes, the posts are more frequent these days. That’s actually something I wanted to avoid (because I already have enough pressure of producing content for my regular work), but at the moment it gives me pleasure, so all is good.
      For me, having the pictures of the shrine to look at, is also enough. I am surprised how easily I let go of them…


      • HOORAYYYYY!!! I hereby deputize you. (pins on badge) If I were on my computer that had Photoshop, I’d ps you up a “proper” badge. Instead, please accept a bouquet of kisses and exuberant dancings of joy and excitement!! ๐Ÿ˜€

        And I think I entered the shrine contest, and no… I never did check the results… I’m sorry. did I win a shrine? I stink at follow-up and life has been spotty for my ability to be online in a fandom sense. Just can’t keep my brain here. WP isn’t on my radar at all for weeks at a time, it seems. :\ So if I’m one of the people who did win (although this is dubious as I think I used up all my luck back in November for the Fan Event, lol) then please accept my abject, grovelling apologies. I really am sorry and I truly do suck(itage).


        • Yesss *fistpumps*. Official Deputy Love Facilitator. Really, I do need a badge. Even a virtual one for my blog. Must think of something… But I love the bouquet of kisses and the dancings. The latter particularly – coming from a dance pro *yay*
          No, unfortunately you did not win a shrine in the tumblr thing. So no apologies necessary ๐Ÿ™‚


    • When the Lucas inspiration comes, it will come in heaps, I think.
      Chatford will be a challenge, but I like a good challenge :-D. That Bollywood shrine is also still at the back of my mind…


        • Well, listen Christine – you’d be the perfect recipient for a Bollywood shrine!!! So let’s make a deal. You put some sparklies in an envelope and I make a Bollywood shrine for the belly dancing, snake-hip-rolling dance teacher!! Shoot me an e-mail if you are interested!


  2. Just the thought of those lovely shrines makes me smile. Actually, laugh out loud sometimes. I am so glad it is as fun for you to create them, as it is for us to admire them. It’s only a matter of time until they take over the world. Maybe a tornado can help spread them around.


    • Hehe, a tornado to blow them all over, yes. In fact, I can’t wait to get more imagery off ITS and see whether Windbag Gary is shrine-worthy :-D. And Chop, too, of course. And what about a 17th century shrine for Proctor? I hope they’ll give us some theatre stills as soon as that production starts.


  3. I so proudly and humbly sit here with Guylty shrine pin in my ar*e ๐Ÿ™‚
    Honey, you are quite possibly one of the most beautiful people this fandom has ever had the pleasure of knowing, and judging by the folks I have met throughout my time in RAville, that’s saying a lot!


  4. entrenched lurker quickly de-cloaking to tell you how much I admire your shrines. Such an original idea and very creative. [Hides back in the box]


    • Aw, thank you, Old RA Fan. It’s lovely that you de-lurked to comment! I am only sorry that you went back into the box after it ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Hopefully we can draw you out another time again! โค


  5. Guy is “en route” for me ?! I hope he will not be delayed by Robin Hood or the sheriff !!! I will travel all around the world to deliver him. LOL. Thanks very much. As I said already : so proud to be a little part of the RA Community.


    • I had wanted to make the arrival of Guy a surprise for you, but then I needed to finally give some credit to you… I hope he’ll get to you tomorrow. I sent him off on Monday, and we are talking Europe here. So come on, postal services!!!
      And wait with the thanks until you see him *ggg* He’s a special Guy.


  6. Fandom love makes me fluffy. Much deserved! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m curious to see RLRA! And he is working hard to keep RAPS in business – I’m sure Gary, Chop and Proctor will all be very shrineable. /BTS Chop already provided enough material for a sneak-preview shrine…/


  7. Guylty, as you mention Ricky and your “burning need” to create a new shrine for him, an idea pops into my mind: Since he’s a biker (I know what I’m talking about, as I have a motorcyle-crazy father and 2 brothers, with a never-ending passion for tinkering and screwing at their beloved motorbikes!) he for sure has a penchant for all tools, screws, nuts, oily chains (roaring engines) and shiny chrome. I mean all this “rusty” things. Yeah, our gorgeous Geordie, give him some dirt, a leather smell, a tender kiss (and a poem!)!
    BTW sitting here, on a sunny Maifeiertag afternoon and looking forward to impending surprises….. ๐Ÿ˜€


    • Nice one, Linda – yes, I think a little root through the hubs’s workshop is in order. Rusty bits and pieces galore. Doesn’t fit with my current design plan for Deeming 2, but will be integrated in Deeming 3, then.
      PS: Already did some research today and rewatched GG. Tough stuff.


  8. RECEIVED TODAY FOR GUYDAY !!! So lovely. Many thanks, waiting to see your next ones. True : it’s really a special Guy.


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