RA Pocket Shrine 16/? – RLRA

Here’s a Sunday treat for you. The first ever RLRA to come off the RAPS Inc. production line.

Tbh, I had my reservations about making a RLRA RAPS. So far all the shrines have been made for fictional chaRActers. And that is what my project is – a shrine for all chaRActers. Granted, they (the chaRActers) have been created by a real person, and he’s very much exposed enshrined in them. With the perpetual self-analysis in regards to fangirling going on, a shrine that celebrates a *real* person just seemed too close to the bone, I suppose. But hell, the shrines are not mine, I am just following the orders of the “Sisterhood of the Travelling Shrine” (credit for the coinage goes to Kathy Jones).

Lovely commentator Linda60 has had a shrine coming to her for a long time. Ever since Linda was gracious enough to let me meet up with her, Judit and Agzy in London for the first Hobbit Premiere (2012), we have been in touch. And we have met in RL a couple of times when I happened to visit the city she lives in. She has always been more than generous, inviting me to see plays in the theatre, and it was time to repay the favours. Like a few others, Linda had trouble deciding on a chaRActer. Said she (translated by me)

“The starting point was Mr Thornton. Guy of Gisborne was to die for. Lucas. A beautiful man. A *very* beautiful man. Lost soul. I’d take John Porter, too – *that* physical presence… And John Standring, an all-time favourite. Even Lee, playing spin the bottle. Or Thorin, a good one.”

So I blame it all on her *ggg* and present you the first ever RLRA RAPS. Small – but deep!

Shrines (10 of 52)

Very mean of me, but in order to justify the whole objectification of a RLP in a shrine, I chose the smallest tin available. I kind of shot myself in my own foot with that decision, however. Because the design I had settled on proved to be fiddlier than fiddly…

Shrines (4 of 52)

I am a great fan of the Blair Mezibov photos (artsier than most of the other RA images). And the 3D aspect of this image has always fascinated me, so I decided to recreate that and add some depth by cutting out three scaled versions of the image. There is RA, casually leaning in a doorframe. For a second focal point in the distance I decided to bend the time and space continuum and stick another RA in.

Shrines (6 of 52)

Slightly better view with the disco ball out of the way.

Shrines (9 of 52)

As Linda had been by my side when I photographed at the Berlin Premiere, I thought she wouldn’t mind my own image in the tin. It is, after all, a Guylty Original *ggg*. And hopefully the image will bring back her own memories of the occasion when she looks at it.

Shrines (1 of 52)

Ooops, I forgot the candle. But there is a slot for it in the shrine – just one, wouldn’t want to overpower the little shrine with too much…

So there, RLRA in a box. With a flower in his hair. Cutietage? Let me know what you think or whether I need to seek therapy.

44 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 16/? – RLRA

  1. You certainly don’t make things easy on yourself, Guylty, with so much detail in a tiny space. Great work once again, and a lovely touch adding your own photo. Lucky Linda, indeed.


  2. O my goodness. That tiny tin packs a very big punch πŸ˜‰

    I know you agonised over this but it’s fantastic, Guylty. And very respectful :-). I love that photoshoot (RA in black tie? How could I not? Quite regardless of the artistic merit…) and you’ve got an amazing 3D perspective going on there πŸ™‚ It reminds me of a type of marble that I have tried to make (not very successfully) in which there’s an optical illusion and when you look inside the marble it looks deeper than it can actually be…

    And your shot is of course wonderful :-). Love the flower in the hair too! πŸ˜€


    • *khehee* I suspect the RLRA RAPS will be a lot tamer than the chaRActer ones. (Until RA has his dream come true and runs down Wilshire Blvd naked – maybe then there’d be racier material to include in a RLRA RAPS…)
      As soon as I agreed to a RLRA RAPS I knew it was going to be this photo because the perspective in it has always fascinated me. Optical illusions are fun. (Would love to see your marble!)


  3. So nice but just a little thing “en plus”. Try to add a little piece of tecnology so that when somebody opens the Pocket Shrine he can ears Richards’ voice saying “my name is Bond, James Bond”. LOL.


  4. I love it, love it, love it… You chose two of my favporite RLRA-photos πŸ™‚ Drooling about the Esquire magazine and the Berlin-pic (you can imagine where I put your gift) gives me sometimes an unpleasant feeling of embarassment. But this little shrine is so discrete, just a little look from time to time… And I canΒ΄t await to take a personally look on it when the lucky lovely owner of the shrine and me will meet up together in August. Porter for RA… The best deal I could ever make:)


    • The Berlin pic would’ve worked for you, too, seeing that you were also by my side when I took it πŸ™‚ Yep, this shrine is not even half the size of your Porter…


  5. You have outdone yourself again! Very tasteful and so enticing! I too love the Blair Mezibov photos and I love the photo you took at the Berlin Premiere. I can’t imagine a RLRA getting any better than this πŸ™‚


    • The only thing in a RLRA shrine that would make me even weaker at the knees are a couple of carefully chosen Leslie Hassler shots. Those should come with a health warning πŸ˜‰


    • Yeah, I’ve tried to be a bit less objectifying with the RLRA RAPS… Blair Mezibov’s photos worked well for the shrine because they give context. As for a better RLRA shrine – there’s a challenge now πŸ™‚


  6. The opportunities to express my glee are rather limited this way: I’m the incredibly proudest owner of this precious little treasure (beaming with JOY!). RA is such a most likeable and soft spoken, but steadfast new flat-mate and ….gosh…look how drop-dead gorgeous he’s dressed. It’s only that I have no idea why he’s at loggerheads with that glitzy discoball all along??? LOL
    RL RAPS next best thing to RL RA (tall version – no shrine!) πŸ˜€
    Hugs and kisses, Linda


    • That disco ball is a bit out of proportion, I must admit… And the design of the shrine limited the options as to where it could be fixed. Rip it out if it is too much in the way of the essentials.
      Anyway, I am delighted if you like it. Your very own RAPS! ❀


  7. I’ve realized (as I gaze at my Thorin RAPS) that there hasn’t been a RAPS that I wouldn’t want to own. I am utterly amazed that you are willing to part with each and every one of them. I’m very happy there are pictures because I occasionally gaze at some of the other RAPS πŸ˜€


    • You know what, I am amazed too :-D. I think there is some strange selfishness at work here. While the shrines are about someone else, there is always a bit of me in them. Not visibly, but I guess the creative idea counts as a part of me. And for some reason I prefer passing that on rather than keeping that for myself. (Next step: World domination :-D) It helps that the Original Portable Shrine is mine ;-). But yes, I need the shrine photos, too – they are my covetable obsession, because they marry my love of crafting with my calling for photography. It’s really nice to know for me as a photographer that they are appreciated by others as well. “Art” for me is only worth-while when it manages to draw reaction from others. There is no point to creating art only for one’s own pleasure. (That doesn’t apply to the creative process – that is a selfish pleasure that can be done for the creator’s own gratification.) But it needs to be shared with others, and it is only successful if there is some kind of positive, creative reaction to it. That can be the feeling of being inspired. Or the urge to respond even if it is with some sort of contradictive criticism.
      Bladibla, sorry for droning on. I think I am getting a bit too big a head over this… Somebody better stop me.


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  11. My feeling about your epic little shrine is – I want one! They are all little treasures, and am sure the proud owners love them.Talking of little treasures, my badge arrived in it’s personalised packing and I love it . Thank you so much for tacking so much trouble. The postcard is lovely too. β™‘


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