RA Pocket Shrine 18/? – Guy On The Rocks

This is a story of fandom love. Sit back and let me tell you about it…

Once upon a time there was a lovely woman who was deeply fascinated by the work and talent of a certain actor. She spent many a minute gazing at his image online and reading what was written about him. Most of the time, she was content with just looking, and since she didn’t maintain a blog of her own, she only occasionally commented. When the fan community decided to mark Valentine’s Day with a little event to bolster fandom networking and the mutual appreciation of the members, she decided to come out of her shell and take part in the exchange of fandom love letters. In fact, Katia’s was the very first submission that rolled in for the RA Valentine, and the whole project successfully corrupted persuaded her into more active commenting in our RA blogworld. *evillaugh* She far too generously showered an undeserving fellow fan with gifts and many lovely e-mails. Eventually the fellow fan found a way to give back the love and made her a RAPS. And they lived happily ever after…

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Katia likes sparkle, so she got a slightly shinier RAPS cover for her Sir Guy shrine.

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Inside, I knew that I wanted to place Sir Guy on the rocks for Katia. After all she hails from a famous rock in the Mediterranean that has its history rooted in the romantic obscurity of piracy. So Sir Guy reigns over the Grimaldi castle in Monaco. (This is what is called AU, so bear with me *ggg*)

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Profile, long locks, blue eyes – and an introspective look. All the hallmarks of a shrine-compatible image. With a catch-phrase that will melt even the most Guy-phobic fan’s heart. Not that that would apply to Katia. She’s got a soft spot for romantic heroes.

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I think Sir Guy learnt the hard way that all the riches in the world cannot buy you what you really covet. Only heart-felt expressions of feelings can. Katia needs no reminder, but it’s something that we can all light a candle for… So thank you, again, Katia, for the attention and gifts you have graced me with. I’ll guiltily and selfishly accept them on behalf of the fandom. Merci ❤

On further selfish news: I have taken up my own suggestion 😀 and added a gallery page to this blog that contains a picture each of all the shrines. To that end a new link has been added to the menu, “Guylty Shrines“. It starts with a bit of an artist statement (Guylty just can’t shut up) and shall be added to whenever a new shrine appears. Have a look. You can comment when you click on the individual image. I’ve been thinking it might be nice to add to the image who the owner of the particular shrine is, where in the world it has gone (just general country info; all sensitive data will be protected :-D) and possibly link to their sites (if they have any). After all this is also about fandom love and community.  Unfortunately that can only be done in the comment section. I’ll try and get to that later.



33 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 18/? – Guy On The Rocks

  1. Mmmmmmmmmmm, gorgeous Guy… I don’t remember seeing him in a white shirt!

    That introspective pic is to die for 😉

    I think he’ll enjoy Monaco!


  2. did you do the red distressing on the lip of the tin yourself or was that left over from the original graphics? either way, I think it adds a nice touch 🙂


    • Eagle-eye Kelbel puts her finger onto a slightly sore spot (for me) – because that’s where the silver spray doesn’t reach :-D. But it has worked ok, I think, I just about got away with it (and hence the bright red GoG on the lid… impro rules :-D). Cheers!


    • Well, I am sure Switzerland (or is it France?) has got something to offer :-D. If you are serious you can send me an e-mail and we will work something out!
      And congrats again on all those fan encounters in London. Brilliant stuff!!!


      • Thanks. If you’re interested, there is more pics of encounters with other actors on my blog (another one with Matthey, Kim Cattrall, Rupert Penry-Jones and James McAvoy) on my blog. 😉


  3. Another brilliant work of art. Loved the shrine surrounded by pieces of eight. And I am agog over GoG’s glittery promise of fabulous treasures inside. Yo. ho. ho, ho, drink up me hearties, yo ho.Warning, extended exposure to pirate Guy shrine will force hearties to drink up more than what is good for them due to dehydration caused by extreme hotness. Beware!.


    • Me and my photo set-ups. Poor Sir Guy, all reduced to money and wealth. But kind of fitting for a pirate. (Had to raid my collection of coins from all over the world for that.)
      And yes, I’d say Sir Guy likes a good measure of rum!


  4. Pirate Guy, oh yea! Another incredible RAPS for a lucky fan. You keep outdoing yourself again and again, Guylty! I am also really enjoying the photography and set-ups. It just makes it that much better 😀


    • Hehe, so glad that tastes differ. I like the short-mulleted Guy better 😀 And a closely cropped RA. But hell, if there’s nothing else, I’ll take Chop extensions, too 😀


  5. Dear “Guylty of Gisborne” I have not enough (English) words to thank you for all of this. I was so surprised and happy when I opened my computer tonight. I like stories which begin with “once upon a time” because they are not like real life, they have happy endings !!! Thank you very very much from all my heart. The Pocket Shrine has found his place. As I have already told you this photo of Guy with what looks like snow is like an angel for me. And RA is certainly an angel because how could I had found people like you if I didn’t know him before ??? Just think about this. LOL. A lot of love to all of you, dear RA well-wishers from Katia “on the Rocks”.


    • Katia on the Rocks and Guylty of Gisborne LOL. Glad to hear the post cheered you up. It always cheers me up to write about the shrines, too. It’s a mood-booster for me. Have fun with Guy, keep rocking 😀


  6. Still behind on shrine viewing — I want to take time for each one. This is one is gorgeous, too. No Grace Kelly reference?


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