RA Pocket Shrine 19/? – John Porter “Why?”

Why is John Porter steadily developing into my most inspired RAPS subject? I feel quite partial to the two previous Porter shrines I have made (here and here). I am astounded myself, because he is not my “favouritest” chaRActer, although he is definitely a character to enjoy both with his physical traits as well as his storylines. Well, there must be a special force at work here…  see what I did there? So it was definitely no hardship enshrining the heroic soldier – especially as there are a number of rather yummy scenes focusing on his physical attributes *ahem*.

Today’s RAPS was made for Kathy Jones and as a nod to her location, I decided on a film theme to the shrine. Dang, forgot to snap the outside!)

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Hope that’s not too much for you *ggg*. But there was too much skin in that scene in Chikurubi Prison, I needed to maximise the space in the RAPS. (The Armpitage Army made me do it!!! I am innocent!!!)

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A bit of a cubist RAPS – magnificent profile and some straight on goodness, too, on one “canvas”.

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And when you look at the shrine as a whole, the annoying subtitle now-not-so-subtly makes sense… “Why are you weak for him?” I am asking myself the same question… see above And I have the answer. Because he is heroic, he is courageous, he is clever, he is human, he is hot, he is uncompromising, he is good, he is goal-oriented…

He deserves all the candles.

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I hope Kathy is happy with him it. There’s a bit of me in the shrine, too – I had to cut up some film strips from my archive to make the “film roll”. And this particular film strip was proper handiwork – I processed that roll of film myself (and hand-printed some images from it, too) in my own darkroom. The set-up contains another piece of me – an image I took on holiday in Namibia. Porter-fans don’t need to be told why I chose to set up the tin in front of my Namibia photobook… (all others: Strike Back was filmed in Namibia.)

In other news: How cool is that >>picasion.com_7984abcc4cd9c1c81108c3c7f6dca523>>

I received a parcel today from Germany. Daria aka fire–and–thunder from tumblr sent me lots of surprises in a big parcel in return for her Thorin RAPS. Obligatory peanut puffs *yay* aside – the RA glitter ball had me in stitches and also in awwws. Plus lots of other goodies – beardy RA in a frame, chocolate, a tin, some pastelly hearts (which have already been designated to another RAPS), some sparkly nail varnish (summer is coming to Ireland, too) and a customized note-book for my “Richventures”, as Daria put it. Many, many thanks, Daria – love it all! ❤

No better way to start a weekend than with a RAPS post, a parcel full of surprises and a couple of WIP RAPS on my desk. Life is not a “why?” but a “because!”


46 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 19/? – John Porter “Why?”

  1. I can see you’re having fun dreaming up new ways of visually depicting the same characters you’ve treated previously- I like the film strip with the ‘stripped down’ Porter!


    • Hooray – my pun has been detected :-D. Yup, that is a double whammy of a film strip *ggg*.
      Porter has been quite good for consecutive re-imagining. Thornton is more difficult, Thorin is getting repetitive, too. I must free my mind 😀


          • No, not quite one of the ‘hot’ brigade, I grant you, but lots of sweet smiles there, and plenty of ideas visually.


            • I think that one will be an altogether “artistic” shrine. A challenge of a different kind, and I am already mentally designing it. Better whip my notebook out and jot them down.


  2. I wish HBO or cinemax would do a sequel of Porter,before they kill him off.I am an avid watcher of Strike Back,because of the original series.Love the shrine,all the baritage….OOOOOh


  3. So Portah is growing on you? You are powerfless to escape the magnitism of the Portah.I love my shrine so much,and all the creativity you poured into it. I think maybe Porter is so appealing because he is the whole package, hero and hunk rolled into one, with a side of vulnerability, intelligence and sensitivity. Who could not love that?


    • Indeed, Portah has really wormed his way into my heart through the shrining. And justifiably so, as you point out. I would add “heart” to hero and hunk – he has one, and he uses it, making decisions that are controversial. All the hallmarks of a great chaRActer, though!
      Very glad that you like your Portah ❤ Hope you're having a great time, btw!


  4. This may sound odd but I like all the pictures and gifs of Porter better than the actual show. He is so delightful to look at!

    Guylty, you do an awesome job of showing him to his best advantage 😉 Amazing that you keep coming up with new ideas!


    • I think the pics are especially good in this show because they were available at HD, so nice and big, and therefore detailed and sharp. (Much like the man *ahem*)
      SB really has many very visually suitable scenes that translate nicely into a scenario for the shrines. It helped that I recently rewatched 😉


  5. Oh John Porter!! You really are getting the knack of hitting a girl in the feels Guylty!! I may need a second JPPS to keep in the nexus of evil…erm…I mean my office. (I will start amassing the swag 😉 )


    • TBH I have been thinking that you should really get another Portah. The first one I made for you – even though I actually like the rather explicit sexiness of the bondage Porter – seems now like a beta-test…
      BTW – has my letter arrived?


  6. Is it only me who thinks that dangling disco ball looks just a little bit like an earring? Cross-dresser Porter, perhaps?


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