Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #19

Welcome, ladies and the occasional gentleman to another week of round-up worthy fun and games on tumblr. Phew, it kind of started a bit slow for me this week. Took me several days until I found some links. Must have been looking in the wrong space, because there is always fun to be had on tumblr. Some of the best stuff has already been reported to you by the more up-to-the-minute RAblogs out there. (I am slowing down a bit on my blog as I found I was spending a bit too much time on guylty…) But I bring to you a few more links with goodies that made me laugh out loud, huff in indigestion indignation and sigh with pleasure… Ready? Let’s go!

round-up header 19

  1. Mezzmerizedbyrichard mezzmerizes with a new manip from days loooong gone
  2. Aw… Domestic bliss for the Bagginshield household – by pandamani
  3. It’s important to stress, every once in a while, that there is more to RA than just beauty. This anon confessor got it right
  4. Interesting gif of RA by mrsboggins
  5. What goes on in actors’ heads? wewillburntogether has an idea
  6. Agree with this richardarmitageconfession. Somebody organise a burglary, quick!
  7. Peter Jackson hark up! This comment to thorinoakenshieldconfessions is somehow very enticing. What’s your view?
  8. Jollytr illustrates the story of Richard Armitage and tumblr
  9. Mrsjohnstandring has found evidence that RA really is a dwarf. Compare the two images
  10. Have I missed this guystextsfromlastnight? I snorted so loud when I saw this yesterday that I scared the cats…
  11. A whole slew of people on tumblr are doing a round of the Richard Armitage Challenge at the mo. One that promises to be really fun is gimmesherlock because all the answers will be drawn! Here’s Day 1
  12. Circusgifs is the creator of a brilliant RA coat of arms. She’s planning to make individual t-shirt motifs from the CoA and is asking for ideas for appropriate character slogans
  13. binglybonglybeep and mrsjohnstandring are on to Silver Fox Armitage. What do you think?
  14. Yay!!! Sketchlavie brings back the RA Pick-up Lines! Portalicious!!!
  15. A new Apocryphal Quote by pollysthings. I think this one will go down well with the Army
  16. And the latest last-minute addition to the round-up: A jollytr manip based on a serik27 edit. (Apologies for conflict of interest… but I think you will enjoy this as much as I do!)

BTW, just for fun and visual interest:


11 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #19

  1. First to make comments ! LOL. # i – This picture is wonderful, I have imagined the same one but for a sculpture by Rodin. # iii Would like to say exactly the same words in front of RA but automatically I will have the same face as this poor young actor in # v and I would say nothing because RA is too “Majestic” Ah Ah !! # viii made me laugh even if it’s exactly the truth. And finally with the “Wanted” I imagine him as a new Clint Eastwood in one of these typically Westerns of the 70ies that I was enjoying when I was young. Do you remember the one called in French “Le Bon La Brute et le Truand”. I don’t know the title in English ?? But he will be the good one of course or may be as he likes to play bad guys he will certainly prefer to be “Le Truand”. Once again you have brighten up my week-end. Thank you Guylty.


    • A Western is exactly what I think he should be doing *ggg*. Not that I am a particular fan. It’s only that that is a genre that would be quite different from what he has done before. And please – a baddie who gets redeemed 😀


  2. Another great collection! A lot of these made me giggle last week, and #8 had me in twitches… It’s so true! Oh, what I’d give to see #7 come true… Hopefully PJ will start missing Middle Earth in a couple of years. 😉 I love the full on smoulder, aka “that face” on the Wanted poster. All that practice in front of the mirror paid off! XD


    • LOL – yes, he’s smouldered so scorchingly hot, the edges of the poster got burnt… And yes, a TV series scheduled for the coming seven seasons all about Thorin, please 😀


  3. I think he’s a silver fox in hiding and I really can’t wait for him to STOP hiding it!!!! LOL! At times i”ve seen the sparkle of silver hiding in his temples just at the roots!!!!


      • See, I’m the opposite! I celebrate each strand I have – which I believe right now might total… I dunno…. I have 3 or 4 well place behind my left ear, underneath and I realize have QUITE a few silver or white at the root just above my right ear… Of course, I’m ancient and turning late. But I’m all for the hottness of Silver Fox Richard!!!!


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