RA Pocket Shrine 20/? – Guy Again

And another Tuesday goes by without me getting an *ooof* done yet, making my way to the gym or catching up fully with the shrines. I blame you, yes, you – readers and friends-in-RA, because I have received four (4!!!) packages in the last two days, have been showered in gifts, lovely messages and crafty materials for another 50 shrines. At least. Do I sound like a whiner? I don’t mean to, because I am simply in awe at the generosity that you are showing  me. I intend to come to proper recognition in due course, and for now, the recognition goes to Paula aka riepu10 whose RAPS I am presenting to you today.

Before that, however, let me show you what Paula made for *me*. This handmade gift has me squeeing and grinning in equal measure. She made me a companion piece for my fetish-Guy-frame that was my Valentine’s gift:


This is just gorgeous – look at the detail of that frame. When we made our deal “RAPS in return for Thorin frame”, I assumed that Paula was going to work with fur, but the armour plates surprised me and blew me away, all individually cut and glued to the velvet-upholstered frame. (If your career doesn’t work out, you could always apply to Richard Taylor at WETA workshops?)


Utterly brilliant, don’t you think? Go give Paula some love on her tumblr, where she also delights us with her edits, like the RA playing cards. Thank you, Paula. I love this and I know how much time you must have spent on making it. I will treasure it, I guarantee!

Now for the RAPS. Paula has a soft spot for the dark knight, too, and here is my interpretation of him for her. Paula’s Guy frame in the background, btw!

Shrines (24 of 52)

That’s a light-hearted start, but then it gets heavy.

Shrines (28 of 52)

Because this is a two-in-one shrine, with Guy’s sexy chest thoughtful profile in a heavy frame which…

Shrines (25 of 52)

… actually doubles as a detachable magnet. If Paula has uncompromisingly and unashamedly come out with her Guy-love, she can also attach the magnetic frame to her fridge. Or the front of the RAPS, for that matter.

Shrines (26 of 52)

Underneath the magnet, the RAPS reveals the magnificent profile of the dark knight. I always think of this as a scene in snow rather than grains (or whatever Forest Boy and Guy were drowned in). Below I could not resist but get some abs and pecs in. That lighting guy in RH sure had a crush on RA – dayum, the hills and valleys of that chest and stomach are almost painted with light and shadow… “Where do you want me to sleep then?” I’ll let Paula answer that question…

Shrines (32 of 52)

So that’s Guy, all dark and black and shades of blue. Kind of fitting for the man, isn’t it?

On other news: Twenty RAPS! Kind of a milestone. Four more are in the bag, and I am sending two off to their new owners today. Whichever arrives first shall be revealed here – hopefully soon. Have a lovely topless Tuesday!


51 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 20/? – Guy Again

  1. Be still my beating heart! Oh Guylty, you’ve really gone and done it this time… The magnet that’s so gorgeous in itself, and then that glorious profile underneath… *collapses in puddle*

    And the torso and the quotation just finish me off completely 😉

    Hope you’re not too bogged down in parcels because there’s going to be another one on its way shortly 😉


    • God, I am such a whining, ungrateful b*tch. Actually I am selfishly worried that I am getting far too used to this wonderful treatment. Not that I am expecting parcels to grace my doorstep every day, but the boost and the feeling of happiness and warmth I get from them are becoming addictive.
      BTW – I think I’ll go storage shopping this afternoon 😀 I badly need craft storage solutions for all the goodies that have arrived her over the last while…
      As for Guy – man, he just delivers every time. There is so much deliciousness to choose from, I have it really easy… You can thank the makers of RH, Helen 😀


      • It’s true, the makers of RH have a lot to answer for 😉 Ooo, storage shopping! Wish I could pop over to help 😀 Watch out, Muji!


        • Actually, in view of my bank account (…) I had to curtail my storage shopping. Instead I have decided to become creative. I came away with a whole load of wooden cigar boxes on my last trip to Munich, and I think they might make good storage. I only need to figure out how to compartmentalize them. And paint them white and label them. And then my workspace shelves need re-organising. The list is getting long.


  2. Lovely Guy! You know I’m watching the RH series for second time because I thought to give Guy another chance and I’m finding him very ..ahem.. how could I put it.. oh where did my thoughts go? 😀 Anyways I like poor Guy and I dislike RH and Marian even more than earlier.


    • *evil laugh* yessssssssss *fistpump* another innocent corrupted… Before we know it, Susanna, you will be ordering your very own Guy RAPS, too, and stipulate that it may only consist of sexy leather scenes 😉


  3. I love the shades of color in this one 😀 the large pic with the added glitter that matches the rivets of his uniform in the 3-D shot which is overlapping the sensual bedroom scene, all in similar tones, not to mention the multicolored strip below (my fav colors are blue and green 😉 ) beautifully done 😎


    • Yes, this one really had a blueish theme to it. I loved the black-blue night light on the knight. It worked best with the cool ambience of the silver frame. And well done for spotting the glitter spots – painstakingly applied, one by one, on the actual white grains of the picture 😀


  4. GREAT AS ALWAYS..Watched RH for the umpteenth time last night.Thank the creator of the region free DVD player..For you..baritage,chestitage,ooompitage and guyitage..lovitage..


    • LOL and *chuckles*. I translate: “Dededotti loves Guy’s bare chest *ooom*”
      RH season 3 has vanished from my Netflix *eeeeeeeeeeek*. HELP 😀


  5. Yes, I have a soft spot for the dark knight… *sighs*
    I don’t know how to thank you enough for this beautiful RAPS. Black and blue are my favorite colors, so it’s more than perfect 🙂 (Although Sir Guy looks good in every color). I can’t stop staring at it! Luckily I don’t have any important things to do 😀


  6. Guylty, you have outdone yourself again! I especially like the removable magnetic frame. You just keep coming up with creative new ideas over and over. Wow!

    I had to quickly check Netflix but I still have all three seasons. Whew! Must re-watch soon… I love the new RAPS! Guy is a favorite of mine as well 😉


  7. Paula, that frame is seriously majestic! I’m sure Thorin would grunt in approval and treat you to one of those special smiles.
    As for Sir Guy… Let’s just say I’m stirred. 😀 The magnet is a nice extra feature – it’s RAPS+.


  8. Just yesterday I was looking on a blog at these nice RA playing cards and this evening I see that this is the same person who made this (I have no words) so wonderful Thorin’s frame. Love this new Guy too. In his bedroom… would really like to know what he is dreaming… I think dark angel’s dreams…


    • Hehe, it all comes together. Isn’t it great to see all those connections? Far apart, but somehow one big network 🙂
      Ooooh, what does Guy dream about? Dark angel. Great keywords to write down in my notebook!


  9. The Thorin frame is *amazing*. Could the fur be more perfect? No it could not. And of course, another great shrine. The detachable magnet is brilliant. And I’ve always loved that photo of Guy in profile in the white stuff. (Lime, I always assumed, like they used to shovel down into mass grave pits to speed up decomposition and fight contagion. So it’s like Guy, Much, and Forest Boy were literally being put into their graves alive.)


    • Yes, lime! I had forgotten that. It wasn’t grains at all but meant as a grave, literally and figuratively.
      Glad you guys like the magnet idea – I have a few more, maybe they’ll be used again. 🙂


  10. Another masterpiece! Love the magnet idea. A portable shrine within a portable shrine. Is there no limit to you creativity? Rhetorical question. Of course not.


    • Hehe, we’ll see about that. At least I am now fully kitted out with all things decorative and sparkly to creatively enshrine those little scenes. 🙂


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