RA Pocket Shrine 21/? – Photoshoot RA

RL RA, enshrined in a RAPS – creepy? I have had my reservations about that, as you know, but once the resistance is overcome, there is no turning back. I had done a RLRA pocket shrine before, for Linda60, so there was no way I could decline the request to make another one for Alyssa. Her argument was water-tight. As a self-confessed believer in Lucas North Alyssa could not bear the thought of Lucas North confined in a box – after eight years in a Russian prison. She’d rather have a RL RA RAPS. But oh, did the conscience grumble… To give me an excuse that would soothe my conscience, dear Alyssa suggested

If it makes you feel any better to be making a RL RA shrine, think of Photoshoot Richard as just one more character he plays, more often than the others.
Bingo! How utterly, totally true! And of course Alyssa knew that photo-nut Guylty just could not resist that theme, anyway. That manifested itself even on the cover of the shrine. And even further, I decided to take RL RA into my very own photo studio, and boss him about photograph him there, with proper lighting and in front of a real backdrop.


This is what happened:


Guylty: So, welcome, RA, this is my studio. Now, if you would just take position there on that pedestal, I will be ready to shoot in a second.
RA assumes position on a wooden pedestal, arranging himself nicely, looking expectantly at Guylty and her camera. Guylty nervously fiddles around with the gear.
Guylty: Sorry, RA, I have to take a few test shots first. Don’t worry about posing just yet, I just need to get the lighting right.
more fiddling with knobs, connecting up the camera with the strobe, adjusting the direction of the octabank to illuminate RA
Guylty: Ok, we are ready to go. Now, if you just stay as you are now, and I’ll get a cover shot of you… flash


Guylty: Great, that’s brilliant, RA. Now, would you mind loosening up a little bit? You know, we have to show the appreciative public a bit more. If you open up, I think we can get a really nice portrait of you…
RA slowly opens up, shyly at first, but eventually is persuaded to allow a dead-pan shot of his upper half.
Guylty: That’s great, yes. Hold it, RA, hold it.




Guylty: Now, RA, I’d really like to get a close-up of you. Do you mind if I come a bit closer? … No? Ok, let’s see that pretty smile of yours. Just hold up like before. click  flash  click


Guylty: Yessss, that’s it. You are sooooooo photogenic, RA, really. Gosh, your face *really* lends itself to photographing. Any angle really. You know some people just come out great in any photograph. You are one of them.
Guylty continues babbling incessantly to cover her nervousness. Photoshoot RAPS indulgently listens and remains silent.
Guylty: Now let’s get to the important part. coughs and blushes The lower half. If you don’t mind, RA, I will have to look a bit closer at your… lower body Guylty almost whispers. RA continues to sit, unfazed. Total, consummate pro that he is.


Guylty: Oooh, I like those 3D bits on your ahem lower parts. Exactly what a photographer wants to see, camera and film…
Encouraged by Photoshoot RA’s easy compliance, Guylty decides to take things a step further. A daring plan, because noone has yet asked RA to…
Guylty: Sorry, RA, would you actually mind ahem taking some of your pieces off? I’d really like to show the viewers what’s underneath all the outside appearance.
She looks at RA beseechingly. He doesn’t move an inch.
Guylty: Look, I know it’s much to ask. But I promise you, it’ll all be done very tastefully.
Still silence.
Guylty: Would you be more comfortable if I brought someone else in to chaperone you? No? Oh, you would like some help? Ummm…
Guylty blushes profusely, but cannot resist. She wants those photos, she’ll do what she has to do. With trembling fingers she plucks the loose items off Photoshoot RA and leaves them scattered around.


Guylty: Ah yes, that’s great. Hold it, hold it, RA, you’re looking great. Love it.
After another minute the shoot is over. Guylty has got in the bag what she wanted . Photoshoot RA gets reassembled and leaves to go on his way to his next port of call. All that is left for Guylty are the photos of a shoot…


Yeah, right 😉 Or something like that.


In any case, the Photoshoot RA brought me into my studio with the RAPS for the first time. (So far, only location set-ups.) And it was great fun, of course. Nothing beats shooting with some proper gear. And really, it was the least I could do, because look at what Alyssa sent to me in exchange for a RAPS:


Alyssa (2)
I received a massive parcel, carefully packed, with lots of goodies.


Alyssa (4)
Glittery gems, ribbons, beads, scrapbook papers, glues, stars and  little bits and pieces that will find their way into the shrines, she even preempted that I needed some new sticky letters for the covers of the shrines. And best of all a lovely card (which I am keeping in my notebook cos it was so lovely) and a hand-drawn and personalised book mark, seen in the centre of the photo. Love it all, and have loads of ideas how to use these treasures in the future.


So, many thanks to Alyssa for this brilliant delivery of supplies – a great exchange for me!

 EDIT: And now I feel like a real doozy!!! I only just noticed that Alyssa wrote a massive big post about receiving her RL RA RAPS on tumblr. Duh – how did I not see that??? Anyhow, here’s the shrine seen from Alyssa’s POV. An Unexpected Parcel

PS: More shrine goodness to come soon, I hope, as a Lucas North RAPS is on its way to Germany, and a Guy is travelling to Switzerland at the minute. Also, I need to catch up with more delivery goodness that deserves proper attention. Fandom love still rules ❤

34 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 21/? – Photoshoot RA

  1. Oh this is sooooooooooo lovely….

    Especially the thought of Richard assuming the position… (hoping you’ll have something in your email in the next few hours…)


  2. Wow, I *really* love this one. I’m to the point where I say that every single time. Good you don’t have a stand at a craft fair, I would go away broke 🙂


    • Aw, thanks 🙂
      I suspect that the RLRA RAPS are the most popular shrines – after all they appeal to everyone, no matter who your favourite chaRActer is. And my resistance… well, there it goes 😀
      Having said that – I find the chaRActer ones easier, still…


      • My off the cuff reaction is that we don’t know enough definitive stuff about Armitage to make characterizing him in a shrine (as opposed to a chaRActer) all that easy. Your other shrines all have associative objects, but if you don’t know the definitive version of the Armitage story, what objects do you add to fill in the spaces? I thought the camera piece on Alyssa’s was really smart. But you’d possibly have to go over to RLRA themes (Airport Richie, Belstaff Armitage, etc.) to get that same level of precise materiality that’s relatively easy to achieve with a chaRActer.


    • I’m the same – running out of superlatives 🙂

      So are the loose bits magnetic too, Guylty? If so it’s another very clever idea 😀 And it has some of my fave Hassler shots in there too. Sigh. And you thought I didn’t need to build up credit… 😉


      • Yes, the detachable MF images are all magnets – so they stick to the shrine, but can be moved around if Alyssa wants to see a particular image. That, however, meant that couldn’t really put many 3D elements into the shrine…
        Alyssa actually sent me a list of favourite images, so I chose from that. (They overlap with my favourites :-D)
        I think you have enough credit… Just tell me what your heart desires. 😀


  3. I too am out of superlatives for your RAPS. The original ideas you come up with and the minute details are extraordinary. I’m also enjoying the photography. It lets us all share in your talent. Well done:D

    I think Alyssa was surely deserving of her RLRAPS. what a lovely package to receive.


    • Many thanks, Tree 🙂 It is a challenge but a pleasure to be making the shrines. The ideas are still coming, which surprises me as much as you 🙂 As long as people want to see (or have) them, I’ll be making them.
      And yes, Alyssa is a worthy recipient!


  4. Giggling over your photoshoot. That’s too perfect (and naughty 😉 ). I couldn’t be happier with my Photoshoot Richard shrine, and I just about died when I realized it was a collage of movable magnets. You really have outdone yourself again, Guylty. It was my pleasure working with you. 😀


    • (((x))) Likewise. And I am so sorry that I was such a doozy and did not notice your lovely tumblr post until now. (Went to bed early last night… not after bullying you. Unforgiveable!)
      So so glad you like it. Thanks for the inspiration – it was major fun making and staging this RAPS. I am almost sad it is over 😉


  5. I’m still marveling over the assertion of “Photoshoot Richard” as a “character.” That is brilliant!!!


  6. Another masterpiece. You and Alyssa make a good creative team. Of course my imagination put the RLRA on the stool while you shot and chatted charmingly. Very talkative he was, fascinated by with your brilliant and witty repartee. He complimented you on your magnetic personality as well.


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