Pop Goes My Heart…

… and not my ovaries [official theme tune here]

I have decided to officially declare this week “Fandom Love Week”! I intend to blast off lots of love, smother you in shrines and put a spotlight on the people in this fandom who make this whole fangirling-over-RA thing so special. So if you don’t wanna see any of that – stay away.

Photo: Seahorse Studio

Yesterday I kicked off with Helen – and completely forgot to ask you to give her some love. She may only be a commentator in RAworld, but she maintains a Facebook page for her business, Seahorse Studio. You really ought to take a look – you might find this little fella on the right who will probably make an appearance at some point in a shrine *ggg*

Today, however, I got two more packages. Let’s start with the one that had to travel longer. Remember, she of the no-need-for-a-RAPS attitude? Ha! Well, dear Mimi had packed a parcel for me again, and what I forgot to do yesterday when I opened Helen’s package, I did today. I recorded my reaction. Jeepers Creepers, this is getting self-centred beyond belief. Just because I knew I was gonna make some funny noises and I wanted to hear them for myself. So, this is what it sounds like when Guylty’s ❀ goes *pop!*

Pop Goes Guylty’s Heart from Guylty Pleasure on Vimeo.

There’s the charming accent again, and some rustling and mumbling. But much more importantly, there is Pop! Thorin.

Thorin (9)

I am not lying when I say I have been intermittently hugging and smooching the little fella all day long. He’s totally, totally won my heart with his big black eyes, his cutesy braids and his determined little fist. Lalalalalove him. And can’t thank Mimi enough for this gift – I had coveted him so much, yet never made any move to order him. How could I *order* his majestic majesty around, anyway?

I must find a way to shrinelessly thank Mimi. Maybe by linking again to her brilliant initiative, The Secret Origins of Good Readers, the pro-literacy project she is involved in and that will return to the Cons of Cons, ComicCon, in July this year. (Here’s a link to the SOGR-panel on April’s WonderCon) If any readers are based near San Diego or are planning to attend ComicCon, this looks like an interesting session, particularly if you are an educator and/or a parent interesting in spreading the love of reading.

Ok, for a little bit of interactive fun after all my egocentric gushing – there are three RAPS ready to be revealed on this blog. Which next?

Off to kiss Pop! Thorin now :-x. Ta-da!



31 thoughts on “Pop Goes My Heart…

  1. Ha! Love the sound track! You sound completely Irish when you say “love it” πŸ˜‰ And thanks for the mention πŸ™‚

    Those hearts are MUCH nicer than the ones I sent πŸ™‚


  2. Pop Thorin. A very very nice gift. And no husband can be jealous of him. So cute and a toy finally but not a too much “sexy” one. LOL.


    • Hubster has not spotted him yet, I think, even though I brought him into the kitchen with me when I was cooking. I expect snark later this evening, because Thorin is now in exposed position beside my laptop… But yeah, no sexy. He really fits the whole scheme of childlike characteristics so well – like a baby he is irresistible and he elicits this urge to touch and cuddle him.


  3. Love the “what big eyes you have” Thorin and love Mimi for sending him to you. Love and hearts everywhere. My goodness it’s making me sappy and touchy feely all over. A great way to celebrate Tuesday and you are sounding much like a leprechaun today. Did you have Lucky Charms for breakfast? “They’re magically delicious.” πŸ™‚


    • Ya, I know, I am a big soppy mess myself here. Lots of really good “feels” πŸ™‚
      No lucky charms for breakfast though, but customary porridge.


    • Hi Kathy! I have not forgotten about you. Looking forward to meeting you in July and thanking you in person for agreeing to help me with Secret Origin of Good Readers stuff. Glad Guylty has brought us together and I sincerely hope you are not overwhelmed with the insanity that is ComicCon San Diego in July.


    • They are so cool! Have already stuck them on a couple of shrine deliveries that went out yesterday. It felt like an official package – RArmy, shrine division, or something like that.


      • Oh, I think you are “Officially The Armitage Army Shrine Division” without a doubt. Maybe (in my abundant free time) I should see if that could be made to fit on one of the slightly larger sticker sizes above AACoA image?


        • LOL – AASD.
          And many many apologies Mimi – I am still composing my overdue e-mail to you. Not making it any easier for myself by asking for submissions on my blog. Forgive me ❀


          • No worries, you do not need my (late-all-the-time-ass) forgiveness either. I keep coming over here on my iPad because work is such a b&%Β£# today. No chance I’m able to check email right now until I finish what I have to finish. (grumble)


  4. Oh Guylty! I am so thrilled you got PoP Thorin…finally! What a wonderful soundtrack treat! So much fun to listen to you and had a giggle over listening to you figure out how to get into the package. I have to send “love and thanks” to CircusGifs on Tumblr for sending me the 300dpi Armitage Army Coat of Arms file which I used to make the silver and white stickers. Thought you might find a use for them. I may have to take a few with me to ComicCon to stick on my CCI badges. And as more and more of my sisters and girlfriends become RA appreciative, they may want a little sticker too. So thank you CircusGifs for designing the Armitage Army Coat of Arms and letting me make stickers. Work has been (as usual) rewarding, but demanding and it wasn’t until yesterday, I even got to talk and work on Secret Origin of Good Readers for CCI in at least three days or more. Have lots of details to work out, so it isn’t too far from my thoughts most days. Along with other obsessions, but we all wouldn’t be here if we didn’t share a common interest to contemplate daily. Right? I worked through the night (bad habit of mine) again Monday, got home about 7:30 this morning and now back at work. Selfishly, I wanted to check your blog because I will get lost in work again and wanted to see what was going on with mutual RAlove-lifers. Boy am I glad I was thinking of myself and bothered to check in here today. I have a big fat grin on my face and it is hard to not walk around clapping my hands in happiness, giggling and listen to your video again. Thank you for recording your reaction. πŸ˜€ BTWβ€”I hope your husband does not say what my husband says about me and my PoP Thorin after he (your hubs) sees the little fella around the house. (Sorry, shouldn’t mention rude humor in public.) You are the best fun girl!


    • I had lots of fun unwrapping this parcel – and just admit – I *do* talk to myself when I receive these deliveries. πŸ˜€ Definitely a crack-pot by now. Thank you *smooch again* – big e-mail in the making…
      Oh, and on Day 2 of having Pop Thorin in my life, I must say that I am still grinning and can’t keep my hands off him. Best thing: He was standing on the table beside my laptop in the sunshine this morning. When I took him up to cuddle him, he was warm like a living thing. Babyyyyyyyyy πŸ˜€ (Really, I *am* cracking up! Call the asylum for me!)


      • I too am, “Guylty” (pun intended) of talking to myself. Find hairballs (aka my two Pekingese) make good listeners so to anyone happening upon my voiced thoughts, it looks as if I am speaking to them. In lieu of Pekes, maybe PoP Thorin could be your listener? I know he does not have to be taken outside as often, will come back in when you want him to and won’t sleep on your face causing you to startle awake to find a hairy body preventing you from breathing. (I read once that Pekingese are the dwarves of the canines, maybe that is why I’m so partial to them?) Another upside you might notice, even though PoP Thorin is a hairy dwarf, he doesn’t shed or emit (unlike my Pekes) the dreaded “dwarf-stench” we’ve heard about from interviews. He really is such a joy-toy in so many ways. As if you needed more reasons to love PoP Thorin. πŸ˜€ Seriously, thrilled to hear and read your delight over the little treasure known as PoP Thorin. heh


  5. What an awesome gift! I have to admit I’ve had POP Thorin in my “save for later” cart at Amazon for quite a while now. I think he is adorable! He’s not that expensive ($9.25 US and free shipping with Amazon Prime) but I’m not sure how I could explain him to my son. Purchasing Thorin is very different from winning the Thorin RAPS. The RAPS is on a shelf right above my desk next to a Guylty original framed photo of RA. Do you think I should splurge and buy POP Thorin?


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