RA Pocket Shrine 23/? – Lucas North

The public has spoken. Thank you to all who clicked on my little poll yesterday. It was a very close race.

Poll result

Before I present you a glimpse of bare-chested Lucas North, let me take time to spread some love for Katia. Katia has been showering me with gifts several times. Really, it must stop, I am getting much too used to it. Yesterday I received a very personal package from her. Because she took me on a walk through the beautiful place she lives in. She printed lots of photos and placed them in a gorgeous tin. I had such fun going through it, and it really did feel like a sightseeing tour.


Best of all, she showed me where Pirate Rock Gizzy now lives.

Katia (5)

I love seeing where the shrines end up. – Thanks again, Katia. Thank you for the time you spent making this personal guided tour for me. What a lovely walk through Monaco with you. If I ever make it down there, I’ll take you up on the offer of a guided tour and chat about our favourite topic ๐Ÿ˜‰

And now on to the RAPS of the Day. Mr North, all angular and sharp, not fragile and damaged, but strong and caring – as befits a RAPS. The usual understatement on the outside…


… gives way to some imagery that allows for steamy thoughts.


I hope you approve of the context I chose for my shoot. Can’t let the water scenario get too serious, knowing what we do about Lucas’s relationship with the wet element. Mind you, he was not fazed at all when he got into the pool and threw his jean-clad thighs around.


Depending on the RAPS owner’s mood, Lucas is ready to kiss or hug ๐Ÿ˜€


There. The duckies are completely transfixed by their playmate. Who can resist a wet man?

I have a problem with this shrine. I was practicing when I made it, because I needed to find my North mojo that had been eluding me for so long. So I had no shrine client in mind when I designed it.

Here’s theย  deal: In the spirit of my “Fandom Love Week”, I want to give the shrine away. Who to? I do not want to make that choice myself. I would rather ask *you* to tell me.

  • Who, of all the people you know in the fandom, do you think should have this? Any platform, no matter whether *I* know them or not, whether they are bloggers or commentators – any RA fan is eligible.
  • Who is a massive Lucas North fan or RA well-wisher and would want this?
  • Or who delights you so much with their contribution to the community that they should get a pressie?
  • Or who needs to be cheered up while going through a rough patch?

A public poll may be a bit too indiscreet, and it would take away the surprise element of this venture, so how about you send me an e-mail with your nomination to guylty (at) photographer (dot) net. Ideally, a candidate is nominated several times and the winner determined easily. If not and we have a draw, the most convincing argument wins. (I might come back to you for an anonymous poll in that case.) You may have to help me finding out the postal address of the chosen winner, but I will ship this anywhere in the world.

I hope to receive lots of e-mails on this, the inaugural initiative of the “RAPS Fandom Foundation”. More on the RAPS FF at another point. Ideas, suggestions, comments welcome!





30 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 23/? – Lucas North

  1. Love the rubber duckies waiting for Lucas to come out and play. What a great way to spread the love. Nomination on the way.


  2. Even funnier than the umbrella — Lucas in the bath! (Although it’s true, that glitter-lined thigh is a hazard.) This one is just so adorable and lighthearted, a gift you have clearly gone out of your way to give to poor Lucas.


  3. Oh my, what a great Lucas North shrine! Love the image you used where he says, “Are you ok baby?” You taunt and tease us all with your art, but I am not complaining. ๐Ÿ˜€


  4. I have looked at your RAPS once and twice and only the third time I noticed his “sparkling” thigh ! OMG. Apart from this I think I would put a cross on Yes and No. even better the two at the same time.
    I don’t know a lot of persons because I am a new well-wisher but I will think about a vote and send a name to you very soon. Very lovely idea. Concerning what I have sent you it’s strange to see on your blog what I have at home. I am still mesmerized by the power of the tecnology. Thank you very much Guylty.


    • Maybe I should have included a third option – “I’m fine but I’ll be better whatever you do” ๐Ÿ˜€
      Looking forward to your nomination.
      And all thanks back to you โค


  5. I feel like I keep repeating myself but you’ve outdone yourself again! That thigh, oh my… Love the “water” and the glitter and all of the glorious pictures of Lucas. Thanks for continuing to brighten my day ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve sent you my nomination.


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  7. Oh LOL! Yes, cute rubber duckie is everything what poor Lucas needs. Drool worthy shrine ๐Ÿ™‚
    PS: So many people deserves your shrines, Guylty…. you will be very busy (*evil laugh*)


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