RA Pocket Shrine 25/? – Sir Guy

The universe is obviously behind the Pocket Shrines. All indications point to that. For the 25th shrine milestone all stars have aligned. Well, at least from my perspective and without my conscious input. It just so happens that my favourite chaRActer, Guy, happens to fall not only on the milestone of “25 shrines reached”, but this also happens to be on Guy Day! Moreover, just as I was getting ready to compose the post, the mail arrived with a parcel from Switzerland – from the shrine’s new owner, April73 – so I can include my thanks in this post. Edit: Just seeing after publishing that this is my 100th post on guylty.wordpress.com. Another milestone! Coincidence? Yeah, right…

Enshrining Guy is always easy. A sign that I may have looked at the available Guy images a bit too often. This particular design had been on my list for a while. There is something about the main image in the shrine that has always fascinated me even though I have taken the piss out of one of the versions of the photo in an early *spooof* last year. But let’s start at the beginning…


I’ve kept things simple on the outside because the eyecandy comes in the inside.


There he is, the dark knight, dangling seductively in the orchard. Don’t you feel like plucking him from the tree like a ripe apple? That little peek of his waist is positively sinful!!! No wonder that butterflies are attracted to him…


Couldn’t resist putting a little flower in his hair… Lighten up, Guy, you are much loved!


The words can be removed, of course. They are magnets. Or reassembled. “Must drool”?

The black knight, with his sword, on black background. Yeah, I think that sums him up.


Providence was with me when I made this shrine. Because I immediately found just the right kind of twig for the “tree” in my garden. And you think the universe is uninvolved? Yeah, right…

This Guy now lives with fellow blogger April73. She blogs in French on her April’s Violet blog here on WP. Even though my French is pretty non-existent, I am subscribed to her. A picture says more than a thousand words, you know ;-). Go check her out!

A RAPS request from the land of Chocolate – irresistible. And now see what I got in return for this Guy RAPS:

April 1

The notorious “peanut puffs” on the left and Little Guy on the right *squeeeee*. I hit the jackpot, I think. BTW, next to Guy, what looks suspiciously like the “bobbin”, is actually John Porter *yay*, king of the chocolate mountain, incidentally. Lots of Lindt goodness, and some very distracting bookmarks… Thank you, April – I had no idea that Little Guy and John were still around, and I love adding them to my Original Shrine.

A couple of housekeeping notes: Thank you for indulging my requests yesterday. I received a good few nominations for the Fandom Love RAPS and will write a separate post on that, soon. Thanks for sending in your nominations and crediting your favourite bloggers and fans. I think we have a winner there. Also, many thanks for the feedback re. small mint tin lids. You’ve been a great help in that regard, and the results of that will soon be presented.

Happy weekend, everybody ❤


32 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 25/? – Sir Guy

  1. Isn’t he loooooooooooovely… isn’t he One. Der. Full!!!

    Lovely, as ever and you have… I don’t know what to call it in your email.

    Isn’t he preeeeeeeeeeeesciiiiiiiiiiiouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus….

    I’ll stop now.


  2. First of all, congratulations for your 100th post ! 🙂

    And thanks again for this Sir Guy of Gorgeous shrine. ❤

    I'm happy you posted the pic, because 1-2 magnet have fallen down the shrine. So I can put them again at the right place. 😉


  3. Ahhhh so beautiful! I always thought guy was attractive, but because i could never really focus on the plot/story line i always ended up just “looking” at the man as eye candy. As a result I never truly got to know him. Recently, though, I’ve been rewatching some of guy’s clips and oooooooooh that man is LETHAL. No wonder so many love him, hehehe. Another wonderful shrine! Thanks for sharing!


    • Absolutely lethal, I agree. Completely fell for Guy, despite the failings of the show in general. But there is a character that has hidden depths, and therefore is much more interesting than the hero, Robin. Thanks, Youmet 🙂


  4. *Cough* 😉 Another lovely RAPS… Really hard to beat Guy when it comes to shrines, isn’t it. I live the lid on this too – somehow just Sir is perfect. 🙂 and the flower in the hair is just precious 🙂

    Yes, you got a good deal for this one. Little Guy is gorgeous but that CAN’T be meant to be Porter! Surely its forest boy! 😦


    • Yeah, it *is* forest boy, I was wrong about that 😀 But I have chosen to interpret him as Portah.
      Glad you like the flower in his hair. Very very cheeky of me. But after all, this is a shrine that is supposed to spread some cheer…


  5. The peek at skin beneath his shirt, and the flower in his hair. I think the candles in that shrine don’t need matches to combust, Just too much hotness going on in there.The twig is an inspired touch. Guy hanging out in the forest, waiting to melt April’s heart when she visits him there.


  6. This picture of RA in the forest made me remember of the fable : “Little Red Riding Hood”. In French : “Le Petit Chaperon Rouge”. When she walks through the forest to bring some food to her mumy she meets the bad wolf with very big eyes and very big hands (big hands I say it again) LOL. I would certainly forget mumy to follow him into the forest. Sorry I can be a very bad girl too when I think of our lovely man. Another RAPS which will certainly enjoy the life of one of your followers. And all my congratulations for your # 100 POST. Wish you a million more.


    • The big bad wolf is right. No coincidence that the wolf is his emblem. 🙂
      And thanks for your good wishes, Katia. You might get a bit tired of me if I continue posting this much, but I promise it is only a phase 🙂


  7. 100 posts, quite a milestone. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and photos with us 100 times. It is not nearly enough.


    • Somehow it feels like much more… probably because of all the *ooof*s over on me+r. I think I may have a few more on offer. That sounds like a threat *evillaugh*


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  9. musste doch jetzt glatt mal dem Link folgen und mir den überlebensgroßen Guy im Kleinformat ansehen!

    ja, Sir Guy hat schon was! 🙂


    • Ich mein, dieses Motiv ist ja auch wirklich ein extra-fieser Angriff auf das weibliche Reproduktionsorgan. Der Schmachtblick aus den schwarzumrandeten Augen. Im Apfelbaum hängend. Schwarzes Leder. Eng. Und dann auch noch dieses Stückchen Haut, was da rausguckt. Unglaublich. Zählt als Massenvernichtungswaffe. Gehört verboten.


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