RA Pocket Shrine 26/? – Tickled Pink RLRA

Whatever happened to my project goal – one shrine per chaRActer? Once I broke my own rule and made a first RLRA for Linda60, the resistance was broken – as proven by the Photoshoot RA for Alyssa. Now there’s no going back. And there is no excuse for the one I designed dreamt up for Richardiana. It helped a great deal, that her parcel bribed me with my much coveted peanut puffs, and lots of local goodies from her home country, a place that I had been to on holidays many, many years ago…

Many, many thanks for that, Richardiana!


And now, that I have actually received so many parcels from all over the world – North America, Australia, Europe – the shrines have actually become a whole fandom experience. Because in them are bits and pieces from other fans, that they have gifted me to put into the shrine. So if you are a recipient of a shrine, you do not only get RA’s likeness in them, or my creativity, but also little souvenirs of your fellow-fans. How cool is that?

Maybe those of you who have sent me crafty stuff or tins or stickers will recognise your items in the shrines? I think that is really neat, don’t you? They are shrines to the fandom as much as to the subject who is enshrined in them. So maybe one or two of you will spot an item of yours in the first image I am going to show you of Richardiana’s RLRA RAPS:


The romantic scene has been set – pink ribbons and roses… Inspiration works in mysterious ways. What often does it for me is seeing the things that I have in my stash and finding a way to incorporate them in my shrines. Kathy, who has been a most generous supporter of RAPS Inc. had sent me a ton of tiny satin roses.   I blame her for this:


I recently read some harsh words about that particular photo of RA. I think the name “Burt Reynolds” was mentioned. Ouch. But then again, this particular image for some reason does things to me. Namely – it makes me smile with irony, because if this incarnation of RA doesn’t lend itself for a bed of roses, then what does? Remember, the tongue is always firmly in cheek with these shrines… That is why you also may listen to this song as the appropriate soundtrack…


The words can be removed (they are magnets), but Richardiana is stuck with my image of RA and an Ascroft and a Dunn. Could be worse, I guess.


As a little glimpse into my way of working, I can give you a peek into my notebook. This is how the shrine design started out:

Sketch 1

Definitely not a painter *ggg* But the gist of it is there, so that I don’t forget my plans.

Hope you have enjoyed this frilly, lacy shrine. As I said to Richardiana bts – “The whole heart and sparkly flower overdose is usually not my playing ground at all. I am Miss Minimalism, usually. I don’t like frills and the like, but I put them into the shrines as a way of overemphasizing the adoration, thereby distancing myself from it. They are meant to be fun, and anyone who thinks that I or the owners of  the shrine pray to them, need their head examined. They are a toy, possibly a talisman that spreads a bit of light-hearted fun and positivity, but there is no danger here that I am trying to express a cult or something…”

Happy Sunday and lots of love ❤


35 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 26/? – Tickled Pink RLRA

  1. Hehe! This may be your most tongue in cheek RAPS so far, and that’s why I love it so much! Believe me, you chose well. And it’s beautiful – I like the contrast between the pink romantic top and b/w bottom, and your Belin pic adds a special touch. You forgot to mention all the other goodies you sent with the shrine that made me feel like it’s an RA Christmas! Thank you. 🙂

    /That sketch is great!! I’d like the nsfw version of the shrine too, please! XD/


    • Yes, very tongue in cheek *blushes*. (I knew exactly why I didn’t want to get into RLRA :-/) I am so glad you like it, because it is kinda girly, pinky pink etc… But I had a devious, cheeky smile on me when I made it, could hardly contain my laughter because it is – of course – so OTT.
      (The nsfw version only exist in fangirl dreams *coughs*)


      • RLme is non-girly-pinky and non-shriney, which made the shrine perfect for the very reasons that caused you to smile. You should have heard me laugh when I opened it!


        • Hooray for stepping outside of our comfort zones 😀 I love making people laugh – I think the sun came through the clouds here when you laughed!


      • It’s the belt on the car that runs everything – power steering, altenator, fan, temperature gauge among other things.

        And to make things worse…. eh. Check your mail.

        (Yes, we will forgive her and love her back into RAsubmission)


  2. Love the rosebuds everywhere, the bed and even in the wallpaper.”Oh, that I could be the rose upon which his lovely bum would rest.” Quote comes from the soon- to- be- released extended version of Hamlet audiobook. Told from the point of view of a Hamlet fangirl.


  3. I really like the top half, aside from the way it makes me smile, I like the whole composition of it: the 3D of lounging Richard, the pretty pink background (and don’t think I overlooked the few roses that you placed bling in, very nice touch 😉 ) and then the soft bed of roses itself. the disco ball really added to the whole picture this time too 😀


  4. Today I felt terribly alone and in a bad mood but… as soon as I opened my computer… RA with roses and candles : who can resist to this ?? And I love this idea to have souvenirs of the fellow-fans into the Shrines. Another way to “Spread the RAPS” as “Spread the Love”. But please make me a favour. Next time put a picture of Burt Reynolds instead of RA. (And replace the roses with cactus ! More “macho man”).LOL.


    • LOL – Burt Reynolds on cacti – brilliant idea, Katia!!!
      I really love the fact that there are pieces of the fandom in each of these shrines now.
      Hope your evening is better than your day ❤


  5. Love the bed of roses… And pretty much everything else apart from the suit. What was going on there, then? Now I’m a complete sucker for a man in a good suit. But you just DON’T pose like that in pinstripe 😉

    Talking of a nsfw version, there’s a photo I came across ages ago that I’m sure has to be photoshopped, but it’s awfully nice just the same. I’ll email it to you, Guylty, in case a) you know the provenance and b) it sets the creative juices flowing, so to speak. Ahem. And before anyone gets too excited, no, no naughty bits on show. 😉


    • LOL – pinstripes and reclined pose? No-no. It’s interesting how suggestive that picture comes across despite the subject a) being fully dressed, b) not putting on a saucy look, c) covering up crucial parts with hands, and d) no environmental indications that this is meant in any saucy way… Must be us…
      *That* photo indeed gets me to think creatively. Where’s that notebook?


      • But no Englishman lolls in a pinstripe suit unless he’s got saucy things on his mind or is ordered to by a photographer 😉

        If *that* photo has got you reaching for your notebook I hope the result might come my way (she said very cheekily) 😉 (possibly with some Hassler thrown in for good measure…)


        • I am a photographer, and I would love to have a lolling Englishman with saucy things on his mind in front of my camera. Just sayin’. I am pretty good at bossing around 😀
          Hehehe, nothing is impossible. 😉


      • It is interesting, maybe it’s because he is very close to laying down and our imaginations don’t have far to go to put him in bed!

        You’ve outdone yourself again! I am not prone to girly, pinky pink things IRL but somehow you make it all work and appeal to me. I love the sketch and the photography layout too! I am tickled pink by your new creation 😀


        • Maybe that’s it – horizontal pose = naughty thoughts.
          Thanks, Tree – I am surprised about my new sparkly, girly, pinky phase 🙂 Quite a difference to my usual creative output (in photography).


    • “Highly questionable” 😀 true. I think there was nothing else to do but to completely overemphasise the cheesiness of the pose. It’s just too naff. But given a similarly naff context, it becomes really funny. I am just lucky that Richardiana has a similarly silly humour to mine 😉


  6. Had a busy, but rewarding weekend and I see I am not the only one! What a pretty shrine! I like the thought that it is made with various contributions of like minded fans. I also think of these fun little tiny talismans as you creating with found art. I was first introduced to the concept by artist, David Mack who will use things friends and fans send him to create his art. However, your art is a bit more 3D in scope, so I wonder if it might fit within the soft-sculpture arena as well for anyone familiar with soft-sculpture artist Jann Haworth. Or maybe it is a whole new artistic arena all it’s own, regardless Guylty, they are beautiful, fun and your photos always put a smile on my face. Time to really go to bed or I will be good for nothing tomorrow. 😀


    • Oh, I wouldn’t dare to call this art or put myself beside established artists like Haworth or Mack. “Fan art” is just fine with me – or possibly folk art. I’m playing around (although I have to admit that I am toying with the idea of doing a “serious”, politically motivated project based on this concept). Thanks for all your encouragement, Mimi! ❤


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