Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #22

Guess who forgot to finalise the Weekly Armitage Round-up last night? Yeah. So whoever was reading this post this morning only got the bare skeleton with a link list and one introductory line. Well, that’s more than I usually keep in the draft. Most of the time, the placeholder of choice is the evocative “asjkdhaklkjsa” 😀 So, sorry that my summarizing duty fell by the wayside last night. The Emergency *ooof* for the Old Vic image had priority, and when I finally pushed that out at 2 am I was knackered.

round-up header 22

This week started with a strong emphasis on Thorin. Funny – it seems to go in waves.

  1. Modern Thorin, as interpreted by 2dandan
  2. LOL – splashy times with the Durins. By closetshipping
  3. Jesus. He really *is* Mr Hot Dwarf, isn’t he? Gifs by Thorinds
  4. Oh I looooove this: Middle Earth in the news. By lionheart
  5. Not quite as cute as my Pop!Thorin, but nearly there, this fan art by feyrarts
  6. Eerily good manip of Guy by Oksa
  7. NSFW and not for everyone, but triple-R-porn has some rather hot and steamy Harry for us. Don’t click if you don’t like X-rated stuff!!!
  8. If the 4th wall was breached on tumblr… Jollytr imagines the scenario
  9. Well-wishing, tumblr-style. Jollytr hits the nail on the head
  10. Beautiful fan art. Mrpuddingston concentrates on the essential details
  11. Zeesmuse’s “Loving Gin” goes to chapter 8 on RAsexualfrustration. I can only say – perfect. I was so surprised by this, and it delights me no end!!!
  12. Love the graphic that applefia2036 posted for Day 21 of the Richard Armitage Challenge

There probably was more – but… see above!


26 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #22

  1. I actually missed a lot of these, so thanks for linking them! Some very interesting art and two great stories, each in its own way. Lucas’ expression in #8… Yep, I can imagine it. *sweats nervously*


  2. I hadn’t seen any of these this week, so thanks for plugging the gaps for me. I’m always partial to ‘modern Thorin’ artwork!


    • 😀 I woke up at 9 am this morning and thought “bugger – the round-up. The readers are only going to get the bare list.” But then again, that is what is important.
      As for the *ooof* – always a pleasure. Hope it was alright that I continued posting on me+r. 😀 I had moved the emergency ones to my blog, but thought that you might be on the road now… so it would keep things running on me+r 🙂 Hope you are driving safe! x


      • hampered by the inability to fit all my stuff in my car at the last moment, grrrr. However, UPS saved the day, so I should be underway tomorrow. I really, really appreciated seeing the *ooof* both on its own terms and insofar as I was thinking I’d go another day without posting as I was so tired.


  3. If you had needed to be forgiven, then you were because of that great emergency Ooof – but I still think you hit enough specials here. I missed a lot of it this week listening to Hamlet over and over and over..


  4. I have just finished to read your special “oooof” for the new photo of RA for The Crucible. Waoh ! Thank you for all your explanations. (Shame on me I am not a big connaisseur of the paintings including Rembrandt). The first time I saw this picture I saw only the eyes which seem to want to kill me through my computer. Frankly if I have the chance to go to the Old Vic and that he has this “face” when I ask him an autograph I think I will run out of the theater in 2 minutes. LOL.


    • It’s strange to think that the look in that image is so *ooof* – but it is. I think it is because it contains raw emotion. There is definite feeling in it (even if acted), and that is something that the well-wishing viewers like to see.
      With that face on, I would not even go *near* the man 😀


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