RA Pocket Shrine 28/? – Model Lucas

How utterly fitting that today’s shrine of model spy Lucas North was at the centre of a recent conspiracy. A secret triumvirate of conspirators got together to facilitate the delivery of an unspecified  brown envelope with the intention of spreading… some love :-D. Here’s what happened:

When I conducted my little survey a couple of weeks ago to identify some recipients of a RAPS, the name of RArmy fashion expert Micra/Microlina popped up. Not long after posting the praise for the nominees, regular commentator Richardiana (herself a shrine owner) got in touch with me behind the scenes, wondering would I accept a commission for a shrine, intended as a surprise for Micra’s upcoming birthday. I was more than happy to oblige and not just because of the promise of another shipment of peanut puffs.

I was about to put on my creative hat, when another e-mail reached me. KatharineD, regular guest-blogger on ArmitageAgonistes, whom I owe a shrine or three, asked could I use one of the tins she had sent me to create a shrine for Micra. Why, of course, but I was already on one, commissioned by someone else. Without my intervening, Katharine sussed it out who the other benefactor might be, got in touch with Richardiana and arranged with her, that the two of them together would commission the shrine for Micra. Bingo!

So, backed by my two co-conspirators, I assembled a shrine for Micra and sent it off to her, with the best wishes from Katharine and Richardiana for her birthday. The post was gracious with us – the shrine arrived yesterday, and so I present: Model Lucas.


The gorgeous Cherry Cough Pastilles box is one of a number of tins that Katharine has unearthed from a stash of assorted receptacles that her mother has been keeping. It made its way from Britain to Australia, then back to Europe for a stopover in Ireland to finally come to reside in Italy. How is that for a well-travelled cough pastilles tin? By the way, in the background of the picture above you can see two travel companions for the Cherry Cough Pastilles – the Gold Block tin and the Country Life cigarette box. The two green tins on the left came from England, by the way, courtesy of my generous bead-genius friend, Helen. I am a huge fan of beautiful old (and new) tins, and this looks as if a collection has been started…

But on to Micra’s Lucas RAPS. In order to personalise the RAPS for her, I drew on Micra’s fashion affinity. I knew that Micra loved anything Belstaff, and with Lucas’ model-worthy catwalk strut, the design was clear. Here is the autumn collection of Micra Moda.


I’m too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt, so sexy it huuuurts… IKR! Poser!


Season 7 Lucas is… sharp-edged and sad, but oh, all the more loveable, I suppose.


I didn’t want to damage the vintage tin by punching holes for the candle holders into the lid, so I opted for a slightly different candle arrangement this time. It still works, I think.

With this shrine one of my project goals has been ticked off. It has worked as a facilitator of fandom bonds. And not just between me and a shrine recipient, but in a slightly bigger network of fans. I love how two fans, Richardiana and KatharineD, got together to concoct a surprise for their mutual friend, Micra. I love how there is a tangible gift from KatharineD in the shrine. I love how the tin has travelled the world, quite literally, before it has found a new (and final?) home. I love how an old item has been given a new purpose. This has ticked off more than one of my boxes, and it has been so enjoyable, that I am more than happy to concoct a scheme like this again. Thanks to Richardiana and KatharineD for a happy and easy collaboration. And lots of love to Micra with many thanks for her insightful, enlightening and interesting posts about Richard’s fashion fumbles foibles such as her recently concluded series on RA in Leather. Check here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. Irresistable – go on, check out your favourite, leather-favouring actor. You won’t be disappointed!

Have a lovely Sunday – and if you want to hear the story from the other side, check Micra’s post here.


37 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 28/? – Model Lucas

  1. What a lovely story! And what a great shrine 😀 Hard to beat sharp-edged Lucas 😉

    The new candle arrangement works beautifully!


  2. Where do I start? Thank you so much, guylty, for enabling this little surprise and agreeing to do it on such a tight schedule. Thanks, Katharine, for suggesting we do it together and contributing a very special tin that gave an extra personal touch to the gift. I admit I didn’t even spot the conspiracy angle, I felt more like an excited schoolgirl throwing a surprise party for a friend than a clandestine spy… Oh well, it’s the end result that counts – and it was so rewarding! We made a friend feel loved and special and I’m happy. 🙂
    As for the shrine – you found two perfect angles on Lucas, gorgeous Belstaff-clad man and tortured yet resilient soul… Lucas feels abound! I’m sure Micra will often sneak a peek at her favourite spy (speaking from experience)…


    • Spy conspiracy or surprise birthday party – it was fun and I liked the challenge of it, too, in terms of deadline as well as finding a personal angle. (Note to Helen – official permission to kick me up the arse for your Lucas shrine…) It was great to facilitate a bit of fandom love. And the two of you were so easy to “work” for. By the way – thank you so much for the parcel. I should’ve mentioned it in the post, and I meant to put in a picture. Forgot 😦
      I love all the black (cos I wear black all the time, too), and Belstaff with its tight designs is just… *um*… where was I??? Let’s hope this “timeless” design will keep Micra happy for a long time 😀


  3. What can I say? I am so happy and overwhelmed that, really, I have tears in my eyes. Since yesterday, when I checked my mail and found the precious package, I’m thanking you and KatehrineD and Richardiana over and over because I was really moved. And Lucas as model is a genial touch! btw, a new Belstaff jacket in The Crucible video… not leather, I think. Still haven’t found the right model, but Belstaff for sure (I spied the zip!). And the items you added to the RAPS are so wonderful! I now own a RA portrait signed by her author 😉
    I’d wish Richard could read about this and the many other stories of kindness, friendship and joy among his fans. I’m sure he would be glad to be a catalyst in our friendship. This is the most important thing, imo.
    Ancora grazie to KatherineD, Richardiana and Guylty and the other RA fans I regularly talk with for being my friends.A very Happy Micra send you all the love back 😀


    • I totally agree with you, Micra – the interpersonal relationships that have been forged within the fandom are worth more than any ogling session :-D. I do think that RA would approve of that – at his own expense, so to speak, but I think that kind of thing is much more of a compliment than any comment on his delectable arse could be…
      Ha – you know what – I was thinking that he was wearing a new Belstaff jacket in the Crucible video!!! Back to Europe and Todd Snider has gone into storage??? I think you need to investigate, Micra!
      Continued fun and gratuitous drool with the RAPS. I expect new fashion reports from Micra Moda soon 🙂 ❤


      • LOL!!! I was busy searching for the new Belstaff jacket yet, but no success until now. I don’t think it’s a leather one, more a technical tissue. It’s curious since has a different pocket fromt he usual classical Belstaff model, but I’m sure about the brand since I saw the mark on the zip and I “think” I saw the square mark on right sleeve.
        And yes, I think RA would be happy to be the reason for some true friendship (but I won’t show him the shrine… he could try to strangle me like int that video where they showed him in Speedoos.. .LOL!). The man is precious and spread love. ❤


  4. This has been a great, very worthwhile collaboration, Guylty, and I love the sneaky, clandestine spin you put on the story! You managed to fit a lot of gorgeous Lucas into that old tin of mine, and you picked a perfect theme for Micra, so gold star for you, my crafty friend!


    • 🙂 It was more than easy to collaborate with you guys and to find an angle on Micra. The beautiful tin helped, too – very special. So glad we did this – extra fun, joy multiplied by three!


  5. Thank you Guylty, Katharine and Richardiana, I loved reading about your collaboration for a very worthy recipient and beautiful Lucas shrine. 🙂


    • I think I will speak for the three of us when I say “you’re welcome” 🙂 The stories behind the genesis of the shrines are well-worth telling.


  6. Toll, wie deine Schreinerei verbindet 🙂
    Nice reflection on leather! When I hear, that he wore leather pants while he was in/at ? drama school, I remember, that I wore them too: when I was 4 and it was the short bavarian-style:-)
    Although I am NOT from Bavaria!!!!! It is amazing, that we have such a leather-past together


      • Creativity at it’s best!
        Ich fasse es manchmal auch nicht, was mir so durchs mind crossed……
        Vergnügen pur 😀


          • Exactly aufn point gebracht. Mein Stimmungsbarometer bewegt sich seit Tagen konstant nach oben. Und wenn ich erst auchmal so ein Schreinchen habe, Herz was willste mehr!
            Ich hatte die wohltuende Wirkung des Fangirlens in all seinen Facetten die letzten 30 Jahre komplett aus dem Blick verloren. 🙂


              • Hey, schwere Jugend gehabt ? Ich war total auf Beatles, später in dem frühen 80ern auf David Bowie und Harrison Ford (seufz ). Bloß alles ohne Internet . Nur Bravo und glaube ich Popcorn ?. Waren harte Zeiten, damals. 🙂


  7. Wow, wow, wow, the shrines are all so overwhelming…
    Am I envious or not? No, I´m not (I try to be not), I`m already the luckiest owner of two very encouraging shrines. Your work`s going better and better, all the inspiration you spread is amazing,. And every shrine does fulfill a special demand.


    • There is a bit of a progression visible in them, isn’t there? The very first ones were much less intricate, I suppose. I feel I am in the swing with them now, and there are still ideas, so I will keep going for a while. After visiting an art exhibition today, however, I am thinking of doing some serious art with this. Well, with a bit of humour mixed in.


  8. Thanks for sharing a beautiful shrining story It has a “hands across the sea” (or really seas, since it had to cross more than one) narrative. And the beautiful tin, like the spy, hiding secrets within. I the tiny candle holders are a great idea. Micra can remove them when an unobstructed view is required.


    • The whole voyage of the tin really adds to the effect I think, as does the age. Just imagine – this tin is between 50 and 60 years old! I am quite in awe that Katharine parted with it…


  9. What a lovely story ! really nice ! I am happy for Micra and her friends on line and for you too and for Lucas obviously who has found a new home. I like always more this blog. Ciao e bacci a tutte.


    • Thanks Katia – it’s always nice when people get together for the benefit of a third, unsuspecting person. I love surprising people…
      Hehe, so now Lucas is closer to you, too, btw… residing in Italy.


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