RA Pocket Shrine 29/? – A World Premiere

RAPS Inc. Enters the  Stealth-Shrine-Market with their first RAPSincognito*

World’s Most Discreet Fully Functional RA Pocket Shrine

Cloud, Cuckooland. RAPS Inc. today announced the worldwide release of the RAPSincognito* – RAPSi – the world’s first 1.5″ x 1.5″ pocket shrine that combines the best in fangirling with discretion, style and innovation while incorporating RAPS Inc’s trademark designs in a smaller package to bring users to the next level in stealth drooling.

“Users have indicated that they value discretion and easy portability for their Pocket Shrines, and we have responded by introducing our stealthiest ever RAPS, making stealth drooling more discreet and redefining today’s fangirling demands”, said Guylty Pleasure, CEO and Creative Director of RAPS Inc. “We strive to please our clients, and our creative department has risen to the challenge of enabling a portable, yet discreet fangirling solution.”

Discreet Portability


Whether users need to reassure themselves on a bad day, soothing their eyes, looking for some dreamy inspiration or are simply filling their time – fangirls want a portable drooling aid that is unobtrusive, space-efficient yet available at the flick of a thumb. RAPSi raises the bar in stealth drooling. For the first time ever fangirls can carry their drooling aid in any bag without fear of detection – thanks to its discreet cover design.

Drooling on the Go

IMG_7763The Morning After RAPSi was designed for the soothing of early morning longings. It’s powerful 3D capability include soft-to-the-touch, original Egyptian cotton linen and luxurious sparkles that enhance the visual appeal of the drooling aid.

Smooth Performance

IMG_7766The RAPSi features a powerful call-to-action scenario that delivers the same functionality usually found in bigger Pocket Shrines – at a smaller size and more discreet design. “This RAPSi is perfect for the socially active lady as well as family women with prying relatives”, adds Guylty Pleasure. “The movable lettering can be adjusted to specific needs and is customizable by the clients.”

Form and Function

IMG_7765The RAPSi is equipped with sparkly love hearts and stirring imagery for the ultimate viewing experience. In full operational readiness the RAPSi can banish negative feelings, offers reassurance and induces the release of endorphins. Measuring less than four square inches, the RAPSi leads the industry for compact drooling. The lightweight RAPSi weighs only 0.5 ounce and enhances any hand bag without adding unnecessary heaviness.


After initial testing in a private beta, the RAPSi has now entered the customization stage in an open beta with our material supplier Seahorse Studio, whose latest shipments will be incorporated in future RAPSis and Pocket Shrines.

Helen June

About RAPS Inc.

RAPS Inc. builds industry-leading, cutting edge drooling aids designed for wide appeal within the RArmy. With a company ethos based on sustainability and recyclability, RAPS Inc. produces high-quality and easy-to-use Pocket Shrines for use worldwide. RAPS Inc is headquartered in Cloud, Cuckooland.


*credit for the RAPSincognito brand name to Zeesmuse Copy-Writing Dept.


46 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 29/? – A World Premiere

  1. Guylty – you are an absolute treasure!! Not only do your Ooofs lift us up but so do these RAPS’s! This one especially does things to me! 😉 Don’t you just want to reach out and grab that hand? *swoons* Mind you, if Richard was the one sharing our beds I doubt if we’d have that “let me out of here!” look like the blonde in the front! 😀


  2. Small but mighty, capable of inducing drool far beyond its humble size.. How did you make that 3D arm? That is too cool. And because it is in 3D, that means this RAPSI is worth almost twice as much, like movies, right? The blonde on the front is horrified that she woke up next to some guy she mistook for RA while partying hard at the Prancing Pony The horror, the horror!


    • The beauty of photography as a 2D medium: the arm does not extend out. It was just a clever manip (not mine).
      Lol, love your scenario for the reason of blondie’s horror.


  3. Love it! The RAPSi is brilliant, and brilliant marketing! By the way, just today I had to pull my Thorin RAPS out to worship at it and briefly escape my crazy day at work. Thanks to you, mine is small enough to stash in my purse, so I never leave home without it!


  4. This shrine is really great! Very creative! I´m afraid I should have order an exemplar, too. And I only think of Aura Diones song “What it´slike” with the last sentence: “I can think of six impossible things before breakfast we should do”


  5. Hehehe, I know what you mean Suzy 😉

    I am a very happy lady and a very proud owner of this wonderful shrine 😀

    It’s just possible that part of the design has something to do with me remarking that the lid made me think of a certain shot of RA, manip or not, that did funny things to me 😉


  6. Guylty, you ARE a goddess ! Still lying under my desk, I’m to weak to do my work, honestly!!!!
    Thats creativity and marketing at it’s best. Still longing for my personal RAPS 🙂
    Der Text ist sowas von geilty, meine Liebe!


  7. So original, so wonderful. You know it is existing a “Thorin” in the same position of RA. ? It’s a fan art. Would like too much to take his hand and never let him go.
    And by the way I really understand why the woman is afraid. To wake up in the morning and discover that too much drinks in the evening are absolutely not the right thing to do if you don’t want to have this surprise on the morning. LOL.


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