Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #24

I am back. And the vengeance isn’t mine but the universe’s. Cos no sooner do I turn my back, all hell breaks loose. (Maybe I should go away more often?) Luckily I had a helper. Richardiana has been scouring tumblr and forwarding me some links during my absence. Yay for another fandom cooperation! You are the best, Richardiana! ❤

round-up header 24

With a couple of new Crucible promo images coming out, the fandom’s creativity was more than challenged. Amazing and funny graphics have surfaced, sometimes it was even just funny to read the reaction comments under the new images (Guylty being one of the culprits there – so I spare you the link in the interest of maintaining my facade of humility and modesty yeah right). Enjoy!

  1. Now, this is a book I could possibly read over and over again… gif by lostinfandomstuff
  2. I love this variation on a Keep Calm theme – especially the heart line. Great stuff, RA-overload!
  3. That would probably be suicidal in RA’s case, but I like mistress-of-time1991’s edit nonetheless
  4. Late, but funny: A gif set by boromirs (found by Richardiana)
  5. Jassy2101 made this evocative edit (found by Richardiana)
  6. LOL – well, notallwhowanderarelost2 – I think we are well on our way to total destruction
  7. Careful – hot Guy fic. By devilish-midweek-divulgence
  8. A very simple graphic. And yet… I agree with l-tom, of course
  9. ooooh, I liked the words on this graphic by captainkatmerica (well, and the guy in the background, too)
  10. “Random Regards” – LOL. Oh RA, you are priceless. Thanks to Fabulouslyuprootedkorean for sharing this
  11. Not sure if I mentioned this before: Sahraobsessed always monitors RA’s IMDb ratings. Check her every Monday for the latest ups and downs
  12. Whoaaaaaaaa – this drawing by lamijavin is so NOT NSFW and yet… does things to me. I could see this on my wall. Fabulous!
  13. LOL – nfcomics comes out with a naughty comic edit – in time for Guy Day. More, please!
  14. *khehehehe* – radiogaga80 throws us back to old times. But the joke is good

So, slightly shorter this week. Back in the swing for next week. How about a little Proctor-esque photo love from 2011? Bearditage and croppitage all there. Maybe a little bit more weightitage, too – but can there ever be too much of a good thing? Nah 😀


13 thoughts on “Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #24

  1. Glad to see you back to work Guylty, not that I’m envious or anything, but really, off lounging on a sandy beach or comfy bed with PoP Thorin? Taunting us all? I mean really, some people’s kids have all the fun. 😀


    • 😀 Hm, I admit, I was showing off a bit… But believe me, I *had to* soak it all up because I do not get a lot of sandy beach days in Ireland… Now I am good for another year…


  2. Thanks for the collection! I’d love to add the “Thinking about Bears” links as well (if I could find them again). Guy of Gisborne was thinking about bears this week for some reason.


  3. Glad you are back and I am sure the sandy beach was more beautiful because Thorin and you were there. I hope you protected yourselves with plenty of sunscreen and had lots of fun slathering it on each other.


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