RA Pocket Shrine 30/? – Harry Goes Nowhere in Particular

The commissioner of today’s RAPS made me laugh with her initial e-mail. It was entitled “Okay, it’s time” and started out “Alright, the teasing has gone on long enough: I need one of those shrines, gosh darn it!!” Looks like I have been chipping away at my fellow fans’ sensibilities. (Not sorry :-P) In any case, I was delighted to make a shrine for Kelbel because it was clear from the start which chaRActer had to be enshrined for her. Take a look at her blog in case you are in any doubt…

Kel also gave me a few hints as to the kind of style she likes – she preferred “the understated classic look rather than the sexy, fangirl angle”, and I hope I achieved that with the little box of fun that I created for her. Keeping the understatement in mind, the outside of the RAPS was created thus:


The styling of my shoot already hints at the scenario within the shrine:


Aw, romantic Harry, ready to pounce on his loved one with a rose. It is actually removable, if Kel finds the set-up too cheesy: I stuck the little satin rose onto a piece of garden wire and fixed a magnet behind Harry’s head. So if she prefers the gleaming, toothy smile, she can take the obscuring rose away.


Since Kel’s blog is entitled “Nowhere in particular” it was only natural that I had to put Harry on a path to “nowhere in particular”. I found the perfect background for his stroll on Kel’s blog – a beautiful autumn photograph.


So there he is, on his stroll straight to Kel’s ❤ . How could anyone resist that brilliant smile, anyway? You don’t have to bring me roses, honey, your smile is enough!!!

kelbelI managed to send out the RAPS before I set off on my European break, and during my absence, Kel’s parcel arrived here. She has supplied me with some much coveted listening material, papers and a hilarious book that made me think of RA several times. References to chocolate, smooth talk and the urge to consume velvety softness… *um* I better stop there.

But what I loved most of all was a quote that Kel included in her lovely card and that I would like to share with you all because it does not just apply so perfectly to me as a photographer but can probably be validated by all of us picture-loving fans:

Don’t you see yourself in every picture you love? You feel a radiance wash through you. It’s something you can’t analyze or speak about clearly. What are you doing at that moment? You’re looking at a picture on the wall. That’s all. But it makes you feel alive to the world. It tells you, yes, you’re here. And yes, you have a range of being that’s deeper and sweeter than you knew.

Don Delillo

How true! Thank you Kel – hope the shrine works its magic for you 🙂


55 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 30/? – Harry Goes Nowhere in Particular

  1. I knew who this shrine was going to,the minute I started reading your post.I follow Kelbel.We all love Harry,but Kel number one fan.Guylty great shrine,Love the rose..


    • Dead right, Dede! I had actually been waiting to make a Harry shrine for Kelbel. I can’t think of anyone else who is so enthusiastically into Harry.


    • Thanks, Katherine (love your @name, btw! very classy 🙂 ) Harry lends itself to sweetness, doesn’t he? Can’t think of any sex-pot style design for him…


    • Well, she deserves it – just as you deserved yours. It’s always great when I know exactly who the recipient of a shrine is because then I can attempt personalising it. Not that I don’t like the “RAPS for general consumption” – they are liberating to make in their own way.


    • All hot red and pink. (Red is my favourite colour.) A nice difference to the dark-ish colours that Guy and Thorin are associated with. Now that I think about it, the first Harry RAPS was very red, too…


  2. I knew who the shrine was for as well. Lucky Kelbel, very nicely done Guylty! I love the personalization you gave the RAPS. Thorin is looking his nose down at me now, in all of his regal glory 😉


  3. A masterpiece of magnificent Harry-ness. Love the rose to emphasize Harry’s magnetic personality. Brilliant use of floral embellishment. Kelbel is a lucky lady, as Harry accompanies her on her beautiful stroll through life.


    • “Magnetic personality” – I forgot about that but you are so right, Kathy! I wanted to do a rose-between-the-teeth ever since I saw that toothy smile. Luckily I had that green garden wire in my stash 😀


  4. Roses have always been the flowers showing our love for someone and who else if not RA ? It’s a very nice and funny RAPS, very romantic too. I am sad I have never been able to watch the movie with H.K. character. Just saw some pictures. It’s already RAPS # 30. Woah ! May be you have to take some employees if you go on like this. You know. As you are “Miss RA Santa Claus” distributing her gifts all around the world ! Ah Ah.


    • Katia!!!!! Are you saying you have not seen “The Handsome Stranger”???? But you do know that you can watch it on Youtube, don’t you? (OMG – I was just looking for the links – and they are gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fandom – HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!! Harry is my go-to-joy facilitator… what has happened there????????????)
      Yes, RAPS #30 – shocking!!!! And I haven’t even made all the characters yet, as I had originally set out to do… I have ideas for some unseen characters in my book but I keep getting distracted :-D.
      Employees? I hope not. I don’t mind making them – in fact I hope I will continue for a little bit because making them brings me much joy!!! (Put in your orders for Christmas by September *ggg*)


      • It looks like BBC came in and clamped down on the Youtube versions…. I hate when that happens.

        Not sure where you live, Katia, but The Vicar of Dibley: “The Handsome Stranger” and “The Vicar in White” are available to stream on
        Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Prime. I think you can stream them for low cost even if you don’t subscribe to Hulu or Amazon Prime – I know they’re not available in every country, so crossing my fingers that one of these could work for you. (We don’t have cable because we save money just using these options.) Good luck!!! They’re definitely worth seeing.


  5. Guylty, meine Fieberkurve steigt stetig! Diese removeable Rose ist der Hit! Bin schon total zappelig, was du dir demnächst einfallen lässt 😀 (freu)


      • Nee, bitte keine Maulrose!!!!!! Bin nicht so der “plüschige” Typ. Mehr so der pure “Hach”-Typ ohne Schleifchen und Rüschen 🙂


      • OMG! Da gibt’s den RAPS mit Rot-und-Rosa-Kitsch-Overkill – und ihr Banausen redet von “Rose im Maul”! MAUL!!! Unglaublich …



        • Lol. Ja, “Maul” war allerdings etwas hart. Andererseits sprachen wir ja neulich wiederum auch über das Tier im Mann, da ist Maul dann doch wieder passend… Überhaupt, du als Igelchen müsstest bei Mäulchen doch zustimmen?? 😉


          • Ich ein Mäulchen, er ein Maul? – Ich wusste, wir wären ein Traumpaar! 🙂

            Ganz anderes Thema: Irgendein Mode-Knilch hat die geniale Idee gehabt, Dressmen in so einer Art Römer-Kostümierung auf den Laufsteg zu schicken. – Glaubst du, Mr. A hat damals das Cleopatra-Outfit auch gekauft? *ggg*


            • LOOOOOOOOOOOOL. Oh Hedgehog, please repost this comment in English. It would be such a pity to lose this for the majority of readers on the blog.
              As an answer: It’s quite possible, isn’t it. Well, he’s got the legs for it, anyway…


              • *rolls eyes*

                A fashion designer team has sent dressmen on the catwalk, clad in a roman soldier style.
                I was just wondering if Mr, A had bought his dress from Cleopatra back then … *g*

                Yes, he’s got the legs for it, guylty.
                And he would NOT need the ridiculous fake six-pack abs those fashion designers created for the dresses!


  6. Smiling thinking of Kelbel with this Harry shrine… no one could possibly deserve it more! I love the rose too. Another great job, Guylty – enjoy, Kel1


  7. Thanks SH and Guylty for your answers. I am leaving in South of France and it has been already very difficult for me to get Strike Back (with RA and not the American one), Spooks and Robin Hood. Now I am looking for the Audio Book of Hamlett but as at today. No way. I looked on Amazon but may be I didn’t looked the right way. Sometimes (no quite always) I am a little bit lost with all the possibilities offered on the web !!! LOL.


  8. Katia – I took a quick trip on amazon.fr (that was interesting… thank God for Google Translate)….
    I’m sad that you don’t seem to have instant video (if so, I couldn’t find “vidéo instantanée”) –
    but this link is the two episodes with Richard that we’re talking about (also Region 2):


    I too would love to see Strike Back!! Whatever I know about John Porter, I love, and also that type of plot… his guns make me crazy too (and I don’t mean the ones he fires 🙂 I did find it Region 2 on your site (which is great for you, not for me):


    No idea how these prices are…. but I hope this helps.


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