RA Pocket Shrine 31/? – Some Paul Andrews Therapy

With some distressing personal news, a new diet starting and a challenging piece of work on my desk, I badly need some distraction today. I usually get my daily mood boost from a little Harry Kennedy love (sorry Guy, but when I’m already angsty, I cannot take any more angst. You are still my go-to boost for the hours when daylight has vanished!), but Youtube seems to have done a bit of tidying up in the run-up to the launch of its paid music streaming service. Yeah, yeah, the online journo is never far behind when writing on the internet… sorry.

No Harry. Second best thing? RA blogging. I’ve got material to show – four RAPSis and a full-blown RAPS are waiting to be presented. Oh, but which one to choose? I think I need some shock therapy, so here are some After-Therapy-Mints…

RAPS (17 of 41)

Well, what do you think Paul Andrews gets up to after therapy? I hope you can take this… it’s a bit naughty… But then, so is Paul…

RAPS (16 of 41)

I admit, Paul is not really a “fluffy” chaRActer. There are massive doubts about his integrity and decency as a social worker concerned with under-age clients. Let’s just forget all that for a minute, and concentrate on his attributes *ahem*

RAPS (15 of 41)

UNF. I don’t think I need to say more.

RAPS (14 of 41)

This is a RAPSi for a tolerant well-wisher with a tolerant SO. Fallen in to the wrong hands, this RAPSi might give the wrong impression *ggg*. Who dares?

RAPS (11 of 41)

My shrine fairies – Mimi for the supply of mini tins, and Kathy for materials – as well as all my other generous supporters have made a forthcoming RAPSi windfall possible. This and more RAPSis have to find a recipient. Are there any Paul Andrews fans out there? It seems unlikely. Nonetheless, the RAPSi has to go. If you have any suggestions who might appreciate this RAPSi, send me an e-mail.


104 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 31/? – Some Paul Andrews Therapy

  1. Loool, this is just what I needed today!! I meant the laugh, of course! THAT pic with feathers – one expects him to look over his shoulder with a smirk and a naughty glint in his eyes before turning around… 😀


  2. Shrine is definitely not for the faint of heart or the ticklish, but it’s hard to ignore the eye confection. Who wouldn’t love to feather their nest with a naked RA.?


    • “Feather their nest with a naked RA” LOL… um. Yes. 😀 Maybe we can find a single lady who is willing to do the good deed and give poor old Paul a home.


  3. What Richardiana said… the feathers with the pic are fantastic! Naughty Paul and Guylty… Love it! And yes, you made me laugh too and this is very, very precious. Thanks Guylty! 😀


  4. I’m not applying for this RAPSi because, as kelbel says, you should send me also the card of a good lawyer but I must confess that I’ve laughed a lot! Should the RAPSis be also multimedia I guess the ideal music when opening it would be “I can’t take my eyes out of you” not from the beginning but from the “ta-RA ta-RA ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-RA! I looove you baaaaby”


  5. Love it! I’m amazed all the single ladies aren’t queuing up for a chance at this. A single lady myself, I find this very adrenalizing 😉

    Of course I already own a very clothed Thorin RAPS. I’ll bet you had fun making this one!


  6. Ha!! I’m single and I would always have an open door for Paul, as he has given me quite some troubling thoughts, but also some of the sultriest ideas and feelings (I know he’s not so popular amongst the RA-crowd, but he has his challenging sides, and nothing is so easy and b/w as it seems). It was “him” who provoked my first ever comment on the internet over at Servetus’ about 3 years ago….
    Besides Guylty, you again outdo yourself with this fluffy, most sensual tinbox shrine. The words on the lid are definitely hysteria-inducing.Taken orally… Good gawd…. (Trying hard to contain myself here!!)… 🙂


    • I have to admit that the “to be taken orally” was one of the things that convinced me to use this for my planned Paul Andrews design… Bad bad bad…
      Really, Paul was the one who made you talk and come out??? Oooh, now there is a good argument! Plus, it’s the right size to be a companion piece to RLRA. Hm, the list is getting bigger.


  7. Mamma mia ! What is this ??? RA directly coming from Paris and “Le Moulin Rouge”. Remember the song of the movie do you ??? “Voulez vous c….. avec moi ce soir ? Perfect hot song for a perfect hot RAPS. Unfortunately I am really allergic to feathers therefore I cannot adopt this so sweet naked RA at home. He deserves a perfect place into a lovely bedroom as he is a lovely cuddly toy.


    • Oh, I know that song. That works pretty well as a soundtrack, too, Katia.
      Gosh, I was lucky with my Pirate Guy then, not decorating him with feathers…


  8. OK Guylty,you have done it.I am now in a perpetual HOT FLASH..Oh God,baritige,bedditage,whoa.lovitage.This is the ultimate HOT HOT HOT.RA shrine OMG..


  9. Oh my goodness Guylty, I am so impressed with your ability to fit those long limbs into such a tiny box. Thrilled to see these tins put to such fun filled use. Hope the exercise of putting these together help improve (or take your mind off) distressing news. Have to once again compliment your photographic skills and presentation with these posts. Excellent work girlfriend!


    • I wish I could bring my shrining materials with me and distract myself with them. Unfortunately that is not possible. Travelling now as situation has become worse 😦 At least Pop Thorin always fits into my bag. Currently not quite in the mood for fun photos but I might let him distract me later…


        • Vielen Dank, Igelchen. Mich haben die Ereignisse hier total überrollt. Mein Vater ist in lebensbedrohlichem Zustand auf der Intensivstation. Ich weigere mich, in Panik auszubrechen, aber im Moment kann ich jeden gedrückten Daumen brauchen…


  10. You entered definitly the next step in the Escalation of the Fandom-Bizarr 😀 So fluffig, federleicht und minimalst-erotisc ! Du solltest noch an einem integrierten Sound arbeiten, sodass es beim Öffnen immer stöhnt . Wie diese Grußkarten 🙂
    Sieht so aus, als ob unser “Hase” gerade frisch geschlüpft ist (ich weiß nicht, ob das schon einer erwähnt hat, war zu faul zum Lesen). Wirklich explizit 😀


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