RA Pocket Shrine 33/? – Anti-Gravity

I wish I could fly away. But since I can’t, I am cheering myself up with a little RAPS post.

Gravity is a good thing, most of the time. It keeps us grounded. But some people can go beyond gravity. I can think of someone who makes his well-wishers float a few centimetres above the ground on a regular basis :-D. Mr A is a veritable floating device, if you want, the latest imagery notwithstanding. Has he had too many Anti-Gravity Mints???

RAPS (1 of 41)

Which chaRActer is a superhero who merits an anti-gravity RAPSi? The delectable Dr Track comes to mind first – surely, a medical doctor is *always* a hero, saving people’s lives every day. Or a spy like Lucas North, another day-to-day hero, tunnelling through the underground in pursuit of evil baddies, saving the lives of innocents. Even John Porter is eligible, the weight of the world on his shoulders, conflicted by being a mortal with almost-superhuman abilities. But no – when it comes to leaving gravity behind, there is only one I could call king…

RAPS (2 of 41)

There he floats, majestically brandishing his sword and swishing his hair, despite a whole kingdom of mines exploding behind him. Thorin, the Anti-Gravity-King.

RAPS (3 of 41)

*sizzle* Can anyone resist? Take that, Smaug! And everyone else take a shower before you combust.

RAPS (9 of 41)

There we are – Pop! Thorin displays Anti-Gravity. That big head of his has come in handy…

Anyone in need of a floating aid? Here’s the deal: Just leave a comment on the thread, and I will use the number generator to determine who wins the RAPSi. You can win it for yourself or for someone else – your choice. If you are the winner, you just let me know who to send it to, and it’ll float off into the world, postage covered 🙂 I’ll keep the comments open for three days [until midnight, 19 July 2014] , then I’ll announce the winner and get in touch. The RAPSi will be sent off after I have returned to Ireland [23 July 2014].

Enjoy 😉

46 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 33/? – Anti-Gravity

  1. Okay, we have the funniest RAPS so far! Not sure his majesty would be amused, but luckily he can’t see it while it’s balancing on his head. /just one week til home… good!/


    • *kheehee* – yeah, I feel slightly guilty (Guylty?) pulling his majesty’s leg… But then again, he flies so beautifully, surely he will understand it is a compliment??
      And yes, can’t wait to get home…


  2. I must confess that the overload of RA material of these days, in all his majestical majesty (the boots… the boots… [pronounced with the tragical emphasis of the last lines of Heart of Darkness]) has achieved the impossible goal of make me walk like a Magnetic Levigation train. Summarising: that RAP would be so handy. And is also hubby-friendly.


  3. Oh MYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! This is TOO cute. I am speechless! (Actually, it’s too early in the morning for me to formulate any sort of thought and words except maybe – MY OVARIES!!!!)


    • *heehee* – glad you like it. In the end it proved quite fun finding the appropriate chaRActer to populate the various mint tins. There are still two or three to come…


  4. Brauche DRINGEND etwas um meinen derzeitigen Schwebezustand weiter aufrechtzuerhalten. Schwebe schon seit Tagen dämlich grinsend vor mich hin und müsste eigentlich mal wieder ins profane Leben zurück! Will aber nicht. Es ist so schön hier oben. Oh Zufallsgenerator, lass es mich sein. Ach so, tolle Idee übrigens 😀


  5. 😀 Another fabulous RAPS, Guylty. Thorin isn’t my first love but that bottom photo would melt the coldest heart… Love the flaming background!


    • That bottom photo – whoa, it’s a flame thrower of a smoulder if I may say so… And yay – yes, the background is meant to look like flickering flames, or an explosion. Thanks Helen ❤


  6. Up, up and away. This RAPS is great way to remind us that gravity is over-rated and we should let our imaginations soar as much as possible. RA makes that very easy to do, as you do, dear Guylty. There is no chance of being earthbound when the two of you collaborate. Catch you later, I simply must fly.


    • 😀 I wish this collaboration was a bit more interactive ;-). But otherwise I agree – who needs gravity when you can float on cloud nine thanks to a chaRActer??? xxx


  7. Gut zu sehen, dass du fleißig bastelst.
    Noch besser, dass du bald wieder daheim sein wirst (… und noch mehr basteln kannst).

    Äh, nee, ich möchte nicht in die Verlosung. da oben sehe ich viel zu gute Gründe, warum jemand anders die Chance haben sollte. 🙂


    • Nö, Gründe beeinflussen den Zufallsgenerator nicht. Und wenn du den RAPSi gewinnst, kannst du ihn ja auch weiterverschenken, falls du ihn wirklich nicht haben möchtest.
      Und ja – ich freu mich schon wahnsinnig auf mein eigenes Zuhause. Und auf das Basteln. Das fehlt mir richtig!


  8. I vote for a Gary Morris anti gravity shrine..I love this Thorin one,especially on Pop Thorins head.This would be a nice addition to my Thorin area and or shrine ,which I didn’t know existed til you reminded me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Hehe, definitely will have to try and do that, dede – well, although that depends on the availability of one of those tins. At the moment I don’t have any in my stash…
      You have a Thorin area? Yay! Maybe the number generator will be on your side! Good luck 🙂


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